"Thank Zeus she's gone," I muttered. "I really need to work on this… I think I need Nico's help." I looked outside and saw Nico and Ms. O'Leary with their faces squished against Thalia's front window. I tapped on the window and Nico looked up. I motioned for him to come over and he mouthed 'one minute'. I sighed and sat down in a chair and opened a little velvet box. A loud crash in the front room startled me, making me slam the small box shut. Shoving the box into my pocket I ran out of the office and strait into Ms. O'Leary's nose.

I sighed. "Nico, you know the spell doesn't work when you shadow travel!"

I heard a muffled whimper and then, "Sorry."

"Ms. O'Leary," I addressed the hellhound, "Shadow travel out and come in normally. You should know better," I scolded. She whimpered and vanished. A squashed Nico fell from the ceiling.

"OWW!" His arm was twisted in an awkward angle, "I think my arm is broken!"

"Lets get you to camp, we'll have Chiron or someone fix it."

"Don't you have ambrosia?" Nico asked.

"Nope, we're all out."

He stood up, "We have to tell Thalia."

"Ok, let us go next-door." As we were walking out the door Nico tripped and fell down the stairs so I picked him up and slung him over my shoulder. As I walked Nico blubbered with each step and Ms. O'Leary, acting like a dog, made it take forever, even though they only live, like, 10 feet away.

When we finally got there I tried to open the door but it was locked. I knocked, but nobody answered. Finally I kicked down the door and came nose to blade with Annabeth's dagger.

"Oh, its you." Thalia said and looking up.

"Gee thanks."

"What happened to Nico?" she asked, puzzled

"He and Ms. O'Leary shadow traveled into the house and when she traveled out he fell and broke his arm," I walked in to the house as Nico lifted his head and slammed it into the door frame "And now it looks like he has a concussion." I set Nico on the couch and I noticed Annabeth her face was red and puffy, as well as a little green. "Annabeth are you okay?" I asked.

She clamped her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom. I ran after her and left Thalia to deal with Nico. When I got to the bathroom Annabeth was throwing up. Gathering her hair I held it up until she was done. Annabeth flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash out her mouth. When she was finished she turned around to look at me she still looked a bit green.

"No," She said.

"What? No, what?" I asked.

"You asked if I was ok, and I'm not." She said with a small smile.

"Well I can see that." I laughed and so did Annabeth. We walked back out to the living room where Thalia was fussing over an unconscious Nico.

"That's are rare sight to see," I said loudly Thalia turned around saw me.

"PERCY JACKSON I'M-" She saw Annabeth "Oh sorry…"

"Ok, let's get going to camp. We can get Nico fixed up. Thals do you wanna shadow travel with Nico and Ms. O'Leary?" I questioned.

"NEVER EVER CALL ME THAT," she calmed down "and yes,"

"Ok, Annabeth I'll IM Chiron and ask him to send Black Jack and Guido" she nodded and sat down. I walked off the backyard we shared with Thalia. We had a big fountain that Ms. O'Leary used as a water bowl but we also used it for Iris Messaging.

I pulled a Golden Drachma out of my pocket and asked Iris to show me Chiron.

"Hello Percy how are you doing? How's Annabeth?" The centaur asked.

"Good, good, we're all good."


"Can you send Black Jack and Guido? We're bringing Nico, he broke his arm."

"Yes, yes, of course," Chiron called Grover over.

"Hi Percy. When are you coming to visit? We miss you here."

"We're coming today, actually." I replied. Grover bleated excitedly.

"Grover, can you send Black Jack and Guido to Percy and Annabeth's place?" Chiron asked.

"Ooh, yes, right away." With that, Grover ran off excitedly.

"Silly satyr." Chiron sighed fondly. "Now Percy, would you like me to prepare an Apollo camper for Nico?"

"Campers actually, one for Annabeth too I want her to get a check up too. She was sick this morning and she's never sick."

"Yes, you are right. Okay two Apollo campers, got it see you soon."

"Bye Chiron." And I waved my hand though the mist and the image of Chiron and Camp Half-Blood disappeared. I turned around and saw Annabeth standing there.

"Why do you want me to get a check up?" She wondered.

"'Cause you're never sick and you were this morning."

"Ok, I guess a check-up wont do any harm. Let's go, Black Jack and Guido just arrived. I told Thals she could go."

"Let's go then."