"Hocus pocus, abalony, conjure up a little pony!" Samantha recited. Immediately a horseshoe and leather saddle appeared before her. The four year old burst into tears. "I can't do it, Uncle Arthur." she whimpered.

"Now don't cry, Sammy." he murmured. A snap of his fingers produced a handkerchief that he proceeded to wipe away her tears with. He looked into the little girl's innocent eyes. She tried so hard, and yet still couldn't do it. Though sorely tempted, he knew he couldn't zap one up for her and pretend that she'd done it. It just wasn't right.

"Try again, Sammy."

"Hocus pocus, abalony, conjure up a little pony!" Just like before, a saddle and horseshoe came into sight.

The twentieth time today! Uncle Arthur thought. Poor Sammy didn't deserve this. She was such a sincere little witch. But what could he do? Then he got an idea…

"Sammy, why not take a break? I'll tell you a story." The child quickly complied.

"What's it about?" she asked curiously.

"Oh, your mother when she was a little witch. You see, when Endora was just about your age, she was also learning witchcraft."


"So you see, your grandmother decided to teach her to zap up something simple, a painting. So your mother tried to conjure up a painting of a meadow and got a meadow instead!" Samantha laughed gaily.

"But that's not all. Each time she tried to get rid of it she created another meadow and another and another until she had a stack a few miles high. And it stayed that way for a few more years until she could finally undo her spells!" Uncle Arthur was snickering by this point. Oh how he loved telling stories of his spiteful older sister's failures!

"So you see Sammy, even the wor -er- best witches didn't start out perfectly. So just keep at it, and eventually you'll get that pony."

"Okay. Should I try again?" He nodded.

"Hocus pocus, abalony, conjure up a little pony!"

At once a reddish pony appeared on the grass a few yards away. Samantha gasped and ran to her first true witchcraft victory, calling over her shoulder, "Thank you Uncle Arthur, thank you!"