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It's unoriginal. Is the entire 'Angel of Darkness' creation the new fanfiction trend now? And as for you, authoress, this is one trend you can't exactly work if you don't improve your writing. I'm sure it has improved though, seeing all your past works, this one puts them all to shame; and that was not a compliment

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Fallen wings,

"Amu." A voice echoed softly to her.

Amu golden hues opened to blinding light, stinging her hues slowly bye the second. Lifting her hand to wipe away the water that was forming in her eyes from the shining light."Huh?"

Amu sat up, It was empty. It was pure white. But, when she kneeled down, she pressed her hands firmly to what she was standing onto- she was somewhere, it wasn't like she was floating on a blank page.

She walked around- like a never ending road of nothing but pure white. It was a never ending circle. She inhaled-She wasn't going anywhere.

Amu sat on the ground, the blank ground. She made small circles with her finger-tip on the blank ground. "Maybe..." Amu mumbled, standing up, she looked at the blankness of the ground, rubbing the tip of her shoe on it. "Maybe..."

Ripping off one of her feathers, and wiping the white feather with blood that had lightly came out, and smeared out all over it, she dropped the feather to the ground.

The ground around it, turned into vides of waves coming forward to the feather, and the feather slowly sunk in the ground, leaving no traces of the feather or the blood, and the white ground went blank without the feather. "What?" She stood there amazed.

She lifted her leg up and took hold of her foot, and took her shoe off, and turned it around, dirt was slightly on the creases of the inside. She banged her shoe, the light dirt falling from her shoe.

And the dirt lay there for a few seconds, before once again, the ground, the ground truned into vides and the dirt disappeared before to the underground.

She let out a sigh- this place was strange.

Any dirt- traces of something dirty- sucked into the ground- making the place blank white.

"Amu." A similar voice echoed to her.

Amu spun around, stunned by someone calling out to her.

"Amu." It chanted.

Amu spun around, turning her head to both sides, she couldn't see anything- or something at least.


It taunted out to her, she spun around in so many ways. she didn't see anything.

She grabbed her head, and plugged her ears- trying her best to block out any sound.

"Amu!" It chanted out louder to her, Amu closed her eyes tight, trying to come back to reality.

"Amu, Amu, Amu." It kept repeated, kept coming all around her, It sent her into a pounding headache. The voice was the same- kept calling out to her, it overlaid the other 'Amu' with another 'Amu'.

"Amu! Amu! Amu!" It taunted out to her, called out to she knew it, it had all to stop, and she let her hands fall to her sides.

Eerie silence came to her, and caused her eardrums to ring.

"Amu." The voice called out to her again- it was softer.

Amu turned around, and stepped back slightly.


He walked towards her- every foot step becoming for tensioning for Amu.

He grazed his finger with his hand, tracing the outline of her face, before leaning down, and laying a gentle kiss onto Amu's cheek.

Dazed, Amu looked up at him, and opened her mouth- but not being able to say anything.

Slowly he turned around, and walked away.

"Ikuto!" She reached out for him, though he didn't turn to look at her, walking away slowly, fading into the white.


She chased after him- he was slowly fading away from her.

Her feet tangled out from under her, she had tripped onto the ground, still calling his name.

"Ikuto, Please!"

The ground started to have vibes of waves around her- and before she knew it, she was sunken into the ground like the rest of the dirt.

Amu's eyes shot open, sweat droplets spotted around her face.

Amu sat up- looked around. Mist was clouded to the ground- and the sun has nearly risen.

It was a dream.

Amu inhaled deeply before letting out a stressing sigh.

She tapped her shoe on the concrete before her, seeing some of the pieces chip off of it. The skies rumbled, and the clouds were heavy, coating with an dangerous gray, lightning inside of the clouds. The sky today wasn't blue, just gray covered with clouds- a depressing day.

One droplet hit the ground, and soon a ravishing storm came after. Constant rumbling, the rain droplets harshly hit the ground.

She was soaked- drenched, her hair was flatting and her hair stuck to her cheeks and her clothes nearly dragged off of her skinny body. Her wings sagged, and her feathers soaked with water.
She sighed; she couldn't fly with her wings like this. She knew she should've gone home with thunder sounded, but instead she stood in the same place, and now looked at her- she was drenched, freezing, and the atmosphere chilled her to no end. She trudged her foot to move, stepping in a puddle, getting her foot and shoe soaked. Though, she couldn't care less. She trudged herself home.


The place where her and her family lived- Her, her little Sister, Ami, Her mother Midori, And Tsumugu- her father.

Tears stung Amu's eyes as she dragged herself in her house. She collapsed on the couch, looking at the picture frames around the undusted house. Memories. Memories of her and her family. Her family Picture- It contained Her Ami, and her moth and father. A big happy family. Amu let out a chuckle.

"A Big happy family?" She mocked. "Pft, I wish."

She stood up- and made her way up the steps and into the bathroom, stripping and tugging her clothes that hung off her body as the water stated up.
She stepped in the shower- and shut the sliding door. She stood there in the mist, the warm water falling constantly on her bare body, relaxing her muscles; she didn't know she was so tensed up.

She sat on the shower floor, looked down at the water going down the drain- as if it interests her.

"Ikuto..." Utau whispered.

Utau stood outside her brothers' chamber- he was sitting in one of his red chairs- looking at one of their childhood memories.

That's all behind us. Utau voiced in her mind.

"...She' probably gone with the rest of those weak, White angels." Utau murmured, turning away and walking down the hall- her heals clacking with each step she took.

"Ikuto, where's Utau?" Amu asked, looked up at her best-friend, who was lying on the grass.

"I don't know, why?" Ikuto asked, popping up one eye.

Amu pouted, and crossed her arms, huffing. "She promised me she would play house with me."

Without letting him respond, Amu got up and starting looking for Utau.

"Utau-Chan?" Amu yelled, walking around. "Where are you?"

Utau came out behind a tree, sneaking up behind her, and putting her fingers on her lips for Ikuto to be quite.

She whispered in Amu's ear. "Yes?"

Amu squeaked, running for her life.

Ikuto glared at his younger sister, before sitting up. "That wasn't very nice."

Utau glared right back at him, "I apologized that your 'best-friend' can't take a little scare."

Ikuto sighed; he wasn't in the mood for anything right now. He just wanted to sit- and go to fucking sleep.

He glanced over at the picture frame on his side-desk next to the comforter.

He and Amu were in the picture frames, and some Utau was in the pictures, but frequently Ikuto and Amu; When they were kids at least.

"Ikuto! You're so mean! You know I can't fly! Or climb a tree..." Amu whined.

Ikuto smiled sadly at the recall of her childish voice that reentered his mind.

"It's beautiful," Ikuto had smiled looking at the butterfly, "Just like you, Kid."

She wasn't a kid anymore; she would be 15, and grown.

"She's probably grown up by now." Ikuto smiled sadly.

"Well, Have I ever let you down?"

Yes. He thought to himself.

"...No." Amu whispered.


"Yes, I have." Ikuto whispered, recalling the memory. He couldn't save her; he couldn't save her from Three years ago. He had no control.

He never called her at the times she needed him when she started being a teenager, he wasn't there to comfort her when her father died.

Of course he had let her down.

Amu tugged a strand of hair behind her ear, sighing. The wind blew against her bare shoulders. Making her shiver a bit at the cold contact of her skin.

She fiddled with her thumbs in boredom; she couldn't stand the dark atmosphere around her. She touched the half broken statue of her kingdoms wings. It was tattered and broken, clouded with redness and tinted with gray dust.

Swords, bones, and blood cluttered around. She sighed and kicked a bone, sending it flying across the ground across her.

She looked at the White Angel's castle in front of her, the tattered and broken castle sat there- without a move; so fragile it sat. If you reached and had touched it, it would almost have to collapse. The used to be pure white castle sat there, with knifes and swords surrounding it, blood splattered around and white and black feathers scattered around the building. Weeds grew high up from the ground; the flowers withered up and smashed; mulch in the grass.

She couldn't say she was surprised.

Everyone was dead- it wasn't as if they would come back to life and just start a new royal family and take care of the castle and forget all this stupid shit that has happened.

"Rima-Chan, Look at these flowers!" Amu exclaimed in joy; her class had just gone to the White Angel's royal castle today.

The building shined, and it showed off a pure white color, flowers bloomed, the sunlight beamed down on the children. It was a happy day.

"Yeah…" Rima murmured.

"Come on, Rima-Chan! Let's get Nagihiko." Amu tugged at her friends' arms, flying over to the purple long-haired boy.

Rima blushed, and Amu nudged her softly.

"Well I'll leave you too! I have to go settle Yaya down, I heard she ate a lot of candy!"

But Of course, things weren't like this anymore.

Amu fixed herself up some rice, and sat down at the family table; which was no longer to be able to be filled with a family.


Amu smiled sadly, and looked at the three empty seats. Her mother would sit right across her, and then, her father right next to her mother. And then Ami would cling to her and whine about the 'monster' on T.V.

Amu used to think it was a drag, to have her sister to sing around the house constantly off-key, then her mother gushing and her father constantly taking pictures. She thought, if they would just all go away for one day, she would finally have some peace.

But, the chaos that used to go around in the house, she only wished it could be here again.

"Ami, please put that down."

Amu was past annoyed. Her sister just wouldn't stay the hell out of her stuff.

"Onee-chan!" Her little sister whined, and gripped to heart-shaped necklace in hands. Amu's eyes widened till she gripped to Ami's shoulders.

"Ami please, put that down..." Amu whispered.

"But...Onee-chan." Ami tugged at her big sisters Kami, making Amu sigh.

"Ami, If you put that down, we'll go to the jewelry store and get you a necklace and a packet of new earnings." Amu pushed hopefully.

And before she knew it, Ami set the necklace down on the dresser and was in her room getting her jacket.

"I'm waiting!" Ami yelled from down stairs

Amu laughed.

Amu sighed- letting herself look at the break of twilight coming through her windows.

She let herself look at the picture frame of her and Ikuto, at her twelfth birthday- the last time she saw him.

She was his back, with a big grin on face, blushing lightly, and- Ikuto had his arms tucked under her legs with a small smile on face.

Of course. She thought.

He was never a big smile-person.

Maybe it was the photos, maybe it was the memory of her childish voice, maybe even the recall of the day he gave her the diamond necklace.

"Ikuto-Kun~ that's so pretty, Amu-Chan; Say thank you." Midori swooned.

"Thank you Ikuto! Come on~ We'll be late if we don't catch up with Nagihiko and Rima!" Amu tugged at his Arms, leading them two out the door.

"I just..."

I just miss her.

Before you people go- "OHHMYYYGOSHHHH THEY'RE IN LOUVE."

No- they just simply miss each-other. Okay? Don't get all- gushy.

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