As the head gamemaker, I have to provide the most interesting games of them all. So far my ideas weren't so great. Mountains... to easy... ice land... already done. I drew some things on the paper and ended up with flowers and snow. Not very helpful... Oh! Perfect, I just hope President Snow likes the four seasons.

I outline the arena, added a few pieces of details. Pretty good... now just have to add all the effects. I turned to the clock on the wall, only one more hour until I have to show President Snow the arena plans. Oh wait! I total forgot the Cornucopia. I took another big grid sized paper, and began re-drawing the arena. The Cornucopia in the middle and each season surrounding. Hmm... I think that will be enough. Only one river, plants and several types of animals for survival. Maybe I should have designed it using technology, oh well to late now. I just need more details on to the arena, how things work and what challenges will be up for the upcoming 24 tributes.

"Yes. Perfect!"

~Thanks for all of you that so far submitted :D

These are the list of tributes so far:

District 1

Male- Cole Ties (18)

Female- Sunshine Beauty Elwood (18)

District 2

Male- Finn Luke (16)

Female- Noel Faith (16)

District 3

Male- Mikeal Pretriver (17)

Female- Ladena Mox (15)

District 4

Male- Jonathan Cross (16)

Female- Aurora D'lauren (14)

District 5

Male- Connor Broke (17)

Female- Willow Nox (17)

District 6

Male- Alli Rhodessa (14)

Female- Phoebe Denwell (15)

District 7

Male- Medallion Jagger (15)

Female- Locket Jagger (15)

District 8

Male- Trifux Compter (12)

Female-Macy Nichole Newbury (16 and a half)

District 9

Male- Alex Miller (17)

Female- Ryelin Felts (16)

District 10

Male- Wridnar Volas (12)

Female- Ronnie Ethos (17)

District 11

Male- Trid Tevverse (12)

Female- Ginger Lilly (18)

District 12

Male- Derris Opaque (13)

Female- Ciatey Williams (17)

I'm sorry for the changes around the age, they were all grouped around the same age group.

Thanks :D