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CHAPTER 4- Reaping Day District 7

Locket Jagger

"Mom where's Medallion?" I question as I look in the kitchen.

"He's out with Alder; they'll probably not come back and go straight to the reapings." Mom answers. Alder again? Oh well, they make a sweet pair but too bad the family won't find out anytime soon. It would be quite shock, I mean they are both male.

"You and Key should head there pretty soon as well." Dad says.

"I know, I'm pretty sure Aspen is waiting outside the porch." I respond, "She said that she'll wait there yesterday."

"Why don't you invite Aspen in?" Mom suggested.

"I would, but she prefers drawing outside." I answer, "I think I'll be going now." I take off, out the door and as I predicated Aspen sat there on the porch drawing.

"Morning Aspen!" I say happily.

"Oh, you're here." Aspen closed her sketch pad and stood up.

"Let's get going!" I hopped down the stairs.

"Why are you excited?" Aspen fell in step next to me.

"I'm not happy at with the reaping days, but I'm trying to not think about it and hopefully it'll get over soon." I simply answered.

Aspen stayed quiet for a moment, "That's so like you…"

Once we reached the District's square we had to wait the sign in line. I watch as my finger was pricked and Aspen went to her age group as I went to mine. No sooner the mayor began his regular speech about the rebellion, it was tiresome but I managed.

"Let's get this over with," District 7's escort Donze says, "Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor." He tiredly heads to the reaping balls and starts with the females.

I wish this would be over, hopefully the tribute this year won't be me.

"Hmm?" Donze slowly opens the paper, "Locket Jagger." I freeze for a moment, it actually seemed for ever.

"Locket Jagger, get up to the stage. Time's ticking!" Donze announces. I slowly approach the stage, I try to put on a confidence face.

"Well now we have our female tribute Locket Jagger!" I'm still hoping this is a bad dream but I know it's real and the ending won't be so happy.


Medallion Jagger

"I hate these days," I sigh.

"It's just a reaping day, it's every year." Alder stands next to me, having having his arm slightly touching mine.

"But every year there are possibilities of me, you, my family, anyone, that can get reaped!" I claim.

"Don't worry about it Medallion, things will work out. Ok?" Alder smiles and takes my hand into his. I smile back, and yeah it's probably really goofy but hey I'm happy, (not about the reaping day but Alder.)

"Let's go!" I exclaim and we begin walking to the square. I'm pretty sure every District has a square, it's for special occasions and such.

"See you later!" I give him a peck on the lips before we approach to where people could sight us together.

After signing in I went to my age group. No sight of Locket (my twin) so I stood there waiting for the mayor's speech to be over. Once that was done Donze took the stage. He's a lazy escort if you ask me.

"Let's get this over with. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor." Donze heads for the reaping balls. He starts with the females first, once the slip is taken out he reads it.

"Locket Jagger." I blink once, and twice. Locket… no way…

Donze says some more words but I don't hear because well… I'm quite surprised.

Once Locket reaches the stage I can clearly see she's terrified. She's trying to look confident but it clearly doesn't break thorugh.

"Well now we have our female tribute Locket Jagger." Once Donze announces that he continues to the male reaping ball.

"Ok let's see… boy…" Donze reaches his hand in and takes out one, "Alder Clinder." Then something snaps, first Locket now Alder? Alder… no way am I going to let him be in the games.

"I volunteer!" I shout. I hear sudden gasps and I can feel eyes staring at me. I walk up to the stage and I can see Locket very surprised to see me.

"Ha. A volunteer? What's your name?" Donze asks.

"Medallion Jagger." I answer. I'm quite shocked to find myself this composed.

"Locket and Medallion Jagger our tributes for the 31st Hunger Games!" Locket is going to make it out. Two things why I volunteered, but the big one is: I don't want Alder in the games. No way. Second? I'm promising to have Locket come out alive.

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