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Once upon a time…

There lived two large kingdoms, both very powerful: Albarn Kingdom and Gorgon Kingdom. Long ago, before there was peace, a war between the two kingdoms erupted. They fought for power and territory. This war was named "The Endless War," because it went on for a long 300 years. In this time, many people had died. The war would've continued, until both kingdoms came under new rule. King Spirit Albarn of the Albarn Kingdom and Queen Medusa Gorgon of the Gorgon Kingdom realized that their ancestors fought a useless fight.

"Presenting: King Spirit Albarn of the Albarn Kingdom!" A councilman called from the rafters above. King Spirit walked in, cape dangling from his shoulders, and crown hung high atop his head. Heavily booted footsteps swept loudly across the meeting hall, echoing loudly against its vast walls. Taking a seat at the far end of the table, he regarded the other nobles who were bowing in his presence.

"Presenting: Queen Medusa of the Gorgon Kingdom!" Another call rang out from the rafters. On the other side of the room, the curtains blocking the door parted and revealed the queen. She also wore a crown and dress to show her regality. Once again, the nobles bowed their heads as she went to take her seat across from Spirit.

"Let the meeting of the Albarn Kingdom and Gorgon Kindgom commence!" Spirit rose, clearing his throat, and began reading from a large ink-marked paper crinkled from over-handling.

"This meeting is called in regards to the Endless War- A war that has been lasting now for over 300 years! We are gathered here to finally end this feud that our ancestors mistakenly fought. With no doubt, this war has cost us endless lives, endless pain, and endless troubles. But now, we have a chance to end this pain and suffering!" He said triumphantly.

"And how do you propose to do such a thing, King Spirit?" Queen Medusa retorted. "You cannot just simply end something that has scarred our kingdoms for years!" Spirit thought hard, furrowing his brow.

"Now is the time to make peace with the kingdoms. If we cannot end this madness now, then it will never cease."

"So what will it be, King Spirit?"

"Perhaps a peace treaty."

"Words on paper cannot guarantee the safety of our kingdoms or our people."

"What are you suggesting?"

"I will make an offer." A menacing smile formed across her face as she leaned on her elbows on table. "However, to make this deal possible, you must also offer something in exchange." The councilmen buzzed with chatter amongst themselves. Medusa raised her hand to silence them.

"Very well then. What will this offer be? Money, land, crops?"

"No, it needs to be something more. Something that will make sure that our kingdoms will never fight again." The queen chuckled. "How about a marriage? Not only will it halt the fighting, it will unite the kingdom under one rule! We can become the strongest kingdom this land has ever seen!" The councilmen broke out in chatter again, but this time Spirit quieted them down.

"A marriage?" he said. "There is no way could possibly take your hand in marriage...not after Kami died..." Spirit's voice trailed off after painfully remembering his wife, who had passed away only 3 years ago.

"Then I suppose that you don't want to unite our kingdoms and the fighting will continue." Spirit thought miserably hard to find something other than marriage to make peace. "Oh!" Medusa said slyly. "I know. You have a daughter, don't you...? And I have a step-son, who is heir to the throne."

"Maka? There's no way I can force my daughter into a marriage! There must be another way other than marriage!" He pleaded with her.

"Well, what other choice to we have? The princess of the Albarn Kingdom to marry the prince of the Gorgon Kingdom; it will be perfect. ask my hand in marriage instead."

"If I do, then my daughter will never be able look at me for the rest of my life! I made promise to not marry anyone else after her mother died..." Feeling like a cornered animal, he feared that marrying off his daughter to an unknown prince would be the only way. "Let me confirm with her first."

"And I will confirm with the prince also. We meet back her tomorrow morning." The queen stood up to leave. "I hope we are able to come to an agreement, King Spirit."


He watched his daughter play in the courtyard with her two friends. To see her laugh and smile with them always put a smile on his face. Little Maka Albarn had grown up so fast. Now she was 12, and going to be forced to marry a boy that she didn't even know. The pain in his chest grew as he pushed the door to the courtyard open. "Papa!" She ran over to him with a smile brighter than the sun. "How was the meeting?"

Spirit greeted her with a sad smile. "It was good..."

"What's wrong, Papa?" She tugged at his cape playfully. "Maka, I have good news. We can finally end the Endless War."

"Really? It's about time," she exclaimed. "If that's so, then why do you seem so upset?"

"Can I ask you a question? What kind of queen would you like to be when it's your turn to rule?"

"That's easy! I'm gonna be the best queen ever!" She puffed up her chest proudly and smiled.

"Would you be able to make sacrifices for your kingdom?"


"Would you…Let's say marry somone?" Spirit tried to sound cheerful, but telling your daughter that she is forced to marry someone isn't exactly an easy task.

"Marry? Ew! I can't marry someone now!" With a nervous laugh, he ruffled his daughter's hair.

"Let's pretend that you have to...what would you do?"

"Well...if I had to then... I guess I would," she said thoughtfully. "But only for the sake of the kingdom!"

"Is that so?"


"Okay then. Tomorrow morning, I want you to come to the meeting with me. I want to introduce you to someone."

"Am I really gonna get to go?" Maka bolted off and told her friends excitedly about the news. Running back to her father, she asked, "Is he nice? Is he special? What are we gonna do?"

Avoiding all the questions, Spirit replied, "It's a surprise."


"You said you wished to speak with me, Queen Medusa?" The prince walked into the eerily dark chamber, hands tucked neatly behind his back. Medusa sat on the throne with a large black snake wrapped around her arm, stroking its head while the snake made a cat-like purring sound.

"Yes, Prince Kid." Medusa got off her throne and strode over to him. "I sent you here to tell you that I have a request."

"What foolishness it is this time?"

"I have a very important request, my son."

"Do not refer to me as your 'son.' Just because father chose you to become his new wife does not mean that I have chosen you to become my new mother," Kid said coldly.

"What does it matter to you now?" She laughed. "Your father is gone, and I'm the ruler now."

"You were never even half the ruler my father was!" He shouted furiously back, balling his fists and narrowing his eyes at her.

"Oh please, don't flatter me," she mocked with a grin. "You're just like your father; so stern and strict. Lighten up a little bit. Must we always fight like this whenever I try and started a decent conversation?" The snake on her arm hissed at his face as she walked by him.

"Just get to what you called me for. I can't stand being in the same room as you."

"You are going to marry the princess of the Albarn Kingdom- Princess Maka. The marriage between you and her will make peace between the two kingdoms."

"Albarn Kingdom? Aren't they our sworn enemies?"

"Yes, they were. But now, we have decided to put the past behind. If you marry her, the kingdoms will become one."

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then this war will never end." Medusa continued to fool around with the snake.

"You make it seem like marriage is the only answer!"

Medusa wore a grin on her face larger than that of a Cheshire cat's. "Hmm, you're a clever boy, even only at the age of 12. But, you see, it is as simple as it seems. It will symbolize two powers coming together. Once the people see that we are willing to forgive each other, then they will cease fighting. Something as primitive as an exchange of goods is not sufficient enough to prove that we are prepared to give up our perpetual fighting." Before responding, Kid processed her words carefully in his mind.

"Fine then, Medusa; you win this time. I shall give in to your will. To maintain order in these kingdoms, I will marry her."


"Okay, Papa! Okay! You don't have to fix my hair anymore, I can do it myself!" Maka struggled to get her father's hands off her head. They had come to a stop at the end of a long stretch of hallway in the Gorgon castle. The walls were painted a valiant gold adorned with many pictures of past rulers, all of which looked intimately and intimidatingly at you if you looked at them. In front of an oversized door, the king and his daughter were preparing to enter- which of course was the reason why Spirit was desperately trying to help Maka look her best.

"No, wait! I think the maids missed a spot when they were combing it! Just one more..." He reached over her head again to pat down a small strand of hair sticking upwards.

"Done yet?" She pouted.

"Finished..." Spirit took a step back and admired his daughter, who was in her finest dress wearing her finest shoes and had her hair worn in the finest of fashions. "You look beautiful, just like your mother." Maka hid her blush under the pink ruffles of the collar. "It's time."

Taking her hand, Spirit let her into a large room. Inside was a boy of the same age, wearing a black suit with white stripes on both sides of his arms. He looked extremely well groomed; all of his hair was completely down and organized, his shoes were clean and shiny and his suit was neat and in order. The boy stood at the window, both hands in his pockets, and noticed the two come in. "Hello. You must be Princess Maka." His golden eyes, cold and calculating, scanned her from head to toe. Maka noticed something strange- on one side of his hair there were three white strips going horizontally across half of his head.

"Hi. Are you the boy I'm supposed to meet?" She asked as she got closer to him.

"Well, I don't see anyone else in this room besides us," he said.

"I'll leave you two to it!" Spirit said, edging out the door and leaving Maka and this boy alone.

"Who are you anyways?"

"I'm the prince of the Gorgon Kingdom. My name is Kid." Kid smoothed down his suit, running his hands down the wrinkles a few times to make sure they were gone. After fixing it, he held out his hand and she shook it unsteadily. "You and I are supposed to marry."

"M-marry? I thought Papa was just joking when he said I had to marry someone!" Maka cried.

"He never told you that you have to marry me? How strange." He began to fiddle around with his bowtie now.

"H-how did this happen? Since when am I supposed to marry you?" He recalled what her Papa had said earlier- that he asked if she would marry someone for her kingdom. But she didn't know that he was actually serious!

"In the meeting yesterday, they decided that it would be best if our kingdoms combined into one. Our marriage will seal this deal." He said it to her as if he was addressing a little toddler, and he was telling her what to do.

"So what happens now?"

"I guess I'm supposed to propose to you now."

He was about to get down on one knee, until Maka interrupted him. "Wait! It can't happen this fast! I…I can't do this!" Bolting out of the hall, she ran down the hall and past her father.

"Maka? Maka wait!" He called after her, but she was already outside. Maka ran into the topiary garden and past the beautiful formations of flowers and bushes. Right in the center of the garden was a small fountain and a rusted old bench that sat next to sit. Hopelessly plopping herself down on the bench, she leaned on her elbow and peered into the fountain at her own pitiful reflection rippling in the water.

A marriage? To this boy that she had never seen in her life? How could this happen to her? She pinned the blame on her father- He let this happen to her; it was all his fault.

"Maka!" Spirit ran towards his enraged daughter, who looked up at him in disgust.

"How could you do this to me!" Maka pushed away her father's outstretched arms and huffed away.

"Maka… I had no choice! Please, try to understand," he pleaded gently as he followed her from behind.

"Leave me alone!" Gaining much more of a distance, Maka sped off, away from her saddened father.


She ran back into the castle and back down that long hallway, which led to the room that she and Kid were in. He was still standing there at the window with his hands in his pockets, waiting for Maka to return. When she finally entered the room, he asked, "Have you composed yourself now?" She nodded embarrassedly and came up to him.

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I just needed to clear my head a little. But I'm ready now. For the sake of our kingdoms, Prince Kid, I will take your hand in marriage."