A/N: I've recently gotten myself obsessed with Foyles War, and the relationship between Foyle and Sam. This particular series will be episode by episode, and as an extra challenge to me I shall attempt to use no dialogue what so ever! Oh boy! I'll try to write each chapter as I go through the series, and each chapter should have between three to four parts, most chapters focusing on a character's point of view through that episode segmented into parts.

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Among the Few

Sam was asking to go 'undercover' again, that in itself was no surprise, if Sam though an action on her part would help she would become determined to follow through said action. No, the real surprise to Foyle was why it was so difficult for him to sanction such an action. Going undercover during these type of situations was not uncommon, in fact it couldn't have been more plain that this was the right course of action, and Sam the right candidate. And yet Foyle wasn't quite sure why he had such strong objections to this plan, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know, but in the end it came down to Sam's stubborn attitude and the fact that Foyle had no true objections other than this personal problem. So that was that. Sam was given her papers and Foyle tried to stave away the worry that plagued him. All he could hope was that Sam would keep those sharp wits about her, and not get herself into too much trouble...

When Foyle had learned that Andrew had stood up to the man who had been harassing Sam he couldn't have been more proud, and never before has a father lived so vicariously through their son. Foyle was normally a very cool and collected person, some might even go so far as to say hard, so why was he so uncharacteristicly on edge because of this case? Surely he had better control of his emotions then his hormonal son? But just the thought of Sam out in the field, knowing just how dangerous that field could be, made him very nearly terrified. He wanted this entire bloody business done and out of his mind.

Foyle was almost out the door, recent events leaving him quite exhausted, he couldn't seem to catch a good nights sleep due to all of his worries, and then the phone rang. On any other day it wouldn't have even crossed his mind to ignore the incessant ringing, but the strain of this case had truly built up, and he desperately needed to call it a day and head home to toss and turn, attempting to sleep. But of course duty won out in the end. Picking up the receiver, Foyle took the call and felt his heart plummet. He hadn't felt this amount of helplessness since his late wife had passed. But he couldn't stop and draw parallels, time was of the essence! As Foyle ran to sounds the alarm so many thoughts flew rapid fire through his brain. Time. There wasn't enough time! 10 minutes. They couldn't be there in 10 minutes! A deep overwhelming sense of grief grasped at Foyle's heart, but he couldn't give in. Sam wasn't dead yet, and she hopefully wouldn't be for a good long while. They could get through this. They had to get through this. He didn't think he could stand to loose Sam.

There were so many forms of love in this world, and that was made all too evident to Foyle during this case. To imagine what feelings Rex had struggled with, trying to keep his love secret. And now Foyle had to re-evaluate his own 'relationship' with his driver, whom he considered a close friend. Was that all there was to it, just friendship, or were there deeper feelings beneath the surface? Whatever it was, Foyle had no business feeling it. For God's sake he was old enough to be her father! With a decisive slam to the case folder Foyle decided to stop all contemplation of the matter. It was completely absurd. He was simply exhausted, coming down from the adrenaline rush that was the past few days, and these feelings were simply brought about by a bout of protectiveness for his youngest officer. So that was that.