I breathed heavily. I tried to squeeze myself deeper into the tiny dark dug out I hid in. They could not find me, they just couldn't. The "tin can ninjas" had managed to split me off from O'Rien and the rest of the group. I had to hand it to the commandos; to split up my troopers was no easy task. I had trained them well.

For the love of all that was holy! Why did I refuse Anakin's help for surveillance? It was a dark mountainous planet that I didn't know at all, if he had come, things could, no would, have been better. It didn't calm my nerves of the fact that I was cut off from the rest of the group, as well as base. I didn't even know if anyone else was alive or not. I had been in bad, even life threatening, situations before, and I had been absolutely fine. But this situation takes the cake, I was scared stiff. And the pitch black night that I usually embraced and found comforting, now felt like a huge suffocating blanket of threatening death. That thought intruded my head without permission, it wasn't very comforting.

I heard a faint sound from above, I tensed. 5 commando droids leapt down from the ledge above, they had found me. I climbed out of my hiding spot, what was the point of staying there? Switching on my two lightsabers, an aqua and amethyst light lit up the night. As I closed my eyes, the 5 assassins sauntered forward for the kill, their dead white eyes glowing.

A/N: hate to disapoint, but I wrote this story with a cliff hanger for a purpose. I wanted to leave the reader hanging plus i didn't want to ruin it with some lame ending. Maybe i'll write a proper ending someday, but for now this is how it ends. Meanwhile, check out other star wars stories by authors Wrigt123 and shadowmaster77.

Thank you.