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Chapter 1

"The café is really busy today. Where is Ayumi-san? Don't tell me she's late again."

A young boy was standing behind the cashier counter and kept looking at the entrance every once in a while. He was wearing a simple butler's outfit which consisted of a white long-sleeved dress shirt with a black tuxedo worn over it, black pants, white gloves, and black dress shoes. A few minutes later a young girl ran into the café and waited to catch her breath before looking at the boy.

"There you are, Ayumi-san. This is the fourth time you've been late."

"Gomennasai Ryo-kun. I've been really busy lately. I'll try not to be late next time. I promise."

"That's what you said last week. But I'll let it you off this time. Just change into your uniform and start waiting on tables."

"And that's why you're my favorite boss."

Ayumi went over to Ryo and stood up on her toes to ruffle his slightly spiky black hair since her height only reached his shoulders. She ran into the dressing rooms before Ryo could tease her about her height, like he usually does, and changed into her maid uniform. Her uniform consisted of a black choker, a black long-sleeved dress that was down to her mid-thighs, a white puffy apron of the same length, white calf-length socks, and black dress shoes with white bows on top. She walked over to the vanity mirror and put on a black headband with white cat ears. Ayumi made sure there was nothing wrong with her uniform before walking out to see Ryo waiting for her outside the door.

"You look really cute in that uniform." Ayumi couldn't help but smile as the said boy walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. "And I'm not just saying that because you're my girlfriend." Ayumi looked down at the floor to hide her blush of embarrassment but Ryo held her chin with his thumb and index finger and lifted her head. "Now you better start waiting on tables before I decide to fire you. You may be my girlfriend but I have to prove to my parents that I can run a business. It's kind of hard being eighteen and running a business."

Ryo gave Kairi a simple kiss before letting her go so she can start serving tables while he went back to managing the cash register.

Ayumi was cleaning one of the tables after they closed the café and the last customer had paid and left. She was too busy cleaning that she didn't notice Ryo walking up behind her until he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. The other waitresses and butlers of the café were aware of their relationship and didn't really mind as long it didn't affect their work relationship. Ayumi stopped cleaning and turned around while in Ryo's arms before placing her hands on his chest.

"Did I ever tell you how adorable you look?" Ryo gave Ayumi a peck on the lips and laughed a bit when she looked away to hide her blushing face. "We've been going out since the beginning of the year and I have kissed so many times, but you still get embarrassed every time I kiss you. I thought you would be used to it by now."

"I will try not to get embarrassed next time."

"It's okay. You don't have to change because of me. I'm just saying that you always blush every time we kiss. I'm not saying that I didn't like you doing that. Besides, I find it to be really cute." Ryo was about to give Ayumi another kiss but was stopped by a beeping sound coming from Ayumi's right wrist. "I'm starting to get really tired of hearing that beeping. You should get a new watch, Ayumi-san."

"Gomennasai Ryo-kun." Kairi placed her hand over her wrist before backing away from Ryo when he put his arms down. "Like I said, I've been really busy that I had to set up an alarm so I won't get behind schedule. I'll see you at school, okay?" She gave Ryo a quick kiss before running into the female dressing room and moved her sleeve up to reveal a white and pink watch communicator. "Hai."

"There's best a robbery in West Silver. The other heroes are already on their way to capture the robbers. The armored truck the criminals are in is heading towards the nearby bridge. I suggest you hurry if you want to get some points."


Ayumi quickly changed out of her maid uniform and into her school uniform before running out of the dressing room and towards the back door. She saw a black car parked behind the café and rushed over to the car and went inside. The driver rolled up the tinted window between the front seat and the back seat before speeding off. Ayumi picked up the remote on the seat and pointed it at the small monitor attached to the back of the front seat. She pressed the power button to turn on the monitor that was showing the Hero TV channel.

"We have breaking news! Robbers have attacked an armored truck in West Silver, in the Stern Medaille area, and have made off with 3 million Stern!"

Ayumi watched at the camera switched to the one that was recording the police cars chasing the stolen armored truck until one of the criminals opened the back doors and started shooting at the police cars as one of them crashed into the side of the bridge.

"Oh no! The police car! Will they let them make off with the cash?"

"I wonder how many criminals are in that truck." As soon as Ayumi said that, close-up snapshots of the three criminals were shown on the screen. "Oh. Never mind."

"We still haven't spotted any heroes. As you all know, we bring live coverage of super-powered Heroes taking on crimes and natural disasters straight to your living room!"

Shadow figures of eight heroes were shown in front of the bright light before a curtain fell in front of the heroes. Two signs dropped down and showed two of the points the heroes need to earn. One showed 200 points for each criminal captured, and the other showed 100 points for each person saved.

"The rescue entertainment program that rates heroes by their actions to pick the King of Heroes! This is Hero TV Live!"

"Fujihara-san, we are just about a few miles from the getaway van of the robbers. Due to the traffic I can't get any closer. I will go ahead and bring your things to your house."

"Arigato Sakano-san."

A small compartment opened next to the monitor to reveal a small white box inside it. Ayumi took out the box and opened it to reveal a white choker with a pink heart-shaped pendant hanging in the middle. She wore the choker around her neck and held it between her right index and middle finger.


Ayumi closed her eyes when the pendant started to have a white glow before a white shoulder-width glowing ring appeared around her neck and floated up to above her head. The ring expanded a few feet before floating down to her feet, changing her hair color from brown to pink and growing it down to pass her waist. Ayumi opened her now dark pink eyes as the ring floated back up to her neck, changing her attire. Her new attire consisted of a pink low-thigh-length kimono, a yellow ribbon tied around her waist with a long bow on the back, a white spandex shorts, and white knee-length boots with a sponsor logo on the side of each boot; SEGA on her right, .ANIME on her left. After making sure her attire was in check, she took out two white ribbons from the gym bag and used them to tie her hair into pigtails that went down to her waist.

"Ready to go, Cutie Angel?"


Sakano pressed a button above him as the moon roof opened above Cutie Angel before the said hero brought her feet up onto the seat and jumped out through the moon roof and high into the air. Her eyes and body started glowing light blue as a pair of small white glowing wings appeared on her back. She started flying above the traffic and towards the middle of the bridge.

"And here comes one now!" The camera recording the chase zoomed in on a red car with flames as it zoomed in on the driver who was a hero wearing a red suit and cape with flame patterns on it. "It's Fire Emblem, the Bourgeois Open Flame Broil!" A picture of Fire Emblem appeared and showed that he got 25 points for being the first hero to arrive. "Will he be able to make the grand arrest today?" The camera zoomed out to record Fire Emblem quickly driving through cars and quickly caught up with the criminals. "He's caught up to the suspect with his skill driving!"

Two of the criminals started shooting at Fire Emblem to get him off their tail but failed when the ball wheel of Fire Emblem's car made it easy to gain back control when he swerved a bit, shocking the criminals. Fire Emblem created a fireball and shot it at the armored car and caused it to go out of control until it was stopped by a hero in an armored suit with a bull's head.

"It's Rock Bison, the Bull Tank of the West Coast!" A picture of Rock Bison appeared on the screen and showed that he got 5 points for being the second hero to arrive. "Things have not been good for Rock Bison this season." The camera zoomed in on Rock Bison holding up the armored car in a vertical position with his strength. "But it looks like we will be able to see him in action for the first time in a while."

Unfortunately, the criminals got out of the car and started running away while Rock Bison was unable to stop him due to his horns being stuck. The criminals hijacked a nearby taxi and started speed driving away from the two heroes. They thought they had gotten away until a female hero with green hair fell from out of nowhere and slammed down and jumped up from the top of the hood of the taxi.

"Coming down from the sky is Dragon Kid, the Lightning Bolt Kung Fu Master!" Dragon Kid's eyes and body started glowing light blue as electrical sparks appeared around her arms. "Wow! She charges up her arms and releases her special attack!" She broke through the glass and grabbed the two criminals sitting in front before electrocuting them and pulling them out of the taxi. "The two suspects are under arrest!"

A picture of Dragon Kid appeared and showed that she got 400 points for capturing the two criminals. The camera zoomed in on a hero, with a large shuriken on his back, standing behind Dragon Kid.

"And, as usual, Origami Cyclone can be seen in the background." A picture of Origami Cyclone appeared and showed that he got 0 points for showing up late and hiding in the background. "This incident is now...huh? Oh no! One of the robbers is still on the run!" The camera turned to a monorail and zoomed in to show the criminal holding a gun towards the conductor. "This is terrible! According to the information we have just received, the robber has hijacked a monorail." The camera moved to a hero in a tight tiger suit standing on the railing of the monorail. "Wild Tiger, the Crusher for Justice, has shown up during this terrible situation."

Wild Tiger was standing heroically as he waited for the monorail until he got an order to wait until after commercial. The camera had temporarily stopped recording for the commercial right before Cutie Angel flew down to fly next to Wild Tiger.

"Are you going to wait until after commercial?"

"I can't wait for a commercial in this situation! We Heroes only care about keeping the peace!" Wild Tiger's eyes and body started glowing light blue as his body started becoming more muscular. "Wild Roar!"

"I agree. I just hope you know what you're doing."

"Angel." Hearing the director's voice, Cutie Angel placed her hand on the small communication device in her right ear."Are you listening?"


"I am going to end the commercial. Standby in case Tiger's plan backfires."

"Wakarimasu." Cutie Angel flew out of the camera and stood by as the camera continued recording Wild Tiger who was already at maximum strength. 'Please don't do anything reckless.'

"Wild Tiger is activating his Hundred Power! This makes his physical abilities" Wild Tiger grabbed a part of the railing and starting easily moving it around into mashed up waves. "…a hundred times more powerful!"

Seeing that the monorail was still heading fast into the mashed up rails, Cutie Angel reached into one of her kimono sleeves and pulled out a pink foot-long scepter with a white heart on top. She pointed the white heart towards the monorail as large white glowing wings appeared on the sides of the monorail, slowing it down. Once the monorail stopped against the rails, the wings disappeared before Cutie Angel flew down to check on the passengers. Seeing that the passengers were okay, despite minimal injuries, she started flying after the airship the criminal was now in. Meanwhile, Wild Tiger was running after the airship as another flying hero flew by him and towards the airship.

"And here comes Sky High, the Wind Master! Mr. Hero, the star player this season, is on the scene!"

Sky High flew towards the front of the airship just before a missile was shot out but missed its target. Wild Tiger, who had just got on the air ship, saw the missile heading his way and ran away from it before punching it off course. The explosion of the missile caused the airship to shake and the two pilots to fall out. Luckily, Sky High was there to use his wind power to stop them from falling. A picture of Sky High appeared and showed that he got 200 points for saving the two pilots.

"Uh-oh! The airship has just crashed into a building!" The impact against the building caused one of the propellers to break and caused the airship to head towards a passenger ship at the pier. "It's going to crash into a passenger ship!"

The airship was flying closer to the passenger ship when the water suddenly shot up towards the airship and turned into ice. The ice held the airship and stopped it from reaching the passenger ship. Wild Tiger was holding the unconscious criminal while holding onto the airship when he saw another female hero standing on a hill of ice.

"This is the moment you fans have been waiting for! Blue Rose, Super Idol of the world of Heroes, has saved the passenger with her Freezing Liquid Gun!"

A picture of Blue Rose appeared and showed that she got a maximum of 500 points for saving the passengers. The camera rotated around Blue Rose as the said hero started reciting her catch phrase.

"My ice is a little cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!"

"She's done it!"

"Do you just want to rack up the numbers?" Wild Tiger jumped off the airship and landed on some flat ice while holding the unconscious criminal by his suspenders. "I caught the suspect here, you know!" He suddenly felt something hit his chest and looked down at the now conscious criminal holding his gun towards his chest. "You…What are you doing?"

Wild Tiger removed the bullet as if it's not hurting him and looked down at the criminal who was no longer on the ice next to him. Hearing the criminal's yell, he looked and saw the criminal running towards Blue Rose.

"Hey! Don't come this way!" Blue Rose ducked to dodge a bullet before sliding down the ice hill. "I can't take this anymore!"

"It's her explosive Cutie Escape!"

"She's just running away."

Wild Tiger quickly moved to dodge a bullet before jumping high in the air. He was about to do a falling powerful punch on the criminal if his time limit wasn't up. Cutie Angel just arrived at the harbor and saw Wild Tiger jump high into the air falling and was heading towards some ice spikes.

"Oh no!" Cutie Angel was about to fly down to catch Wild Tiger but a mystery hero in black armor jump from out of nowhere and caught the falling hero. "Who is that? A new hero?"

The mystery hero landed on some flat ice as Wild Tiger looked up at the mystery hero in confusion. The mystery hero remembered about the criminal as he dropped Wild Tiger and started dashing into action.

"It's…uh, who is he?"

The criminal continued shooting until his gun was suddenly shot out of his hand, distracting him long enough for the mystery hero to slice kick the ice the criminal was standing on. The mystery hero grabbed the criminal by the back of his shirt and jumped onto the ship before dropping the criminal. The passengers gathered around the mystery hero as he lifted the front of his helmet to reveal his face.

"Is this the birth of a new star? The season ends with a mystery hero!"

Cutie Angel watched some of Blue Rose's performance before flying off to try to find the mystery hero. She found him at the still frozen pier as she flew down and was careful not to slip on ice once she stepped foot on it. She deactivated her power, making her wings disappear, and walked up towards the mystery hero.

"Thank you for your help. Who are you?"

"Boku wa Barnaby Brooks Jr." Barnaby looked down at Cutie Angel's archery bow then looked at the female hero's face. "So you were the one who shot that white arrow. Nice shot."

"Huh?" Cutie Angel looked down to hide her slight blush as her archery bow glowed white and changed back into her scepter. "Arigato. I've been practicing."

"Hey." Cutie Angel and Barnaby looked to see Wild Tiger skating over to them. "Nice work, Angel-chan. Your archery has improved." Cutie Angel smiled and thanked Wild Tiger before the said male hero turned his attention to Barnaby. "What's your affiliation?"


"You're a free agent, yet you stuck your neck into this? What's the big idea?"

"What does it matter? We made an arrest?"

"Anyway," Wild Tiger followed the Barnaby who was starting to walk away. "a Hero shouldn't remove his mask in front of other people. It's unheard of!" He skated to stand in front of Barnaby to stop him from walking away. "Heroes never reveal their identities."

"How old-fashioned." Wild Tiger stopped talking after hearing Barnaby's comment. "You've fallen behind the times, oji-san."

"What?" Wild Tiger just stood there watching Barnaby leave until he heard Cutie Angel let out a small scream. "Hm?" He looked back and tried not to laugh at the sight of Cutie Angel sitting on the ice. "Dai jyo bu?"

"Hai." Cutie Angel carefully and slowly stood up so she wouldn't slip and fall again. "Do you think he's going to be working with us for the next season? It might make things interesting since his power is similar to yours."


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