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Two part story.

Plot: Fan made version of The Secret Circle Season 2. This is set after the last Episode of Season 1.

Episode 3: Power

It was three days later. Cassie and Adam were at the hospital. It was the day of Cassie's Ultrasound. "You ok?" Adam asked, seeing Cassie shaking. "Ugh yeah you?" Cassie asked nervously. "Cassie..." Adam said knowing Cassie was nervous. "What? Am I terrified about what this could be...yeah I am. What if it's not even a Witch? What if its dark and evil?" Cassie whispered, knowing if anyone heard her they'd think she was crazy.

"Is that what you really think?" Adam asked. "No, but you know what if it's something ba-." Cassie said, cut off by the nurse. "Cassie Blake?" The Nurse called out.

"Ugh yeah that's me" Cassie said, squeezing Adams hand. Both of them looked nervous, but Cassie looked terrified. "The doctor will be with you now any minute." The Nurse said with a kind smile on her face.

"Okay thank you." Adam said trying to look happy, but all he could think about was: What if Cassie was right. What if this Baby was something else...something evil?

"Hello, I'm Doctor Anderson. So what have we here? This is your first scan yes?" The Doctor asked. "Ugh I guess...I mean yes sorry I'm just a kinda nervous." Cassie said. Her hand was starting to shake. Adam quickly grabbed her hand. "Don't worry, it will be ok." Adam said, trying to comfort her. "So how exactly does this work?" Adam asked the Doctor. "Well we look at the heartbeat and measure the embryo to determine the I'm just going to put some of this gel on your stomach Cassie and then we'll have a look see." The doctor said, putting the gel on Cassie's stomach.

"Wow that's cold." Cassie said. "Yes we get that a lot...ok so let's see if we can find our little buddy here." The Doctor said with a smile on his face. The Doctor being so calm and relaxed was starting to make Cassie feel better. "Ah there it is." The Doctor said pointing at the screen.

"Oh my god, Adam?" Cassie said looking to Adam and seeing him smiling. Cassie was starting to cry. "So uh how far along is she?" Adam asked the Doctor. "She's about 13 weeks now." The Doctor said prompting both Cassie and Adam to look at each other in shock.

"Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" The Doctor asked noticing both Cassie and Adams shocked expressions. "You're able to tell that already?" Cassie asked still shocked. "Yes we're able to see the gender as early as 12 – 13 weeks." The Doctor said.

"Ugh should we?" Adam asked Cassie. "Yeah...I wanna know." Cassie said staring at the screen. "Ok then let's just see here."The Doctor said as he was moving the sensor just beside Cassie's bellybutton. "It's a Boy. Congratulat-" The Doctor said suddenly electrocuted and thrown against the wall.

Adam quickly rushed over to check the Doctors pulse. He was still alive. "What the hell just happened!?" Adam asked Cassie while panicking. "What?! I have no idea...that wasn't me...I was him." Cassie said looking at her stomach.

"We need to get out of here before someone sees this." Adam said trying to get Cassie to hurry up. "Wait!" Cassie said stopping Adam. "We can't just leave him...we need to make him forget." Cassie said staring at the Doctor. "Fine how would we even do that?" Adam asked. "I guess just will it to happen" Cassie said getting ready to use her magic. "Wait! I'll do it...your more used to using your Dark Magic than your...normal magic I guess." Adam said making Cassie slightly offended. Adam stared at the Doctor and said "Forget...Forget...Forget!...ok hopefully that worked now let's go hurry." Adam said quickly hurrying with Cassie out of the Hospital.

The Secret Circle

Diana and Grant were just pulling up beside Charles's house. Diana was dreading going in there. She knew Charles was basically in a magically induced coma, but she couldn't bear seeing him like that even after what he did to Amelia.

"You ok?" Grant asked Diana in a caring tone. "Yeah sure, I just...wonder how my Grandma is going to react to me only coming home now." Diana said quickly lying to hide the real reason she was so nervous.

"I'm sure she'll understand, you're a big girl." Grant said with a smile. "You're I guess I'll see you tomorrow...where are you staying again?" Diana said while leaning in for a kiss. "I'm just staying at the Motel down the street from that place you hang out...the Boathouse!" Grant said trying to remember the name of the dinner where he first met Diana.

"Ok cool I better go then, Bye." Diana said leaning in for a longer kiss. "Bye." Grant said before driving off.

Diana walked up the path to the front door, preparing herself. She hadn't seen or talked to her Grandmother even since she tried to kill Cassie, and she hadn't seen Charles since the night he admitted to killing Cassie's Mother.

Diana opened the door and walked in. "Hello?" Diana called out. "Diana!?" Kate called back. "Ugh yeah it's me...Grandma." Diana said with hesitated as she kept imagining Kate waiting for her, waiting to bury her alive too.

"My darling Diana come here." Kate said holding her hands out to Diana. "No. After what you tried to do to Cassie I don't want to be around you for too long." Diana said thinking her Grandma would try bury her alive as she also had Dark Magic now. Diana knew Kate would sense it even if Charles didn't tell her.

"Don't be afraid Diana...Cassie was different her Dark Magic is dangerous...I was testing her." Kate said trying to explain to Diana. "Can you not hear yourself? You tried to kill one of my friends, one of the members of my circ-." Diana said interrupted by Kate.

"I know, but you have to know Cassie comes from two very powerful family lines, the Blake's and the Balcoin's. Cassie could tip the Balance from good to evil, you have to know that Diana." Kate said trying to reason with Diana.

"Your are able to suppress your Dark Magic because of your good nature." Kate said further trying to explain. "So what...does that mean you're not gonna try bury me alive too." Diana said in a sarcastic tone.

"Diana I'm sorry that you had to be put through all this, but you are a Witch and with that comes a complicated life." Kate said. "So I guess Dad told you that John Blackwell is my actual Father...or was." Diana said quickly remembering she and Cassie killed him.

"He did yes, but you must know not only blood defines a family. You're Father and I have loved you ever since the day you were born and Charles, your Father, raised you like a Father should...not pretend he's dead for 16 years.

"Your right, but that doesn't make what you did to Cassie right...she is my sister now." Diana said while sitting on the couch. "Yes she is, and that means you'll be able to help her, stop her from using her Dark Magic and show her how to separate it from her Regular Magic." Kate said sounding confident in Diana.

"Grandma even I can't do that, when we unbound the Circle, Cassie had to activate my Dark Magic and now that I've felt its power I never wanna feel it again." Diana said with worry in her voice.

"You don't have to. Regular magic is all about connecting with the energy around you. Dark magic is about drawing power from your own anger, fear, and hate." Kate said trying to explain the difference. "So what?...I can't get angry or scared anytime I'm in a situation where I need to protect myself?." Diana asked thinking there was no way that would work.

"You can, you just can't let it overtake you." Kate said trying to help Diana, "That's a lot easier said than done Grandma...anyway where are you keeping Dad?"

"If I know you and I do then I know you will be able to do it one of these days...he's in the Conservatory, do you want to see him?" Katie said hoping Diana would want to. "Yeah I do." Diana said. Diana and Kate walked towards the Conservatory. Diana quickly remembered the Balcoin mark on her hand. She had completely forgotten about it ever since it stopped stinging. Diana then saw Charles. It looked like he was sleeping. She noticed the Sigil Seal on his wrist.

"Is that the same Spell Cassie's Mom used on Heather Barnes?" Diana asked while looking at Charles. "Yes it is, but I've been waiting for you to come home so I could do what needs to be done." Kate said taking out a knife.

"Dawn it's time." Kate called out. Dawn then walked in to the Conservatory. "Hi Diana." Dawn said with a kind smile. "Wait what's going on?" Diana asked while panicking. "I'm going to reverse the Sigil Suppression Spell I put on your Father and draw the Demons into me...Dawn will then take care of the rest." Kate said with a shaky voice.

"What?! Grandma no you can't!" Diana argued. "I have to. Your Father is like a son to me. When is Mother and Father, who were dear friends of mine, died I took him in when he was just a child and I raised him...then he and my darling Elizabeth gave me the most wonderful gift...a Granddaughter." Kate said with a kind smile, stroking Diana's face. "Grandma please don't." Diana said pleading with Kate.

"My darling are the only good thing in both mine and your Father's life." Kate said holding Diana's hand and looking at the Balcoin mark. "Remember what I said?...don't let it overtake you." Kate said giving Diana one last hug. "I love you Grandma." Diana said with tears streaming down her face.

"I love you too, now go into the living room and wait there I don't want you to be in here when this happens." Kate said ordering Diana to leave the room. Diana then left the room.

"Are you sure about this Kate?" Dawn asked sounding worried. "I am yes, you know what to do once I draw them in, but you must know once you suppress the Demons inside of magic will also be suppressed which and Charles won't have it anymore." Kate said. "I understand, would you not consider waiting until we find the Crystal Skull?" Dawn asked. "No! We can't use it in the form it is now...the power inside of it is dark and tainted it won't affect the Demons...not in the way we would want it too anyway. Only a Balcoin can remove the spell and both Cassie Blake and Diana lack experience. We'll start now." Kate said while pouring the potion onto the Sigil on Charles's wrist.

"Rongaire Balorum Eunarach Vicit Romnia." Kate chanted three times. "The spell is reversed get ready." Kate said. Both Kate and Dawn were starting to shake in fear. "Exire Daemonem Voco" Kate chanted holding her hands up. Charles's suddenly woke up and started choking. The demons were coming out of his mouth, nose, and ears.

Both Kate and Charles were kneeling on the floor. The demons started flowing into Kate. Charles started to realize what was happening. "Mother what are you doing?!" Charles shouted in shock and horror. He knew there were only two things a witch would never do unless they had to and that was never willingly giving up their magic and the second being never allowing a Demon to infect their bodies.

"Take Care Charles." Kate said just as the Demons were inside her body. "Now Dawn!" Kate shouted out in pain. Dawn quickly rushed over and carved the Sigil into Kate's wrist. Kate just laid there, her eyes closed. She looked peaceful like she was asleep. Dawn could feel Kate's power fading away. She knew that was the last time she would ever have magic again.

"Charles? Are you ok?" Dawn asked. Dawn was hoping Charles would still be the same, but he didn't answer. He just sat there starring at Kate.

Suddenly Charles's and Dawn both had a moment were they couldn't breathe. It felt like they're heart's skipped a beat. Both Charles and Dawn looked at each other. Charles then looked at the doors to the Living Room. They swung open revealing a shocked Diana. Both Charles and Diana started at on another, while Dawn smiled in astonishment. She knew what that feeling was, she felt like she was 16 again. She knew she and Charles had their power back.

To Be Continued...