Chapter 2: The Days and Lives of Teachers

Once the bell rang, the students and the teachers filed out of the classroom (yeah, yeah, you heard of this before) and the X-Men came together to talk about their day.

"Hello Kurt! How was your day?" asked Piotr.

"Hello Piotr! Well, everything went well, unless you count the fact that the students wanted to know every "sexy" saying in German," said Kurt.

"Wow, that is something you would not expect on your first day of class," said Piotr.

"Ja. How about you? Did you have any awkward moments during your first day of class?" asked Kurt.

"Oh everything went fine in my art class, although it became a class session on "How to paint a nude woman on an art canvas" in a thousand ways." said Piotr.

"Now that definitely outclassed the whole "sexy" talk in my class," commented Kurt.

Suddenly, a small wind came through the hallway and out came Ororo.

"Wow Ororo! That is one classy entrance you made!" said Kurt.

"Da, it is rare that anyone would come out of a wind tunnel in the hallways like that," commented Piotr.

"Well, it comes with having mutant powers that could control the weather, my friends," said Ororo. "So, how did your classes go?"

Kurt and Piotr looked at each other and said, "It was a "sexy" experience."

"What?" asked Ororo puzzled.

"We meant that there was nothing but sex on the students' minds today since in my German language class, the students wanted to know how to say certain "sex" talks in German while in Piotr's art class, the students were drawing nude pictures the entire time," said Kurt.

Ororo looked at Kurt and Piotr for awhile and then said, "Well, that is certainly an awkward experience to go through. As for me, I was doing fine in my botany class, until I have accidentally caused the Venus flytrap to grow too big when I was using my powers to water it."

"Boize Moi! Did the Venus flytrap grow up into Godzilla like proportions?" asked Piotr.

"Fortunately, no. I was able to strike it down with a lightning attack before it got too big and none of the students were hurt, although I suspect they are going to have nightmares about giant man eating plants coming out in the middle of the night eating them," said Ororo worriedly.

"Definitely not something you want in your happy dreams," said Kurt.

"Hey guys!" yelled out a cheerful voice that made Piotr's knees wobble with anticipation (I mean come on! The X-Men have got to have a little romance in their lives too!)

Anyway, Kitty Pryde comes down the hallway and asks everyone, "So how did you guys' days go? Did you have any problems with any of the students today?"

"Well Kitten, for my day, I had nearly caused a Venus flytrap to grow to gigantic proportions, however, none of the students were harmed, so my day was not too terrible," said Ororo.

"Yikes, sorry to hear about that Ororo. Well, it can't be worse than what happened to me," said Kitty.

"What happened?" asked Kurt.

"Well, for one thing, I was counseling this student who was having problems with dealing with being a mutant and everything was going great, until he asked me if my breasts were small."

Ororo, Piotr and Kurt just looked at Kitty with their mouths hanging wide open, until Kurt said, "So, uh, what did you do about this really awkward situation?"

"Oh, I just whacked him a bit with a magazine I bought from the tabloid stands and he didn't ask that question again after that," said Kitty.

"Aw, Katya. Do not believe what that young student said to you. You do not have small breasts, is that not right Kurt?" asked Piotr.

"Why are you asking me about this?" asked Kurt uncomfortably, "I could get slapped in the face if I said the wrong thing!"

"Good point," said Piotr meekly.

"Uh, thanks for your support guys, but I think I'll try to wing it from here," said Kitty.

"That is alright Kitty, at least you did not have to explain so many different sexual meanings in German," said Kurt.

"What? Is this like "sex education" day or something?" asked Kitty.

"Do not worry Katya. I had the same problems in my class, only the students were actually painting nude images to showcase their interest in sex education," said Piotr.

"You weren't thinking about me in those nude paintings, were you?" asked Kitty.

Piotr was silent for a few minutes and then said, "I do not know. Will what I say affect any chance I have in dating you in the future?" asked Piotr shyly.

"Hmm…I don't know. You be the judge on that," said Kitty slyly.

Suddenly, Ororo, Kitty, Kurt and Piotr all saw someone they knew too well trudging through the hallway as the students started backing away from this teacher.

"Hey Logan!" greeted Ororo, Kurt, Kitty and Piotr at the same time.

Logan just grunted at them.

"So, how did your day go?" asked Piotr.

Logan looked at the other four X-Men and said, "Well, let's just say that the kids ain't got nothing to worry about in the battlefield. I just let my claws do the talking for the classes."

"Ah, Logan. You are always letting violence do the talking for you," said Kurt good-naturedly.

"Yeah, like I care anyway," said Logan gruffly.

"Hey! Do any of you want to go down the hallway playing the 70s music again to represent our generation?" asked Kurt.

"No way. Leave me out of this one," said Logan.

"I want to try again!" said Kitty.

"Me too!" said Piotr.

"I like to try again also!" said Ororo.

"And here we go again," muttered Logan.

"Aw come on Logan! You have to admit you really liked showing off to Scott," said Kitty.

Logan smiled a bit and said, "You know, you always know what to say pumpkin."

"What song should we do this time? Does "Shining Star" from "Earth, Wind and Fire sound good?" asked Piotr.

"Oh, I think that is perfect Piotr!" said Ororo.

"Ja! Then we will play "Shining Star" next time we come down the hallways," said Kurt.

"Can we play an 80s song after "Shining Star?" asked Kitty.

"Hmmm…I guess we can. Just as long as it is not "Like a Virgin." Said Kurt.

Everybody laughed and walked down the hallways.