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Plot: Fan made version of The Secret Circle Season 2. This is set after the last Episode of Season 1.

Episode 2: Discoveries

Cassie was in the bathroom with Adam, both staring at Cassie's stomach in shock. "How is this even possible" Cassie whispered. She had no idea how she could have been pregnant, other than last night, the last time she slept with Adam was over a month ago and she hadn't experienced any kind of symptoms...until now.

"How long have you felt this way...and had that" Adam said pointing to Cassie's stomach. Adam would never have assumed Cassie had slept with someone else until now. He thought to himself: 'There's no way I can be the father she looks way over a month gone...this just isn't possible even by our insane standards!'

"I only started feeling like this when I woke up...I didn't have this last night!" Cassie said referring to her stomach. "This has to be something magical...there has to be something about this in my Mom's Book Of Shadows" Cassie said quickly running into her room and opening her Book Of Shadows.

"Well? there anything?" Adam asked with serious worry in his voice. He knew this wouldn't be any normal child growing inside Cassie at this rate.

"No nothing!" Cassie said frustrated as she had no idea what was happening to her. She immediately thought to herself: 'I need you Diana!'

Cassie phone started ringing suddenly. It was Diana.

Cassie saw Diana's name come up on the screen of her phone and answered quickly. "Diana is that you?" Cassie asked. It felt like Diana had been gone for weeks to Cassie even though it was only yesterday she left.

"Cassie? What just happened?" Diana asked, sounding confused. There was a reason why Diana decided to call Cassie all of a sudden.

"What are you talking about?...look I need to tell you somethin-" Cass said, interrupted by Diana.

"I heard your said you needed did you do that?" Diana asked. She knew Cassie was starting to get hang of her Dark Magic, but she didn't know she was becoming this powerful being able to make Diana hear her voice when she was all the way across Michigan.

"What are you talking about?...You know what it doesn't matter, I need you to come back something's happened" Cassie said. "Cassie I can't... I gotta go Grant will be back any minu-" Diana said interrupted by Cassie.

"I'm pregnant!" Cassie shouted trying to get Diana to come back to Chance Harbour. "You're what?" Diana said thinking she heard wrong.

"I said I'm pregnant...or at least I think I am" Cassie said while staring at her stomach. "Cassie I'm only gone two days...that can't be possible...are you sure you are?" Diana asked thinking it was impossible for Cassie to be pregnant all of a sudden.

"Yeah I'm almost stomach is bigger...I was throwing up like ten minutes ago...I wasn't like this last night" Cassie said while wiping her tears away. It made things a little easier just hearing Diana's voice.

"Well what did you do last night?" Diana asked, thinking she was done with all this. "Ugh...Me and Adam...slept together last nigh-." Cassie said, cut off by Diana

"You what? Even though the Curse almost killed Jake the first time...and you've done it again! What if something happens to Faye or Melissa...or me this time?" Diana asked with worry and anger in her voice.

"I'm sorry ok!'s hard to explain over the phone I just need you now...please come back and I'll explain everything then...please" Cassie said, hanging up the phone.

"So?... what do we do now?" Adam asked. "Text everyone and ask them to meet us at the Abandoned House...they need to know about this and we need to find out what this is." Cassie said while rubbing her stomach...with a dark smile.

The Secret Circle

"Ugh Jake!" Fay called out. Last night she and Melissa had gotten a little too tipsy so Faye spent the night at Jakes. She liked being around Jake now, it made her a lot happier even though she would never admit that. The sun was shining down on her face. She called out "Close!" the curtains then swung shut. "That's more like it" Faye said with a smile on her face.

Jake was leaving his Grandpa a message on his phone. Jakes Grandpa had completely vanished after Blackwell was killed. Jake had no idea where he was, but he needed to know what exactly was in the vile his Grandpa sent him. Jake then grabbed his Book Of Shadows and remembered there was a spell somewhere in his book that revealed hidden truth. He thought maybe if he was able to see what exactly the substance was then he would know what to do with it.

"Faye? You awake?" Jake asked while walking into his bedroom. He knew he would probably need Faye's help casting the spell as it would have a better chance if there was more power behind it.

"Ugh yeah I was calling you Jake" Faye said with barely any interest in her voice. "I need you to do something with me" Jake said. He knew Faye would be up for it since she liked doing anything involving magic.

"And what's that? Something kinky?" Faye joked. "No Faye...I do think about other things" Jake said. "What like you little Vile there...or the little blonde Witch next door? Faye joked again. "I wonder if you even know me as well as you say you do sometimes...anyway I need your help on a spell" Jake said.

"Ooh what kind?" Faye asked with interest. "It's a spell to reveal hidden truth...I wanna find out what's in this Vi-" Jake said cut off by Faye.

"Boring" Faye said with absolutely no interest in her voice. Faye loved magic but only liked it when she could use it on herself or other people, not what looked to be a vile of sand.

"Faye...I'll let you look through my family's Book of Shadows..." Jake said with a teasing tone. He knew Faye wouldn't say no that.

"Really?...fine, but you better keep to your end of the deal" Faye said with amusement in her voice.

"I will" Jake teased, waving the book above Faye's head. "Jerk" Faye said with a small smirk on her face.

"Ok so hold that end of the vile and say this" Jake said showing Faye the spell in his Book of Shadows. Both Faye and Jake then chanted "Tum var scal tu a vercoris."

"Ugh did it work?" Faye asked. "No nothing happened...are you concentrating?" Jake asked." I'm totally concentrating!" Faye said, feeling the need to defend herself. "Let's try again the-" Jake said interrupted by both his and Faye's phones ringing.

"Adam wants us to meet Cassie and him at the Abandoned House" both said at the same time. "Awh maybe we can finish your little spell later or maybe you can ask your favourite princess of darkness to help you." Faye said while smirking. "Come on Faye, Jealousy is an ugly thing." Jake teased. "Get over yourself Jake". Faye sighed.

Both then got ready and left Jakes house. Jake then ran back into his bedroom and grabbed the Vile.

The Secret Circle

Melissa was already on her way to the Abandoned House. She was happy that even though the circle wasn't bound anymore, she still felt connected to them. While walking towards the Abandoned House, Melissa noticed four people walking into the house. She just assumed it was Cassie, Adam, Faye, and Jake. Melissa saw one of the guys going in to the house. He had the same hair style as Callum, but he was a lot shorter. She didn't take any notice of it though.

Melissa was suddenly thrown against a large tree. Her vision was starting to blur, but she was able to see 4 dark figures standing above her. Then everything went dark.

The Secret Circle

Diana was staying in a Motel with Grant. She and Grant were still in bed. While Grant had been asleep the whole night, Diana just lay there thinking whether to go back to Chance Harbour. She went through a pro's and con's list in her head the whole night.

What will happen if I go back? I have no family left apart from Cassie I guess, but I still can't be around her. I hate the feeling of Dark Magic. It just isn't fair.

Diana stopped thinking about it and woke Grant up. "Hey Grant we need to talk" Diana said sounding nervous. "What is it?" Grant asked with a smile on his face. Diana knew Grant wouldn't be happy with what she was about to tell him. "I don't know how to tell you this bu-." Diana said, interrupted by Grant. "Diana I pretty much know what you're about to say...its ok it was only a matter of time." Grant said trying to sound as understanding as he could.

"I'm really sorry. I feel really bad that I asked you to take me away and we've only been gone a few days and already I have to go back of course...because an uninterrupted moment with you is just too much to ask I guess." Diana said sounding depressed.

"It's alright...I can stay in Chance Harbour longer this time I guess" Grant said trying to make Diana feel better. "Really? What about your job on the ferry?" Diana asked. "I've been texting my mate that works as one of the Cabin Crew with me and he said my boss was staying longer than intended." Grant said with a calm tone.

"Oh...well I guess we better pack our stuff and get going then" Diana said sounding disappointed. She thought maybe Grant would change her mind, but as usual the Circle needed her.

The Secret Circle

Faye and Jake were walking into the Abandoned House. They see Cassie and Adam kissing.

"Awh forbidden love. Are we interrupting?" Faye said teasing Cassie and Adam. "By the way thanks for not almost killing Jake this time" Faye said with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Shut up Faye...we both have something to tell you two" Adam said. "Let me guess, you two are gonna get married and have little babies of darkness" Faye teased again. "Ugh actually, wait where's Melissa?" Cassie said.

"I'm right here" Melissa said limping through the door. "Ugh what happened to you!...were you attacked?." Faye asked assuming the worst. "No I think I must have fell last night when we left the bar plus I feel like someone hit me over the head with a pan or something...worst hangover ever." Melissa said genuinely believing that's what was wrong with her. "Well yeah you are a clumsy drunk." Faye said joking with Melissa. "That's rich coming from you." Melissa joked.

"Anyway what did you two cursed love birds want to tell us?." Jake asked looking unhappy at the fact that Cassie and Adam were back together. "Well ugh..." Adam said trying to find the right way to tell them.

"Well? Spit it out" Faye demanded. "I'm pregnant!...or at least I think I am." Cassie announced pulling up her top and showing them her stomach. "It looks more like you really need to cut down on the carbs" Faye joked.

"What the Hell! How long have you known!" Jake said in an angry voice. "We only found out this morning." Adam answered. "I wasn't asking you Conant!" Jake said in his usual angry tone he uses with Adam. Faye rolled her eyes. "You have to have known longer than that your stomach doesn't just grow overnight." Melissa said still rubbing the side of her head. "I swear we didn't I only saw it this morning after we woke up."

"I can't believe you two risked nearly killing one of us again just for one night in the sack." Jake said. "Little Miss Dark Magic over here is probably a little firecracker in bed, Adam couldn't resist her evil ways obviously." Faye joked.

"Faye shut up." Melissa said sounding exhausted. "Look this is serious ok. Obviously this isn't any normal pregnancy." Adam said. "Did you even pee on one of those sticks or go to a doctor?" Faye said.

"No not yet anyway. I guess we should go to a doctor before we make any assumptions" Cassie said. "But what if you are? This thing can't be anything human." Faye said.

The Secret Circle

There were four teenagers standing in the woods beside the Abandoned House. All four of them were just staring at the house.

"Phoenix did you get what we needed from her memories?" The oldest of the four teenagers asked. " were Dad is dead" Phoenix said. Phoenix was the oldest girl of the four. The other two were smaller shadowy figures stood behind the two older teenagers. "I knew it!...what do we do now!" Francis whispered in a harsh tone. "Calm down Fran...I got more than just that...the one they call Adam has the Crystal Skull hidden...we'll be able to do what needs to be done when we get it" Phoenix said with a dark smile on her face. "As for our sisters, Cassie and Diana, we'll deal with them once we get the Skull."