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Chapter 2

"Everyone, thank you for waiting. We're about to announce the result of this season's Hero TV."

Almost everyone in Stern Bild is at the stadium to see which Hero will be given the title King of Heroes of the season. Seven of the Heroes were standing on the stage as a spotlight shined on each of them. Cutie Angel looked to see that Wild Tiger was not on stage and was wondering where he was. What she didn't know was that Wild Tiger was still backstage talking to his sponsor.

"Do you realize what you've done, Kotetsu? Why did you have to bend the rail? And you didn't have to break the car's windows, did you?"


"Then why did you break them? Do you know how much they cost?"

"If I worried about that, I wouldn't be able to keep the peace."

"If I don't worry about that, I can't protect you!"

"Sorry for causing you so much trouble."

"You do know who made you a Hero, don't you?"

"Our sponsors, sir!"

"Good. Now go to the awards ceremony!"

Wild Tiger nodded his head before heading onto the stage to join the other Heroes. He made it on stage just when the King of Heroes was about to be announced.

"Thank you for waiting! We are going to announce our MVP!"

The spotlight starting moving around as the large screen showed a spinning roulette with the names of the eight Heroes. The roulette stopped spinning as each of the Heroes' names were listed in order with the Hero with the most points on top and the Hero with the least points on the bottom. The Hero with the most points turned out to be Sky High.

"With 12,730 points…the King of Heroes is Sky High!"

The audience started cheering as Sky High walked forward and stood in his hero pose.

"I couldn't have done this without everyone's help. Thanks, and thanks again!"

Cutie Angel was clapping for Sky High until she looked towards Wild Tiger and saw the upset look on his face. She looked at the list on the large screen and saw that he was at rank 6, a rank lower than her. The screen changed to show the announcer next to a podium with the Hero TV logo on it.

"Next, a message from Albert Maverick, the CEO of Apollon Media, as well as the president of OBC!"

An old man wearing clear glasses and a brown suit walked over to stand behind the podium as a text saying 'Apollon Median CEO and OBC President' appeared at the bottom of the screen.

"Before that, there is someone I'd like to introduce." Maverick looked towards the side and gestured for someone to come out on stage. "Please come in." The heroes looked down at the front stage and saw a young man in red walk over to stand next to Maverick. "Barnaby Brooks Jr. here has been officially approved by the Justice Bureau. He is the new Hero who will be keeping the peace in Stern Bild." Barnaby did some kind of salute that made the female audience scream and cheer for him. "When he activates his power, he can make his physical abilities a hundred times more powerful." Wild Tiger was shocked to hear what Barnaby's power was, but Cutie Angel wasn't so surprised knowing her suspicions were right. "He can only activate it for five minutes at a time, and shares the exact same power as another Hero…But he's young! Try not to become a Hero who needs rescuing." The audience started laughing at bit at Maverick's funny advice as the large screen showed some information about NEXT. "Individuals with super powers known as NEXT suddenly appeared in this world 45 years ago due to a mutation." Wild Tiger decided to leave in the middle of Maverick's talking before anyone could stop him. "We still don't know what triggers these powers. What we do know is that peace has been upheld in this city because of these NEXT…in other words, these people with special powers who have worked as Heroes."

Almost all of the Heroes, their sponsors, and representatives from large companies were attending a formal celebration for the Heroes. All of the Heroes were wearing formal attire as well as part of their Hero attire to hide their real identities. Cutie Angel was wearing white hair ribbons for her hair, her signature pendant around her neck, a yellow above-knee-length tube gown, white gloves that went past her elbows, and white pumps. She walked around and saw Rock Bison, who had finally got away from Fire Emblem, and walked over to him.

"Ano…have you seen Tiger-san? Shouldn't he be here?"

"He decided not to attend the celebration, for some reason. You shouldn't worry about him. You know he can take care of himself. He is your mentor, after all. Just enjoy the celebration and try socializing more." Cutie Angel looked down and nodded her head. "Who knows? Maybe socializing will help you speak louder when taking people's orders at your boyfriend's café."

"Hey!" Cutie Angel looked up at Rock Bison with a blush on her face. "You promised you won't talk about any of that around the other Heroes and the sponsors. Only a few people know about that. I want to keep it like that."

"Mochiron. I was joking, anyway. Loosen up a little."

Cutie Angel started walking around and greeted every sponsor she came across. She saw her sponsor company's president talking to Origami Cyclone, the other Hero who is being sponsored by the same company. For some reason, the company president thought it'd be a good idea to sponsor more the one Hero.

"You can relax now." Origami Cyclone put his arms down and closed the two fans he had. "You don't really have to talk like that during the celebration party. Also," Cutie Angel grabbed the two fans and put them in her small white purse. "you don't really need to have these, right?"

"I guess not." Origami Cyclone noticed how tired Cutie Angel looked as he bent down a bit to talk to her without being heard by everyone else. "Daijyobu ka? You should go home and get some rest. You're obviously still tired. Don't you need to study for a test for tomorrow?"

"I do need to study, but I'll do that after the celebration. It might not look good for the company if one of their Heroes decide to leave in the middle of a celebration. That's why I'll wait until the end." Knowing that he can't convince her to change her mind, Origami Cyclone nodded his head before standing straight. "Besides…I'm not even tired. It's not the first time I have been this tired. So don't worry about me. Now go around and talk to people. If you do, then I'll make you one of my pastries."

"You know I can never say no to your pastries. I'll leave you alone for now. Just don't over exhaust yourself next time."

Cutie Angel continued walking around until she heard her phone ringing. She took out her phone from her purse and saw that the person calling was Ryo. She walked over to a closet and looked around before going inside without anyone noticing. She locked the door before answering her phone.

"Moshi moshi?"

"Ayumi-san? Are you busy today?"

"Not really. I was just going to study for a test for tomorrow. Why?"

"Mimi can't come in for work today. I was wondering if you can come and fill in for her this afternoon."

"This afternoon?"

"I understand if you can't come in. I can ask someone el—"

"You don't have to. I can fill in for Mimi-chan."

"Thanks. I'll see you at work, then. Bye."


Cutie Angel ended the conversation and placed her phone in her purse. She unlocked the door and walked out of the closet, closing it behind her. She turned around and was startled to see Barnaby standing there. Barnaby gave her a suspicious look as Cutie Angel bowed a bit before walking away from him.

When school has ended for the day, Ayumi opened her locker and started putting some of her books in her locker. She was too busy thinking about the new season for Hero TV that she didn't see Ryo walking up to her.

"Ayumi-san, daijyobu ka?" Ayumi was pulled out of her trance when she felt Ryo hold her hand. "You've been quiet. More quiet than usual. Is something bothering you?"

"Gomen Ryo-kun. I'm just feeling a bit tired, that's all. Did you need something?"

"I wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out after school. Since the café will be closed today, I was wondering if you want to go eat somewhere. That is, if you're not busy with anything."

"Well…" Ayumi lifted her right hand and looked at it. "my watch hasn't been beeping lately. So I guess I'm free to eat out with you." Right when she said that Ayumi's watch communicator starting beeping. "Gomen Ryo-kun. I guess I can't spend time with you afterschool."

"Your watch has terrible timing. I guess I'll see you later." Ryo moved closer to Ayumi and gave her a peck on her lips, causing Ayumi to blush. "Kawaii. You're going to have to tell me what's been making you busy one day."

"Maybe." Ryo smiled a bit as he watched Ayumi run out of the school. 'Gomen Ryo-kun. I wish I can tell you that I'm a Hero. But I'm afraid of how you'll react if I tell you.' Ayumi was expecting to see Sakano waiting for her, but he was not there. "Sakano-san isn't here yet. How am I supposed to go to the crime scene?" She noticed one of her classmates run out of the school until she saw Ayumi standing in front of the gate. "Karina-chan!"

"Ayumi?" Karina was about to walk into a black car until Ayumi called her. "Doshita no? Sakano-san wa doko?"

"I don't know. He's probably caught in traffic or something. Is it okay if I ride with you?"

"Sure. We better hurry." Ayumi ran over and got in the car before Karina got in and closed the door. "Let's go." The driver nodded his head before driving away from the school. "How are you going to change? You don't have your pendant, do you?"

"Actually…" Ayumi opened her bag and took out her signature pendant. "I forgot to take it off after the celebration. I didn't want my parents to find it so they wouldn't get suspicious." She looked at the window and saw that they were driving an area that barely had people. "I can get out from here. It's not good for Heroes from different companies to show up together, right?"

"Our sponsors won't like that, will they?" Karina and Ayumi laughed a bit at Karina's comment. "I'll see you at the crime scene, Cutie Angel."

"Sou desu yo, Blue Rose." Right when the car stopped, Ayumi got out and ran into a secluded alley before putting on her pendant. "Henshin!"

Wild Tiger, wearing his new Hero suit, arrived at the bridge where the giant Steel Hammer statue was somehow walking on its own and causing havoc. He was looking for the other Hero the head of Apollon Media, his new company sponsor, that is supposed to be his new partner. He heard a yell from above and looked up before quickly moving to avoid being body slammed by Rock Bison.

"Huh? You?!" Wild Tiger crouched down as Rock Bison sat up holding his head. "Huh? Really? With you, Rock Bison?"


"What do you mean 'huh'? You're my—"

Before Wild Tiger could finish his sentence Barnaby, who was now wearing a suit similar to his previous one but white and red, showed up on his motorcycle. Barnaby stopped next to the two older Heroes before lifting up the front of his helmet to show his face.

"Let's go, oji-san."

"Huh?! You?!"

Wild Tiger didn't like the idea of him sitting in the side cart attached to Barnaby's motorcycle as they rode down the bridge. He saw the Steel Hammer statue up ahead and was expecting Barnaby to stop the motorcycle, but his partner just kept driving past the statue.

"Woah, woah, stop! Hey, hey, hey…you passed it."

Barnaby didn't stop the motorcycle until they were in a position where they can see the whole area where the other Heroes were gathered. Barnaby used his suit to locate the other Heroes who were already in the area.

"Why aren't we going in? Hurry up and—"

"I'm gathering information. If I know where the other Heroes are, we'll avoid showing up at the same time, and make a grand entrance."

"Tsk, how stupid." Barnaby stopped locating and looked back at Wild Tiger. "Will we catch the culprit if we stand out? Will that bring peace to the city?" Wild Tiger held up his finger in an instructing manner and said, "Listen, a hero is all about—"

"Bonjour Heroes. We're going on air. Good luck!"

"Time to get to work."

"Matte yo." Before Wild Tiger could give his plan he was startled by Origami Cyclone who suddenly passed by him. "What the heck?"

"Whoa, is that truck what I think it is?!"

The camera turned its attention to a white bus with flashing lights and a picture of Blue Rose on the side. The side of the bus started opening as Blue Rose's entrance theme started to play. Lights were flashing out from inside the truck as the fog faded to reveal Blue Rose.

"My ice is a little bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!"

"There she is! It is not just her body that is naughty! Blue Rose is on the scene!"

As the camera was recording Blue Rose, Origami Cyclone was standing in the background as usual. Wild Tiger was watching the two Heroes until he saw Barnaby heading off somewhere without him. He ran after his partner until he caught up with him.

"I'll bring that thing down using my wires!"

"Good luck with that."

"Shut up!" Wild Tiger held up his right arm and prepared to fire his wires. "I'll show you what being a Hero is all about!" He tried shooting his wires but didn't exactly know how to work his new suit. "Huh?" He started hitting his arm until a wire shot out of it and attached its end on a nearby statue. "Watch and learn!"

Wild Tiger looked to see that Barnaby had left and looked around until he saw him standing at an unfinished construction site. The Hero TV broadcast helicopter flew over to Barnaby to get his appearance on camera.

"There he is! It's Barnaby, the new Hero!"

After figuring out how to release his wires, Wild Tiger retracted his wire and aimed towards the back right shoulder of the Steel Hammer statue. He shot his wire towards the giant statue, not expecting Barnaby to jump onto the statue, as the hook attached itself to Barnaby's chest. Since the statue was turned sideways Wild Tiger didn't see that his wire had attached itself to Barnaby. He pulled on the wire and was confused when he didn't feel any resistance as he looked up to see Barnaby flying towards him. Barnaby was pulled towards him and cause both Heroes to fall back as one of Wild Tiger's wires was accidentally released and rebounded to wrap around them. They tried to struggle out of the wire but were having a hard time getting themselves free.

"What kind of joke is this?"

"It's your fault for getting caught in it!"

Wild Tiger looked up and had a scared look on his face as Barnaby did the same and saw the giant Steel Hammer statue lift up its hammer. The two Heroes were about to get smashed by the giant hammer until a white glowing ring appeared around them and pulled them out of the way. They were lifted up into the air and onto a tall building away from the Steel Hammer statue. The Steel Hammer statue reached to grab them but its attention was turned to the right when it felt a couple of white arrows hit its right shoulder. Wild Tiger and Barnaby looked up to see Cutie Angel holding her pink archery bow with an arrow aimed at the statue.

"A quick save by the Angelic Hero, Cutie Angel!" Cutie Angel's picture appeared and showed that she got 200 points for saving two lives. "Even though she rarely gets points for capturing criminals, she is known for saving lives."

Cutie Angel prepared to shoot her arrow in case the giant statue tried to attack but was surprised that it completely stopped in mid swing. She looked down at Wild Tiger and Barnaby and she held up her archery bow as it changed into her scepter. She pointed her scepter towards Apollon's Heroes and moved it towards the side to make the white ring disappear before flying away.

"Nice save, Angel-chan."

"This will not look good for the company. Getting rescued by a Hero of another company is not good for my Hero image."

"Be thankful that Angel-chan was around to help us out. She's doing exactly what a Hero is supposed to do."

"We wouldn't need saving if you haven't gotten in my way."


"I can't work with that guy!"

Wild Tiger was standing in the president's office at Apollon Media to discuss the earlier events with the Apollon Media's company president.

"Say that after you get some results. I thought that you two were finished. Lucky for you Cutie Angel showed up in time to save you. But it does not look good for Heroes of one company give points to a Hero of another company. It looks like the statue stopped moving somehow."

Wild Tiger and the company president turned their attention to the monitor that was showing the Hero TV news of the Steel Hammer statue.

"An hour has passed since the stone statue stopped its advance. And it still does not look like it is going to be moving any time soon."

"What does the culprit want, anyway?"

"That doesn't matter." Kotetsu was surprised to hear the president did not care about the statue. "I am more concerned with you than that incident! Do you understand the situation that you are in?"

"My situation?"

"That's right." The president held up a picture of Barnaby and a picture of Kotetsu. "We have a contract with you to act as Barnaby's foil."


"You are Barnaby's second. His sidekick. An extra. Wakaru?"

"Chotto matte kudasai!" Kotetsu raised his arms in frustration before walking up to the president's desk. "Why do I have be his sidekick?!"

"And by the way," The president lifted his finger in front of Kotetsu to silence the said man. "our mechanic is angry with you, too."


"Today is pretty slow, huh?"

"It's usually busy on weekends since there isn't any school going on today." Ayumi and another one of the waitresses were sweeping the floors. "Maybe there's some event going on today."

"Maybe some people are stuck in traffic because of that incident with the Steel Hammer statue. Don't you find it strange that it suddenly stopped moving?"

"It is strange." Ayumi thought back to the when the statue was about to swing its hammer at her but suddenly stopped at mid-swing. 'I wonder who's controlling the statue. Why did the culprit suddenly stop the statue?' She was brought out of her thoughts when she felt someone wrap their arms around her from behind as she looked over her shoulder and was greeted by a kiss from Ryo. "Ryo-kun, you startled me!"

"Gomen Ayumi-san. I thought you heard me calling you." Ryo removed his arms from around Ayumi so he can wrap his arm around her waist. "I heard you guys talking about the incident with Steel Hammer statue. It sure made a lot of damage. Strange how it suddenly stopped moving."

"Ayumi-chan and I thought it was strange to." The black-haired waitress pulled out the nearest chair and sat on it. "You two make such a cute couple. Isn't your anniversary coming up?"

"It's actually tomorrow. I plan to take Ayumi-san out for a fancy dinner."

"How romantic! I'm so jealous of you, Ayumi-chan!"

"Please don't say that, Reina-chan. I feel so embarrassed."

"Kawaii!" Reina suddenly stood up and started squeezing Ayumi in hug. "You're like an adorable little kid!" She let go of Ayumi when she heard Ayumi's watch communicator beeping. "Ryo is right. Your watch is annoying. How come you won't tell us what's been making you busy?"

"She won't even tell me."

"Honto ni gomennasai. But I have to go. I wish I could stay to finish my shift."

"Just go. I'll be fine here by myself."

"Arigato Reina-chan." Ayumi hugged Reina then kissed Ryo before she started heading into the locker room to change. "I'll see you tomorrow, Ryo-kun!"

Cutie Angel caught up to the Steel Hammer statue and saw that it was just standing there. She flew over to the statue and saw that it was holding Wild Tiger and Barnaby in its hands.

"Boku wa bunny jya nai! Barnaby desu!" Wild Tiger was mimicking Barnaby when he saw Cutie Angel fly over to them. "Hey Angel-chan, doesn't Barnaby remind your of a bunny?"

"Huh?" Cutie Angel flew over to Barnaby and looked at realized what Wild Tiger meant. "Now that you mention it, those ear things on his helmet do kind of look like bunny ears."

"Not helping!" Even though you can't see his face, Barnaby was probably glaring at Wild Tiger before looking at Cutie Angel. "Can you get us out of here?"

"Can't you guys use your powers to get out?"

"Our powers only last for five minutes."

"But that should be enough time, right?"

"Bonjour. A different statue is on the move! The Lion Statue, the symbol of Helperidese Finance, is running towards New Morghen Area. "

"New Morghen Area? Tiger-san, isn't your—" Cutie Angel used her arm to cover her eyes from the heavy dust that was created when Wild Tiger used his power to free himself from the statue's grasp. "Did you really have to damage the Steel Hammer statue?"

"Care to free me as well?" Wild Tiger and Cutie Angel looked at Barnaby with confused looks. "I won't be able to get the center of attention if both our powers are activated."

"Tiger-san." Wild Tiger looked at Cutie Angel as she flew over Barnaby. "I'll help Barnaby. You have to stop the Lion Statue from reaching the New Morghen Area. Hurry!"

Wild Tiger nodded before leaving to go after the Lion Statue. Cutie Angel brought out her archery bow and flew a couple meters away from the statue's hand. She pulled her arm back, creating a white arrow, and aimed at the Steel Hammer statue's hand. She shot her arrow as it destroyed the statue's hand and freed Barnaby. Barnaby nodded his head in gratitude before getting on his motorcycle and starting it. Cutie Angel flew down and sat in the side cart before Barnaby started driving towards New Morghen Area.

Wild Tiger was holding up parts of the building that was blocked up the exit as he looked around and saw a young girl lying unconscious on the ice. He tossed the parts aside and started running towards the girl before she gets crushed by more falling parts of the building. Unfortunately he could not reach her in time as he stood there in sorrow.

"Arigato onii-san!"

Wild Tiger turned around and saw that Barnaby was able to save the girl before she got crushed. He also saw Cutie Angel waiting by the exit before escorting the girl out of the building. Wild Tiger used his power to jump up and stand behind Barnaby.


"Huh?" Barnaby turned to look back at Wild Tiger who was looking away. "I don't see any reason why you should be thanks me."

"You're right."


Wild Tiger and Barnaby looked to see one of the junior skaters being held in the mouth of the Lion Statue. Cutie Angel ran back into the building and saw the skater get tossed in the air. She used her power to create her wings before flying towards the skater and caught him before he could reach the ground. She looked at the statue and saw the same kid who was on the Steel Hammer statue.

"Don't get in my way."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because they left me out."

"They left you out?"

"That's right. They all ignored me, saying that I'm creepy!"

"That's because he started moving dolls…" Cutie Angel looked down at the skater she was carrying. "You call yourselves NEXT, but that just means that you're not human, doesn't it? Of course it creeps us out!"

'That's why I'm afraid of telling Ryo-kun that I'm a NEXT. I'm afraid he might like this and say that I'm creepy.'

"I didn't ask to have this power!"

"I don't care! Hurry up and go away!"

"I will never forgive you."

The Lion statue let out a roar before approaching three Heroes. Cutie Angel safely placed the skater on his feet before standing in front of him.

"I understand how you feel."


"I'm not lying. I became a NEXT when I was about your age." The boy had a surprised look on his face as he stopped the Lion Statue from walking. "I creeped out my friends the same way. I used to hate my powers, and I cried every day. But one day, a Hero named Legend taught me something. He said, 'Your power is meant to save people.'"

'That's kind of the same thing Tiger-san told me the first time we met.'


Ayumi was sitting on a bench in the empty part of the park after discovering that she was a NEXT. She never asked for her power and was afraid of what other people would think if they knew. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a little kid crying nearby. She looked around and saw a little girl sitting on the ground by herself with a stuffed bunny lying next to her. She got up from the bench and walked over to little girl and knelt down in front of her.

"Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not. My big brother told me that Ms. Bunny is not a real bunny. There's nothing special about her."

"Well I think he's wrong. Ms. Bunny is special."

"No she's not! She can't do anything."

'Poor little girl. How am I supposed to help her feel better?' Ayumi thought for a while until she thought of an idea. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Uh huh." The little girl nodded her head and was surprised to see Ayumi glowing light blue. "You're glowing!"

"I know. It's part of my power. I can make Ms. Bunny do something special. Want to see?"

The little girl nodded her head and was surprised to see her Ms. Bunny flying around them with small white wings. Ayumi smiled to see the little girl playing with her now flying stuffed bunny. She was glad no one else was around. Otherwise they'd witness her power. Or so she thought.

"That is some power you have." Ayumi got startled as she looked behind her to see Wild Tiger standing behind her. "It's pretty cool gift to have."

"No it's not." Wild Tiger was shocked by what he heard as Ayumi looked down at her lap. "There's nothing good about have this power. Having this power means that I'm not normal. A freak."

"That's not true. Because of your power, you made that little girl happy." Ayumi looked at the little girl and smiled at how happy she was. "What is your power exactly?"

"Light manipulation. I can create light and shape it into whatever I want. I can even shape the light around all living beings and make it visible."

"Light around living beings?"

"Hai. But some people call the light around them aura."

"I see. How did you get the girl's rabbit to fly though?"

"I transferred some of my light into the bunny and gave it wings."

"That kind of power can come in handy for a Hero."

"Hero? Me?"

"Yeah. Your power can be used to save people. I can teach you how to be a Hero. If you are willing to accept."

"I guess I can try."

End Flashback…

"That's impossible."


"Because my power isn't cool like the real Heroes."

"There's nothing wrong with that." Cutie Angel flew towards the boy until she was flying in front of him. "I used to think that too. All I can do with my power is change the shape of light. I don't have super strength, super speed, or anything like that. But one day I was convinced that my power can be useful someday. Now I'm a Hero. As long as you use your power to save people, you don't need a cool kind of power."

"Honto ni?"

"Angel-chan is right." Cutie Angel and the kid looked down and Wild Tiger who was looking up at them. "But first you need to go outside and apologize to everyone and go to the police."

"Are you crazy?!" Wild Tiger and Cutie Angel were surprised by Barnaby's outburst. "If we don't arrest him, we won't get points!" Cutie Angel had an upset pout on her face and she flew down and slapped Barnaby in the back of his head. "Ow!"

"Be quiet!"

"You want to start using your powers for good, don't you? Then come down from there."

The kid thought for a while before jumping off the Lion Statue. Wild Tiger, Barnaby, and Cutie Angel walked out of the building with the kid, whose name was Tony. Tony looked up and Wild Tiger who nodded in encouragement as Tony started walking towards the police. Suddenly a woman screamed followed by a rumbling sound as the three Heroes looked up to see that the dome was starting to fall.

"The dome's coming down!" Cutie Angel and Barnaby were about to go and stop the dome from falling but were stopped when Wild Tiger stuck his arm out in front of them. "Tiger-san?"

"Leave this one to me."

Wild Tiger, Sky High, Blue Rose, and Rock Bison went up and held the dome back from falling. Unfortunately Wild Tiger's five minutes were running out since the other four Heroes can't hold up the dome with just the four of them. Cutie Angel saw that the skater she saved earlier was still in the dome as she flew inside the dome and carried him down to safety.

"Hey, Tony!" Cutie Angel looked back at Tony who looked shocked. "Please, help us out! Everyone's going to be in danger! Please, help us out!"

"But I can't."

"Yes, you can! You can do it! I only have five seconds!"

Wild Tiger was starting to lose power as the dome became heavier and started pushing down on them until it was lifted up by the Steel Hammer statue that was being controlled by Tony. Tony turned off his power and was now sitting in a police car with Wild Tiger standing outside by the window.

"You saved us, Tony. That makes you a Hero, too."

Wild Tiger watched the police car drive away as Barnaby and Cutie Angel walked over to him. They saw that Wild Tiger still had some power left even though he said he had less than five seconds a while ago. Wild Tiger pretended to be surprised, but Barnaby could tell he was pretending and decided to leave.

"Tiger-san, did you lie about losing your power so Tony can use his power to save everyone?" Wild Tiger gestured Cutie Angel to be quiet before looking towards where the police car drove way with Tony inside. 'Looks like you helped another NEXT realize that their power is a gift rather than a curse.'