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Chapter Eight: Jack's Fury

The group of fighters were on their way downstairs to the kraken arena, once down there they saw a giant purple monster with a lightning bolt in his hand waiting for a challenger.

"Ah so you 7 are going to be my lunch hmm? Not much of a meal but it will do." As the group of fighters entered the arena they felt a powerful gust of wind brush past them, some of them even took a step back.

"What the hell?! Where did that gust of wind come from?"

"You mean you never experienced the wind of war before? It's the only thing that tells you how powerful an opponent can be." Chris looked at the rest of the group disbelieving that any of them have felt the wind before. He was wrong. They have never felt this kind of warning before a battle, it gave them goose bumps. They took out their wands and prepared to fight, the arena glowed under their feet and began the fight.

Jocelyn started off with swiftly moving through to the kraken's side and freezing his legs. Then Seth worked his way around the kraken and managed to slash his back with his wand, luckily for him his wands can grow enormous thorns since it is a twig. Next came the storm prism and Chris' electric punch in the gut followed up by Jack's firey kick. As everyone was fighting Gabriel sneaked his way up the cliff right over the kraken. Sabrina cut off half of the next time he was going to heal with a treasure card she picked up from the Harvest Lord, the infection. Destiny used a prism and then lightning bats, but, instead of using the bats on the kraken she used them to super charge her wand and blast way more electricity at the kraken then any low level storm should have. Finally the finisher was Gabriel, he jumped off the cliff and punched the ground as hard as he could. The arena shook, the water splashed violently, and a gigantic crack appeared as the ground ripped open to reveal spikes heading toward the sea monster.

With all the shaking and rumbling going on it was difficult to hear, so people had to scream at each other just to hear each other. "HEY GABRIEL! YOU MIND TAKING THE ATTACK DOWN A NOTCH NEXT TIME?! IT FEELS LIKE THIS ARENA IS GONNA SINK!" Jack yelled as loud as he could but this time he was muffled out by the krakens loud cry of pain. Jack tried to talk again when all was silent "Gabriel … how did you do that? How have you passed so many limitations in the little time you've been here?"

"You know something Jack, I don't know. I don't know how I did that but I don't care right now. Right now I focus on the fight." With that Gabriel ran head on in to the dust cloud preparing for round two. He was thrown back to the walls of the cliffs getting severe injuries.

The Krakens laugh was heard by everyone and they started sweating. The dust cloud cleared and there stood the kraken with a smile on his face. "Well, I have to admit, I had no idea brats like you could do so much damage! Despite all of your efforts you all nearly got rid of half of my health." Everyone's jaw dropped after hearing this. "You really thought you could defeat me by just using a few simple attacks? The only real thing that hurt me was that myth kids ground smash. If that's all you've got you're done for." These words triggered something inside of Jack, he didn't know what it was but something was making his blood flow with anger. He soon realized that the krakens words basically said that he isn't strong enough to even hurt him. He had the look of destruction on his face, the area around him started to heat up. Flaming aura began to become visible around him and the floor around him started to singe. The area around him shook even more violently then when Gabriel used his ground smash, and he let out a massive roar.

Everyone took at least 5 steps back as Jack was powering up but the kraken foolishly threw a lightning bolt at him, only to be absorbed by Jack's flaming aura. Jack's wand was glowing brightly with power and once he shook the wand, it turned into a glorious sword. Jack didn't notice his new sword distracted only by his rage, but he did use the energy inside of it against the kraken. With both hands he held the sword and he slashed the air in the direction of the kraken. The fire energy was in a lunar shape rapidly circling around the kraken. Its movements were too quick for the kraken to follow and once it made impact with the kraken, it exploded. Along with the remains of the arena as well. Once all the dust clouds went away everyone was up and moving after being thrown back from a gust of wind like that.

"Woah Jack! You alright?" Jocelyn asked, she sounded quite worried.

"Yea I'm ok. Um. What happened here?"

"You mean you don't remember what you did? It was pretty damn awesome."

"I did this? No… no I can't have this much power."

"You guys alright down there?" a familiar voice called to them. Hovering in the air was Brianna and across her was Nia. The two had slowly made their descent onto the arena. "You guys sure did pack one hell of a blast if you caused an explosion that big. We had to use reverse wyldfires to protect the rest of the street from total annihilation."

"Yea, it's a good thing I had a spare treasure card of wyldfire on me or this place could've been toast." Everyone was indeed relieved the two were there to stop the explosion, but the arena was black with rubble and ash. When everyone had decided to get out of the arena before it becomes hard to breath, a hand pops up from the rubble. It was the kraken!

"But how?! That attack should've killed you!" The surprise in Brianna's voice made everyone uneasy.

"I must admit, the little rat caught me off guard there but there's a little something called a tower shield."

"What's a tower shield?" Seth asked.

"It's a shield that defends against any type of attack and cuts it in half, this move is only naturally learned by the ice school. But somehow he got a hold of it."

"That's right. I have to admit though, you guys are more difficult to kill then the others, but, either way you're still going to be my dinner." Everyone braced for battle, each getting their decks out and preparing for the struggle against life or death.

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