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Disclaimer: I do not own The Secret Circle.

Plot: Fan made version of The Secret Circle Season 2. This is set after the last Episode of Season 1.

Episode 1: Revelations

Cassie was in her living room thinking about Blackwell's death and Diana leaving her, while starring at the Balcoin mark on her hand with tears streaming down her face, She whispered to herself "Why do people leave me...what's wrong with me?". Her phone started ringing. It was Mrs. Chamberlain.

"Hello?" Cassie said trying to act like she hadn't been crying for the past hour, still starring at her Balcoin mark. "Hey Cassie it's Dawn, I just wanted to check if you and Diana were okay, after what you both had to do today it wouldn't surprise me if you both were a bit shaken." Dawn said with worry in her voice. Dawn knew that since she had power now, she would be the one to look out for the circle so history wouldn't repeat itself again.

"Actually Diana left...but yeah I'm okay, I know that we did the right thing in killing my Father." Cassie answered, still staring at her hand. Cassie didn't want to tell anyone about the mark on her hand because she found that she kind of liked it.

"Diana left? Where did she go?" Dawn asked with worry in her voice. Dawn knew that now that Cassie didn't have any living relatives that she knew of, she would have to look out for her which she was more than willing to do after what her and Charles did to Amelia.

Cassie quickly lied because she knew that if Dawn found out Diana had left for good and that she was left alone then Dawn would want her to come stay with her. Cassie didn't have anything against Dawn, she actually liked her, but Cassie liked being in her Grandmas house. Along with her family's Book Of Shadows, the house is all she had left of her Mother and Grandma. "Er...yeah...she go see Mr. Meade."

"Charles? Maybe you should call wouldn't be the best idea for her to see her Father right now." Dawn said in a warning tone. Dawn knew that Charles was still alive, but he had 6 demons in him and the fact that his mother Kate had to use a Suppression Sigil Spell shows how dangerous he could have been.

"Oh sorry I completely forgot" Cassie said in a saddened tone. Cassie knew what had happened to Charles. Faye, Melissa, and Jake decided to tell Diana and Cassie as they had a right to know.

"Charles was a hero for doing what he did...wouldn't have been able to do it myself" Dawn said with a sad tone in her voice.

"Yeah he really is a hero...he gave up his life for us al-" Cassie stopped herself from talking as she knew Dawn would still find it upsetting to talk about. Dawn was the last member of her circle left apart from Melissa's Dad, but they weren't that close. "I mean should I tell Diana not to go there?" Cassie asked. She knew Diana wasn't going there anyway.

"Ugh you know what, I think that you should tell wait a little might upset her to see her father now..." Dawn said, quickly remembering the fact that John Blackwell was her actual Father.

"Okay I will...ugh I better go It's been a really long day. I think I'm just gonna go get some sleep...bye Daw- I mean Mrs. Chamberlain" Cassie said quickly hanging up the phone. She then texted Diana saying: Diana where are you?

In sudden moment of desperation, Cassie also texts one of the people who has been there for her ever since she moved to Chance Harbour. Adam.

The Secret Circle

Adam was sitting in the backroom of the Boathouse just staring at the Crystal Skull. He thought maybe if he touched it nothing bad would happen. He then placed his hands on top of the Crystal Skull. He suddenly felt this rush of power, it was dark and seductive. He felt stronger, he felt like he could kill someone with just a look, but these were not Adams usual thoughts. All of a sudden images and feelings for Cassie start to flood through his head until he remembered just how much he loved her, the first night they spent together, and when they first did magic together.

Adams then got a text from Cassie saying: I know things have been kind of awkward and weird between us lately but I just need you now.

Adam quickly hid the Crystal Skull and got in his car and drove to Cassie's house. He felt nervous, anytime he was around Cassie, before he drank the Elixir, he always felt nervous, always wondering if he was good enough for her. He then pulled up to Cassie's house wondering how she will react to what he is about to tell her.

Adam walked into Cassie's house. "Cassie?" Adam called out, wondering which room she was in. "Yeah...I'm in the living room." Cassie said in a low voice. Cassie didn't even know why she called Adam, she just felt drawn to him as usual.

Adam walked in to the living room and straight away said "I remember" in an excited tone. "You remember what?" Cassie said with a confused look in her eyes. "Us! and you? How we were?...I remember and I know you can't remember but I- I love you Cassie." Adam said in a shaken voice.

"You love me?" Cassie said with tears in her eyes. "But how do you remem- I've been waiting for you to say that for so long...the Elixir didn't work on me because of my Dark magic."

"Why didn't you say anything" Adam said. "Because I knew you didn't feel the same way, but that doesn't matter remember." Cassie said with tears and a smile on her face. Adam and Cassie then embraced each other and the lights went out.

The Secret Circle

Faye and Melissa were getting dressed up to go out. It was Sunday night and nothing was really on in Chance Harbour, but that didn't stop Faye.

"Melissa come on! You're taking forever! Just get dressed already" Faye said as she complained to Melissa. Faye was happier now that she had her solo magic back. She had more control over it than she did when Cassie first arrived in Chance Harbour.

"I'm going as fast as I can Faye!" Melissa shouted through the bathroom door. Melissa was glad she had her solo magic back as it made her feel more safe, but was kind of sad that she wasn't connected to the others anymore. She often wondered how the others felt about it.

Faye then chanted "Lock, Unlock" and barged into the bathroom with her eyes closed. " you better not be sitting on that toilet when I open my eyes" Faye said in a waning tone. She then saw Melissa wearing a really short dress which annoyed Faye. She always thought she was the sluty member of the circle.

" know what I'm gonna go change into something more slinky...or slinkier" Faye said. Wondering how she'll find something in less than 5 minutes, she quickly chanted "Stitch, thread, and seam...ugh...make me every man's dream!" The doors of Faye's wardrobe swung open and a short, tight, leather dress flew out into Faye's hands.

"That's more like it...forgot I had this." Faye said with a smile on her face. She knew she would put Melissa to shame. The taxi arrived and Faye and Melissa rushed out before Dawn could catch them.

The Secret Circle

Jake was pacing around his room staring at the small vile his Grandpa sent him. Jake had no idea what it was, but he knew that it was something that would help for when the other Circles come together. There was also a note from his Grandpa saying: The Circles are coming together, your fight is far from over.

Maybe it was some sort of protection against the four other Blackwell Children. The only way to find out was to either test it or go see his Grandpa, but he didn't want to waste it and his Grandpa had already left without saying a word.

The Secret Circle

Diana was half asleep in Grant's car. It had been a long week with her finding out she's a Blackwell, her Dad admitting he killed Cassie's Mom, the Circle almost being killed, Cassie unlocking her Dark Magic, and killing Blackwell. She thought it was too much even for her. She wondered if she was doing the right thing in leaving Chance Harbour with Grant.

"Hey Diana are you awake? Your phone has been buzzing." Grant said. Grant had a feeling that it would be one of Diana's friends asking her to come back it was only a matter of time.

"Yeah...I'm awake" Diana said with a drowsy voice. Diana was hoping it wasn't someone from the Circle. She was barely away from Chance Harbour. There was something else on her mind, the Balcoin mark on her hand. It had been stinging ever since she and Grant left. She had a feeling it had something to do with leaving Cassie or the Circle. The only way for her to know was if she were to go back which she didn't want to do.

Diana then picked up her phone and saw: Diana where are you?

"Is it one of your frien-"Grant said suddenly interrupted by Diana " it's where are we going first?" Diana asked.

"Well I'm thinking maybe L.A? " Grant suggested.

"Yeah that haven't had a real vacation in what seems to be years to be honest" Diana said. She was relieved to be getting away from Chance Harbour and Dark Magic, but the Balcoin mark on her hand was starting to hurt even more. It was like her body was telling her to go back to Chance Harbour and Cassie.

The Secret Circle

It was the next morning. Cassie and Adam were lying in Cassie's bed. They were both so wrapped up in their happiness that Cassie had completely forgotten the loneliness she felt last night and Adam had forgotten about the Crystal Skull.

"Morning" Adam said. He never thought that he and Cassie could ever be together again. "Before you say anything...I already checked for dead birds." Adam joked.

"Nice morning talk Adam!" Cassie joked. She had been worrying about the Curse since she woke up. She and Adam were so caught up in the moment last night that the Curse didn't even occur to them.

"I'm gonna text Jake, Faye, and Melissa just in case" Cassie said hoping they were ok

"So how was last night for you?" Adam asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

"It was wonderful...but I'm feeling kinda sick weird" Cassie said wondering why she felt this way.

"Isn't that how Jake felt when the Curse was starting to affect him?" Adam asked with worry in his voice. He knew he wouldn't be able to go through loosing Cassie all over again.

"Well yeah bu-." Cassie said, quickly interrupted by a panicking Adam. "No Cassie...I can't lose you again, there has to be another way...we can beat thi-." Adam said suddenly interrupted by Cassie this time. "(Laughing) Adam relax!'s more like a barfing feeling...OH MY GOD!" Cassie said quickly running to the bathroom, slamming the door and throwing up.

"Cassie! Are you alright?" Adam asked with worry in his voice. He immediately assumed it was the affects of the Curse.

"Adam...come in here you need to see this" Cassie said in a confused tone. Cassie had noticed something about herself...something not humanly possible.

Adam then opened the door noticed straight away what Cassie was panicking over. "That's not possible...even by our insane standards!" Adam said while panicking.

Cassie lifted up her shirt and revealed a hardly grown but noticeable bump. "I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I think...I'm pregnant."