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Chapter One: Three of Ten

"Do we really have to go? Can't we just do chores to make up for it?" asked Seth. There were two other boys with him they looked as if someone had died but in reality they were forced to go to boot camp.

"You mortally wounded someone, you're lucky you only got boot camp as your penalty, some people get 3 years in this case jail!" shouted his mother.

"But we didn't do anything! We're telling you the truth this time! We were all framed!" yelled Jack his best friend.

"That's right we weren't even near that guy!" yelled the second friend of Seth, Gabriel. These three were friends for as long as they could remember and have made a promise to make sure nothing ever happened to their friendship.

"Well that's not what the video camera saw! And unless you boys have anything to prove that you are innocent you are going to have to serve the 5 years in boot camp!" yelled the mother. They were soon sent off and the entire place was brutal but soon enough 3 out of 5 years have passed and on that certain night a certain head master was looking through a mystic crystal ball, looking for the boys.

"Whoooo are you looking for headmaster?" asked his pet owl talking to an old wizard with a monocle, a large white beard, a staff, and a strange set of clothes.

"Three certain young boys Gamma, now please let me concentrate." said the headmaster and with that gamma flew back into the room he came from.

"Man this sucks, it's been three years since we got here and it hasn't gotten any easier." said Jack.

"Well don't worry we only have to deal with this for only two more years, now come on you know how early we have to get up so lets get to sleep." said Gabriel. And with that the boys went to sleep knowing the same routine would start again but hoping for something different.

"AH! I've finally found them and they're together as well how convenient. Gamma! Prepare the Testing Book for three while I prepare the spell!" said the strange man.

Back on Earth the three are all sleeping early like they have for the past 3 years until a massive vortex appeared out of thin air! It shook the ground and woke the three up quickly but it seemed that only they could see, hear, and feel the effects of what was going on. "GABRIEL WHATS GOING ON?" screamed Seth who was hanging on to his bed


"ARE YOU KIDDING! I'M JUST AS CLUELESS AS YOU ARE!" and with that the three were sucked in one by one in to the violent vortex. Fortunately they didn't die and landed on a tiled floor landing on each other one by one. "o my aching head …" said Jack.

"Speak for yourself at least you didn't land on the floor first and have two guys land on you." said Gabriel sounding annoyed and kinda tired.

"Welcome young wizards to a magic place, WizardCity!"

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