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2 years later …

"Places everyone! Places!" Kreacher ran around like a mad house-elf as he got everyone into position. He zoomed by Teddy and tossed a small pillow into his hands.

Teddy frowned. "Why am I always the ring bearer? Am I not old enough to be a groomsman yet?"

Draco laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Maybe at the next wedding," said Hermione, kissing the top of his head before fixing the mess Draco had made.

"I don't know why you're complaining," said Draco, playing with Teddy's hair again and smirking as Hermione narrowed her eyes at him. "I thought you wanted to walk down the aisle with your brother."

At his mention, Caelum looked up from where he was clinging to Draco's leg and grinned. He laughed as his father tried to shake him off.

"Cale, do you want to hold the pillow?" asked Teddy, holding it out to him.

Caelum's eyes lit up as he finally let go of Draco's leg and took the small pillow with the shiny rings on it from Teddy. He pulled at them but, luckily, they were fastened on by magic.

"I SAID PLACES!" shouted Kreacher in a panic as he ran by them again.

"You better go join your flower girls," said Hermione with a smirk. She fixed Teddy's hair one last time before sending him off.

After sharing a look with Draco, Teddy quickly changed his hair to a large, blue afro.

"Ted Remus Lupin-Malfoy, you will change your hair back immediately! Do you want to give poor Kreacher a heart attack?"

Teddy laughed and changed his hair back to the brown, slicked-back style they had chosen so he would match Caelum. It was a nice contrast with the two blonde flower girls, Victoire and Dominique. Of course, the bride and groom were not particularly close with Bill, Fleur or their children, but Teddy had made it very clear that if he and Caelum were going to be the ring bearers then the Weasley girls just had to be their counterparts. It was next to impossible to say no to the persuasive six-year-old. And three-quarters.

"Get in line! Get in line!"

Draco and Hermione looked over to see Kreacher shoving Phillip, who was holding a small child clutching onto a familiar stuffed bear, and a pregnant Sophie towards them.

"Why are you still holding that?" shouted Kreacher, looking at the child as he pulled frantically at his ear hair.

Sophie laughed and took her daughter out of Phillip's hands. "I weell go drop Eveline off wiz Ginny and 'Arry."


Sophie looked at Hermione and rolled her eyes a little before walking towards the hall.

"Evie! Evie!" Caelum ran over to Sophie and stretched his hands up before she and Eveline could get very far.

"Oh, eef eet ees not my future son-een-law! You can geeve Evie a keess now, Caelum, but zen you weell 'ave to wait to see 'er until after ze ceremony."

Sophie leaned down and let Caelum give her daughter a kiss on the cheek. She was nine months younger than him, pretty much to the day, and Sophie already had great plans for their future.

When Caelum kissed Eveline, her pink dress suddenly turned green. He laughed. "Slyfwin gween better."

"Right," said Sophie, stroking his head while looking all around to make sure no one saw anything. "Do not forget to ask next time." She smirked at Draco and Hermione before finally walking into the hall.

"Slytherin green, Draco?" repeated Hermione, glancing sideways at him. He just smiled.

"Where is the other bridesmaid?" shouted Kreacher, running around in circles.

"Right here!" called Astoria, running into the room with Ron on her hand. Both of them looked a bit disheveled. She gave him a kiss before sending him into the hall to take his seat.

"Ah, newlywed bliss," said Draco as she walked up to them. He reached out and picked a random twig out of her hair. "When did we lose that, darling?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him. "If you keep it up, you can forget about that pre-reception shag I promised you."

"Then I would like to take this moment to offer my sincerest apologies," he said, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her close. He kissed her forehead, nose and cheeks several times before she finally caved and smiled. Then he went for the lips.

"Eww, gross!"

They both looked over to see Teddy and Caelum watching them. Teddy took his younger brother's hand and turned him in the opposite direction.

"Don't look, Cale. They're being icky again."

"Icky!" Caelum repeated while laughing.

"I love how Teddy takes the role of big brother so seriously," said Astoria, trying to fix her hair. Hermione took out her wand and did it for her.

Sophie walked back into the room just as the music started playing. "Where are ze bride and groom?" she asked while wrapping her arms around her husband.

"Kreacher has them hauled up in their dressing rooms," said Hermione. "Since they're walking down the aisle together, he doesn't want them to see each other until the last possible moment."

"Aw, how romantic," said Astoria with stars in her eyes. "I just love weddings."

"Not me. I'm over it," said Draco, wrapping his arms around Hermione's waist and slyly giving her stomach a rub. "I find that every wedding I go to, I end up comparing to my own."

Hermione smiled and put her hands on top of his.

Draco glanced into the hall. "We definitely have them beat on location."

"And we have you beat on location," said Phillip, kissing his wife's cheek.

Sophie nodded. "Ze library was beautiful, but Phillipe and I 'ad a place wiz sentimental value. Eet was where we first -"

"Shagged?" Draco cocked an eyebrow.

"No! Well … yes, but I was going to say where we first realized we 'ad feelings for each other."

"I think this place is perfectly lovely," said Astoria, glancing all around.

"You only say that because you got married in the Weasleys' backyard," said Draco. "Just like every other member of that family."

"And what's wrong with that?" she asked, crossing her arms. "I love that my new family has someplace so special to all of them. There is nowhere else in the world I would have rather gotten married."

A pause.

"The library was better."

"Draco!" Hermione smacked his arm. "To each his own."

"Right," he said, kissing her cheek. "But our own is better."

"The children are moving! The children are moving! Where's the first couple?"

"Oh! Zat ees us!" exclaimed Sophie, grabbing Phillip's hand and pulling him towards the aisle.

While the two of them got into position, Draco and Hermione poked their heads around the corner to catch a glimpse of Teddy and Caelum walking down the aisle with Victoire and Dominique. Teddy was working very hard to keep Caelum focused but it really was a lost cause.

"Your father better have remembered to turn on that Muggle video camera of his," whispered Draco.

Hermione looked around until she located him. "Doting grandfather at ten o'clock. He's got it pointed."

"But is it on?"

"It better be," she said, waving her wand at it just to be sure.

"Uh, Kreacher, my arm is bare," said Astoria as soon as Sophie and Phillip started heading down the aisle. "Did you forget someone?"

The house-elf started to dart around in a panic.

"Sorry! I'm here! I'm here!" said Theo, hurrying into the room. "Last minute washroom run." His eyes started following Kreacher around in circles. "Merlin, could someone please calm the bloody thing down?"

"Kreacher is not a thing, Theo. He is a house-elf," stated Hermione. "And you would be wise to remember -"

"PLACES!" Kreacher shoved Theo and Astoria down the aisle before running out of the room. A few seconds later, he was dragging Goyle into the room before darting off somewhere else.

Goyle looked at Draco and Hermione and smiled. "Don't know how you ever convinced us to hire him, Hermione. The damn elf makes me bloody frantic."

"Yes, well, you're just going to have to bear with it. Kreacher is the best at what he does, so if you want the perfect wedding then you're just going to have to deal with the crazy. He's the very first house-elf to start his own business, you know? He is an icon among all non-humans in the wizarding world and -"

"Yes, Mione. We have all read the brochure," said Draco, rolling his eyes.

"No, you didn't! It's still sitting on your desk, collecting dust!"

"I skimmed it."


Both Draco and Hermione jumped as Kreacher grabbed their wrists and shoved them on down. They barely got a glimpse back at Goyle as Pansy walked into the room, his eyes immediately lighting up.

The two of them walked down the aisle with ease. They had gotten a lot of practice lately, since Astoria and Ron had just gotten married last month, and Theo and Katie three months before that. Neville and Hannah had, of course, gotten married the previous year and even Draco's parents had recently renewed their wedding vows with a small ceremony held at the newly built Malfoy Manor.

That was the most exciting wedding of all, since it also marked the day they had moved out of Draco and Hermione's house. While it had been nice at first to have help with their unexpected newborn - especially after they had officially decided to adopt Teddy - they were happy to have their privacy again. Especially since Lucius and Narcissa could be a bit much at times. Or all of the time.

Speaking of which, Caelum had found his way onto Narcissa's lap and she was slyly slipping him a piece of candy. Hermione frowned. With that and cake later, there was no way she and Draco would be getting any private time tonight. But she supposed that came with the territory. At least they had their pre-reception shag planned.

The two of them got to the end of the aisle and separated. Everyone turned and looked as Goyle and Pansy walked down the aisle together. There had been a long debate before they decided on this. Both had lost their fathers during the war - Pansy with little sympathy, Goyle with plenty - and Goyle's mother wanted nothing to do with him when it was all said and done.

Pansy's mother was, of course, still around but she hadn't quite been the same since killing her own husband. Pansy tried to explain to her that the fire Rita had cast would have killed him anyway, but that did not change the fact that she was the one to cast the spell that ended his life. She sat in the front row now, keeping to herself and barely smiling as her daughter walked joyously down the aisle.

Hermione chuckled a little when her own mother walked right by Mila to snap a few photos of the couple en route. She and Wesley made a point to be around a lot over the last couple of years and had actually bonded quite a bit with the witch and wizard they more or less considered orphans. Pansy hardly even brought to light the fact that they were Muggles anymore. She liked the Grangers, as much as it pained her to admit it.

Pansy and Goyle faced each other and smiled brightly when they arrived at the altar. They had not gotten together right after the war like everyone had expected, and had only started dating almost a year later. While she tried to hide it, Pansy was greatly damaged by everything that had happened to her while locked in that basement.

It was only after hearing Pansy's horror stories that Astoria was finally able talk to Ron about what had happened to her, and start to heal and move on herself. The two bonded over it, and Astoria still very much considered Goyle to be like a brother to her.

Sophie and Phillip, on the other hand, took a little more time to warm-up to them, but their friendship officially started when Goyle quit the Ministry and started working at Thinx. Pansy visited him there often and the rest just sort of happened. Eventually, their anger at Pansy for being there when Sophie was tortured became gratitude, once they realized that if she hadn't been then there was a very good chance the others would not have stopped until Sophie was dead. It may have taken a while, but they got there.

The time came for Pansy and Goyle to exchange rings. Teddy had to get up to go and retrieve Caelum and the pillow. Caelum happily ran up with his brother and Draco took the rings from him, handing the bride's to Hermione. After that, Teddy tried to drag Caelum back to his seat, but he was more interested in hanging onto Draco's leg again. Draco locked eyes with Goyle. He laughed and nodded, letting him know that it was fine.

Caelum stayed up there for the rest of the ceremony, eventually leaving Daddy to run over to Mommy. Hermione picked him up and held him while Pansy and Goyle recited their vows. He helped her wipe her eyes as she sobbed throughout the speech Pansy had written, thanking Goyle for all he had done for her. To help her move on.

"… then I declare you bonded for life."

Everyone cheered as Goyle and Pansy shared their first kiss as husband and wife, none clapping more enthusiastically than Caelum in Hermione's arms. In fact, he clapped so much that sparks shot out of his hands and rained over them like glitter. Astoria was quick to pull out her wand and make it look like she did it.

Hermione turned around and slyly whispered, "Thank you," to her.

As they all headed back down the aisle, Draco took Caelum from Hermione and put him on his shoulders. Hermione beckoned Teddy over and she held one of his hands while Draco held the other. It was hard to say whether more people were aiming their cameras at the newlyweds or at the little family walking just behind them but, either way, there would nothing but happiness reflected in those photos.


After taking all of the professional photos, Draco and Hermione sneaked away for a little private time. The grandparents had the children and the two of them were desperate for a moment alone.

They slipped through the corridors of the building, purposely heading in the opposite direction of the banquet hall and found a dark corner. Draco slammed Hermione against the wall and immediately started snogging her senseless.

"Merlin, you look beautiful today," he said while running his hands from hips to breasts.

"Yet you can't wait to get me out of this dress," she said with a chuckle. His lips moved to her neck. "Um, Draco … maybe we should find an actual room for this."

"Why? I'm fine right here," he said, giving her breasts a tight squeeze before moving his lips down to her collarbone. "Come on, Mione. Be spontaneous with me."

Hermione bit her lip to stifle a moan. "Well … all right. But we'll have to be quiet about it."

Draco smiled in sweet victory. He trailed his lips further down her collarbone and to the crevice between her breasts. Then he kept going, laying soft kisses on her until he was on his knees, stopping in front of her stomach. He caressed it with his hands before looking up at her. They smiled at each other. He kissed it gently before climbing back to his feet and finding her lips once more.

"I love you," he whispered while using his hands to bunch up her long dress.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

Hermione's hands had just found the button on his trousers when they both heard a high-pitched little chuckle. Their lips froze as they slowly glanced downwards. Caelum was beaming as he stared back at them with his father's gray eyes. He lifted his arms.


Draco let Hermione's dress fall back down while she quickly removed her hands from his trousers.

"Caelum! Where are your grandparents?" she asked, lifting him up.

"Ditched 'em!" he said joyously.

Draco let out a deep, throaty groan. "Sometimes, I dread the fact that he is so much like me." He took Hermione's free hand and the three of them headed back towards the banquet hall. "How many years until he hates us again?"

"I think we have at least ten. Maybe a little less if we're lucky."

Draco groaned again. "Perfect."


"Why are you not drinking any champagne, 'Ermione?" asked Sophie while they sat at their table, watching as Goyle and Pansy shared their first dance as husband and wife.

"Sophie, you know I can't stand the stuff," answered Hermione, paying her friend little mind.

"Zen 'ow about some wine?" Sophie held up a wine bottle as an offering and arched an eyebrow.

"No, I am really quite all right."

"I'll take it here, Soph," said Draco, yanking the bottle out of her hands and pouring himself a large glass. "I am going to need lots of this if I have to sit here and listen to any more of Weasel's yammering."

"What?" said Ron, shrugging innocently. "All I'm saying is, it would be funny to use a Time-Turner to go back four or five years, find Hermione and tell her that in the future she would be married to Draco Malfoy and the maid of honor at Pansy Parkinson's wedding. Tell me that would not be hilarious!"

"Yes, and while we're there, we can tell the past you that you're still an annoying little git who is -"


"- married to a Slytherin! That was all I was going to say, darling. Honest." Draco leaning over to give Hermione a kiss.

"Uhuh." She was not fooled. "To be fair, I am positive that if someone went back in time to tell me that, I would have thought they'd gone mad."

Draco started to grimace.

"Don't you dare tell me you wouldn't have thought the same thing!"

And he quickly pulled it back. "Touché."

"Are you sure you do not want any wine, 'Ermione? As you know, I cannot 'ave any because of little Seth 'ere." Sophie patted her stomach.

"At this time, the bride and groom would like to invite everyone to join them on the dance floor," the singer of the band announced from the stage.

"That's our cue," said Draco, taking Hermione's hand and pulling her towards the dance floor. When they got there, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "I think Sophie is onto us."

"Yes, I suppose she is," said Hermione, glancing sideways as Sophie pulled Phillip onto the dance floor. She smirked.

"Maybe we should put her out of her misery and just tell her," said Draco.

"Not yet," said Hermione, wrapping her arms tighter around his neck and clonking her forehead against his. "At least for tonight, let's just let it be ours."

"And the boys?"

Hermione pulled away and scanned the room until she found Teddy dancing a few feet away with Victoire while Fleur and Emily snapped photos. She then looked around again and, this time, found Narcissa holding Caelum and swinging him around the dance floor while he laughed joyously.

"Hopefully, the two of them can keep their little traps shut."

Draco laughed. "I wouldn't bet on it." He looked over at Teddy and frowned. "I wish everyone would stop trying to marry them off already. At least one boy in this family needs to carry on the Malfoy womanizing tradition."

"Merlin, I hope not."

"It will be hard to do that with all of these people planning their weddings before they even hit puberty," said Draco, choosing not to hear her.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

Just then, Ginny walked by them holding Eveline, while Harry trailed behind her holding their son, James. Caelum squealed when he saw her, squirming so that Narcissa would put him down. He ran over and pulled at Ginny's dress until she put Eveline down, sticking his tongue out at James as he made the small girl and her stuffed bear dance with him.

"And the Malfoy, Potter rivalry lives on," Draco said proudly.

"Say what you want, it is clear that both of our sons are already ladies men."

Draco and Hermione continued to dance well into the night, taking all of the time they could get alone while their parents tried to distract the children. At one point, Goyle and Pansy walked over to them.

"I think you should know that your son just tried to make our cake fly out the window when he found out it wasn't chocolate," said Goyle.

"What?" snapped Hermione, looking all around until she located Caelum pouting in a chair while Wesley scolded him. He was the only one willing to do it, since the other three grandparents all clearly thought this mischievous act was adorable.

"It's fine. Lucius caught him and flew it back down before anyone noticed." Pansy smirked. "You two sure have your work cut out for you."

"Yeah," agreed Goyle. "I think he might even be worse than you were as a kid, mate, and at least three times more powerful."

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and groaned.

Just then, someone grabbed onto Hermione's shoulders and used her as a shield. She glanced behind her to see who it was. "Grandmother, what are you doing?"

"SHH! Don't let him see me!" Regina whispered harshly.

"Regina, you old bag! So glad to see you're still here! I thought for sure it was past your bedtime," said Pansy, smiling wickedly.

"Shut it, wench!" Regina said back to her with a smirk. "Shit! Here he comes! Quick, play it cool!"

They all put on their best casual faces as Rosmerta walked by with her father. He looked at the old woman and gave her a curt nod. "Regina."

"Sup," she said, coolly nodding back.

He and Rosmerta walked on.

"Awkward!" she said as soon as he was gone. "Why the hell did you invite him, halfwit?"

"The same reason I invited you, you decaying corpse. I was being polite."

Regina and Pansy glared at each other for a long moment before eventually cracking smiles.

"I've missed you, you little tart. Now that this damn wedding is over and done with, you'll need to come over for dinner more. Everyone in my family is so boring."

"Grandmother!" shouted Hermione.

She leaned into Pansy, held up her hand dramatically and whispered, "See what I mean? All a bunch of drags. Well, except for the little one."

Right on cue, Caelum ran by squealing while Emily chased after him. Draco ran interference and grabbed Caelum by the waist, tossing him into the air before catching him and kissing his cheek. The child giggled in delight.

"I thought your mother and I told you to be a good boy today."

"I am!" he said brightly.

"Is that why you were in timeout just now?" asked Hermione, crossing her arms.

Caelum pouted. "Grandpa mean."

"Oh, now that hurts," said Wesley, walking over with Lucius. "Now, Caelum, you know Grandpa did not want to punish you, but you cannot go around making cakes fly off just because you don't like the flavor."


"Don't worry, don't worry," said Narcissa, coming over. "I have straightened it all out. The house-elves in the kitchen are going to whip together a chocolate cake just for my little pride and joy here," she said, tickling his belly.

"Yay!" Caelum held his hands out and hugged her.

"I really don't think the flavor of the cake is the issue here," said Hermione, but no one heard her. They were all just so happy to see the look on her son's cute, little face when he got what he wanted.

"Would you mind eef Eveline shared your cake, Caelum?" asked Sophie walking over with her daughter in her arms. "Chocolate ees 'er absolute favorite."

"Me share wif Evie!" he said happily.

"Where's Phillip?" asked Hermione, fiddling with the little girl's hair while both sets of grandparents went off to dance with one another.

"Talking business wiz George," answered Sophie with a roll of her eyes. "Ever since Weasleys' Weezard Wheezes became ze first shop to start a website on Zinx's weezard eenternet, ze two of zem cannot get enough of each other."

"Caelum, won't you grace the bride with a dance?" asked Pansy, holding out her arms. He happily jumped into them and let her swing him around the dance floor.

As soon as they went twirling off, Eveline reached out for Goyle. He smiled and looked at Sophie. "May I?"

She gladly handed off her daughter. "Oh, I am so 'appy we are done wiz weddings for a while," she said as soon as they were gone.

"I wouldn't be so sure," said Hermione. "Rolf and Luna were back in town last week and he and Draco ran an errand together that neither will tell me about." She glanced sideways at her husband.

Draco smirked. "My lips are sealed."

"And after zem, we are done, right?"

Draco cocked an eyebrow. "What about Caroline and -?"

"Do not say eet!" shouted Sophie, holding up her hand to silence him. "I steell cannot believe she ees dating zat … zat -"

"Zandicus?" finished Draco.

"I told you not to say eet!"

Draco laughed. "Come on, Soph. He's not all bad. Remember, he had every right to take the company name back after the war and he didn't do it."

"Because 'e felt guilty."

"Right!" exclaimed Hermione. "Because he's human after all. And she's much happier with him than she ever was with Jack."

Sophie groaned. She looked over to see Caroline talking animatedly with Phillip and George. It was true. She had not been the same since Seth's death and, only after starting to date Zandicus a few months back, had that spark in her finally started to return. None of them had even realized the extent of the love she had felt for Seth. Not even Sophie. All of them had suspected a crush, but love? She had hid it well.

"Whatever. At least 'e could not make eet."

"Did you know that Neville told me Zandicus and Caroline go to visit Seth's mother together?" said Hermione.

Sophie groaned again. "Stop trying to 'umanize 'im, 'Ermione, or else I am going to expose your secret to everyone!"

"What secret?" asked Draco, trying to get Sophie's attention on him so she wouldn't notice Hermione blush.

"You know, Draco Malfoy! I am onto ze two of you!" she said, glancing down at Hermione's stomach. "But, when you do come out wiz eet, I better be one of ze first to know!"

Hermione smirked. "If there is anything we decide to share, Sophie, I can assure you that you will definitely be there when it happens."

Sophie smiled. "Good. I am going to try and retrieve my 'usband. Wish me luck!" She scuttled off.

The moment she was gone, the song that was playing ended and a new, familiar one began.

"Ouw song! Ouw song!" they heard Caelum shout close by. He leapt out of Pansy's arms and ran over to his parents, holding his hands up for one of them to grab him. Hermione did just that.

"Are you sweeping under da weellow?" he sang.

"Stars twinkling while your heart deep has bled," Hermione joined in.

Draco looked all around until he located, Teddy. He walked over and snatched him away from Regina, who was forcing him to dance with her, and carried him over to Hermione and Caelum.

"When morning comes you will find him there," they all sang as they swayed together on the dance floor. "Waiting for you while his heart deep has bled. Love may be true but is not always fair. As visions of true love enter your head."

Caelum smiled as he hung tightly onto his mother's neck, eyes slowly beginning to close. Years may have past, but this song was still the only thing that settled him. Draco gave both his and Teddy's heads a rub before leaning in and kissing his wife. Maybe they didn't get to shag as much as he would have liked, but this was still the happiest he had ever been.


After the wedding, Draco and Hermione headed home with their children in their arms. They took them upstairs where they helped them change out of their formalwear and into their pajamas before doing the same.

Draco had just walked over to Hermione and pulled her in for a kiss when their door burst open and both boys ran in. Caelum was waving a book.

"Mommy! Daddy! We wead?"

"He wants to read The Hobbit," said Teddy, taking the book from Caelum and handing him LD. He snuggled the Pygmy Puff against his face. "I told him he's too young but he won't listen."

"Yes, he rarely does," Draco said proudly. "All right, Cale. Go to your room and -"

"No! Big bed! Big bed!" Caelum yipped while dancing around with LD, eventually climbing onto his parents' bed.

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and smirked. "Oh, all right," she caved. She went over and joined him. Teddy soon followed. "If you ask nicely, maybe your father will go downstairs and make us all some hot chocolate."

Both boys' eyes lit up.

"Yay! Daddy!"

"Yes, Daddy, please?" asked Teddy.

Well, how could he say no to that? "You better not start without me," Draco said sternly before heading downstairs.

Draco walked into the kitchen and immediately went to work on making four mugs of hot chocolate. While he used his wand to stir, he noticed an ugly green beetle crawling on their wall. He walked over and stared at it for a good, long moment before grabbing a pot and smashing the life out of it. They did not like beetles in this household, and didn't use magic to zap them either. They had learned their lesson the first time.

Once the hot chocolate was finished, he put all four mugs on a tray and floated them up to the third floor. When he got there, Hermione, Teddy and Caelum were all holding hands while jumping wildly on the bed, poor LD bouncing on Caelum's shoulder while Crookshanks lay casually, licking himself on a pillow. Draco used his wand to put the tray down on the dresser before leaping up and joining them.

When the boys finally wound down, they all took a mug and settled onto the bed. Teddy started reading with Caelum and LD between his legs and the book, while Hermione leaned into Draco beside them. Crookshanks trotted over and nestled beside her.

Hermione took the book when Teddy started to get tired and, when she started to drift herself, Draco took his turn.

By the time he finished the chapter they were on, Draco looked up to see that everyone had drifted off to sleep. He kissed Hermione's temple before closing the book and carefully moving off of the bed. He took all of their empty mugs out of their hands and put them back on the tray, planning to deal with them in the morning.

Draco went over to Caelum, who was lying sprawled across Teddy, and threw a blanket over the two of them, leaning down and giving them each a kiss. He and Hermione did not know what was in store for Caelum's future but they did know that they were going to be there for him every step of the way. He was destined to do great things but, for now, they just wanted him to live a normal and happy life. No one could deny that this was exactly what he had. Minus the occasional flying cake.

When Draco turned, Polly hooted from where she had settled on the wardrobe, keeping an eye on the family below her.

He smiled and said, "Good girl," before lying back down beside his wife, wrapping his arm around her and gently stroking her stomach. They had only just found out yesterday that she was expecting another child. A girl they were going to name Andromeda. Or Andy, as Caelum had already nicknamed her.

When the Healer had first told them the news, Draco could not remember a time where he had ever felt happier. He wanted to be there for everything. He had missed out on so much before, and he could not wait to share and enjoy this pregnancy with his family. This time, he would not miss a moment.

Before using his wand to turn out the lights, Draco looked up at the clock above their dresser. Hermione didn't even stir as it ticked away, all four names on it currently pointed at 'HOME'. He smiled and waved his wand, making the entire room go dark. The sound of the ticking had not pained Hermione for nearly two years. All was well.

The End

A/N: So I hope you all enjoyed the somewhat sequel to 'Summer of the Dragon'. Thank you for sticking with me this far and I hope you liked the ending!

Just to be clear, there will be no sequel to this story. This is it. Though, I have been playing with the idea of a prequel that follows Narcissa and Lucius around during their time at Hogwarts, mainly because I loved Ethan so much and would love to give him more of a story. It would start in their fourth year and end around the time Lucius and Narcissa got married, or Draco was born. Not sure yet. It's just an idea. Still don't know if I'm even going to do it or not.

I also have another idea for a Draco and Hermione story. It would probably be darker than this one, because it would be in an Alternate Universe where Voldemort won and Hermione was forced to be a slave. After her escape, she is nearly captured again until fate steps in and Death Eater, Draco Malfoy, makes a move that saves her life. That is all I will say for now.

I do have another non-fanfiction project I am working on right now and need to finish that before I even think about writing another story for this site. Maybe I'll end up writing both of these stories, maybe I'll end up writing neither. We'll see!

Thanks again for reading! Your devotion and reviews are greatly appreciated!

- Lena