Chapter 1: The Second Generation X-Men Part Two!

Well folks, now that we have introduced the first generation X-Men (or the original five X-Men, whichever one you like to call them) to you readers, allow us to introduce you to the coolest, the hippest, the most popular generation of X-Men to ever grace upon the steps of the world of the X-Men: the second generation! Now come on, you probably already know who the members of the second generation X-Men are since they were mentioned in the previous story, but just to refresh your memory, here's a brief summary on each character from the second generation:

James "Logan" Howlett: codename WOLVERINE; Canadian mutant who has an admantium skeleton and has claws that retracts from his hands and has an attitude the size of Texas.

Kurt Wagner: codename NIGHTCRAWLER; German mutant who has an appearance of a blue demon, but actually has a heart of gold.

Ororo Munroe: codename STORM; mutant who was once known as a goddess of Africa who has the ability to control the weather to her will and is a motherly figure to all of the X-Men (next to Jean Grey).

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin: codename COLOSSUS: Russian mutant who can turn his skin to pure organic steel and is probably the gentlest hearted mutant in the Institute, if you can over look his enormous height and muscular body.

And last but not least…

Kitty Pryde: codename SHADOWCAT; Jewish mutant who has the ability to phase through any substance matter and is the youngest mutant of this generation.

There were actually three other mutants who were in this group, but for some oddball reason, they are missing in action, with two of them dying. The two that died were Sean Cassidy, codename BANSHEE who was an Irish mutant who can produce a super sonic scream that can take down any enemies and the second member that died was John Proudstar, codename THUNDERBIRD (the original THUNDERBIRD); a mutant who was born into the Apache tribe and possessed superhuman strength. Unfortunately, he was killed on the second generation's first mission. Then there was Shiro Yoshida: codename SUNFIRE; Japanese mutant who can shoot out plasma blasts and was only briefly on the team since he didn't want to work with the X-Men in the first place. His current whereabouts is unknown at this point.

It would be said that the second generation had the cruddiest lives ever with half of their team members being dead or being missing in action, but hey, they managed to survive through any kind of ordeal they went through.

Just like the first generation X-Men, they got their ups and downs in teaching young mutants to not only learn about the usual material you learn in school like geography or English, but to also learn how to control their mutant powers. As for their day at the school, well see for yourself.

In a classroom on the north end of the Institute, Piotr Rasputin is teaching an art class to a group of mutant students.

"Hello everyone! Today I will be teaching about the different forms of art such as abstract art, surreal art and concrete art. But, before we get into learning about the different forms of art, I want everyone to paint a picture that is most important to them and I will be looking at your artwork to see your progress."

As Piotr went around the classroom, praising everyone's art work, he came to this one mutant student who was painting feverishly at his artwork.

"Ah! It looks like a work of progress is in session. So, how is your wor-?"

Piotr than looked on in shock as he saw that the student's painting was of a naked woman posing in a seductive way.

"Boize Moi! Umm.. I mean, good job! Good job! We just have to keep it out of any art gallery where a staff member will look at the painting and possibly be…astonished with how…mesmerizing this painting is! Moving on!"

In the next classroom, a counseling session is taking place as Kitty Pryde is trying to help a young student get through his problems.

"It's like I have this problem with the idea about being a mutant Ms. Pryde. I mean, I like the fact that I can create supersonic waves whenever I clap my hands together, but sometimes it feels like anyone who is not a mutant sees me in a really weird way. What can I do about it?"

"Well, it seems to me that you really enjoy your powers and that is an aspect you like about being a mutant. But, you also want to be accepted by everyone because of your powers. It is great that you want to develop relationships with other people, especially humans, but what's so important here is that you love your powers and therefore, you love yourself for being a mutant who has these powers, even though others may not like your powers. Do you understand what I'm saying?" said Kitty.

"Oh yeah! I understand, but I got a question to ask you," said the student.

"Yes?" asked Kitty.

"Do you seriously have small breasts?" asked the student.

Kitty smiled at the student and picked up a magazine and rolled it up. "What was the question again?"

In another classroom, Ororo was teaching a botany class and was teaching the students about different kinds of plants from around the world.

"Good morning class! Today we will be discussing about various plants from around the world. One of the most well known plants we will discuss today is the Venus flytrap. The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that feeds on small insects and since they grow in soil that has little nitrogen, they gain their nitrogen from the insects they trap. In showing you what a Venus flytrap looks like, I have a small sample here in the greenhouse and I will give it some water to make it grow a bit faster."

Ororo then began to make the sky be filled with rain and the rain then fell through the sunroof in the greenhouse and fell on the Venus flytrap. The students were so impressed with how the Venus flytrap started growing that they said, "OOOHHH! AAHH…YIKES!"

The Venus flytrap then grew too large and started snapping at everyone looking for some flies to eat.

"LIGHTNING STRIKE!" yelled Ororo and then she struck the Venus flytrap with lightning until the plant fell down dead.

The students were breathing like crazy and Ororo looked meekly at the flytrap and said, "Erm…maybe next time I will pour less rain on the plant so that way it would not attack us again."

In another classroom, Nightcrawler is teaching Germany language lessons to a group of students.

"Alright, everyone! Today I will be teaching you not only about the language of Germany, my home country, but also about the culture of Germany itself. You will be learning about the different types of foods that are created in Germany and also about the customs of Germany. Any questions?"

A student raised his hand and asked, "How do you say 'Sexy Mama' in German?"

The other students started giggling and Kurt said to himself, "Oh, what a day this is going to be."

In the next classroom (or should I say training room), Logan is teaching a group of students the art of self defense.

"Alright, you bunch of pansies. To survive in the battlefield, you're gonna need to learn how to fight, long and hard. This is gonna be the fight of your lives, so don't you try to wuss out or anything because you're gonna get burned by your enemies."

"So, what kind of training will you teach us?" asked one of the students.

Logan just looked the student in a sly way and then jumped right at the student with his claws sheathed near the student's neck.

"WHOA!" yelled the other students in surprise.

"And that kiddos is how you play the game," said Wolverine smiling viciously.