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Just a simple story about Spideman, nothing great or amazing. I do not own Spectacular Spiderman.

Chapter 1 - Failure

Spiderman / Peter's POV

"No, No, No, No, No, No, NO!" I yelled as I shot webbing at the Sinister Six, swinging to the top of a building and firing more.

"Looks like the spider has lost this battle" Shocker said as I fired webbing into his chest sticking him to a wall.

"You were saying shocker?" Electro said, jumping into the boat and firing a pulse of electricity into the motor.

"I was saying" Shocker said, breaking free of the web and running to the boat with his share of the goods "The spider's lost."

That was it, they were gone.

I punched my bed after I got home, making the covers leave a dent in the middle.

I hadn't taken off my costume yet and it was the middle of the night, Aunt May was sleeping, but I was pumped full of energy and the only thing I had to worry about was that history project due tomorrow. Hmmm. I'd better do that.

I ripped off my mask and hid it under my bed, pulled on my bed clothes.

"I better do that work" I said quietly to myself, sat at my desk and worked until 2 am

"Pete" Harry said walking up to me, making me jump a little. I swear he just appeared behind me.

"Oh, Hi harry" I said, pulling my books out of my locker and locking it.

"What's going on?" Harry said looking at a small dot of blood seeping through the sleeve of my shirt.

I completely ignored his gaze, and replied "Nothing much, history's due today. I finished it last night. How bout you?"

"Um… I finished it a few days ago." Harry said walking with me to class "Are you OK Pete? You normally would have finished that the day we got it."

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little ticked, I uh… lost something yesterday night" Harry and I stopped outside the classroom.

"Like what?" Harry said.

I had never been so thankful to see the teacher in my life, he saved me from explaining to Harry. Thank God.

Harry's POV

What is up with my friend? He always gets hurt and doesn't seem to care about it, he always tries to cover it up and deny it, he tries to get out of answering. What the hell is going on with him?

We both sat next to each other, he was rubbing his wrist, a metal bracelet of sorts was just visible under his shirt. I didn't ask, cause I knew he wouldn't answer. He would probably just freak out. What the hell is going on?

"Mr Parker" our teacher whispered as he ticked off Peter's name and collected his work, doing the same to me a few seconds later.

"What the hell is going on with you Pete?" I asked, leaning to him and watching his eyes do a small jump in his head before he regained his calm state.

"Nothing is 'going on'" Peter said, looking at me.

"Listen, I might not be the smartest person in this class, but I'm not stupid. I can tell when something is wrong with my friend." I was not impressed with him, he was definitely hiding something and was getting hurt in the process.

"If I told you, you would hate me, you would never be my friend ever again, you would be in danger and I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

"Nothing could be that bad Pete" I said, looking at him.

"Yes, It could" Peter said running his fingers up and down his pencil.

I stared at him, then class started.

Spiderman/Peter's POV

This is bad, Harry knows I'm hiding something. This. Is. Bad.

OK, it's the end of school for the week, I will just go web slinging and forget about it. He'll never know or find out. Yeah, It'll be fine.

I walked into the alley about 4 blocks away from school, nobody followed me, I was so grateful. Well, that is till behind me I heard "Pete!"

"Harry, what the hell are you doing here?" I asked leaning on the wall of the alley.

"I could ask you the same."

"I, uh" I said backing away until I was in the shadows completely, he was not going to find out.

"You uh what?" Harry said.

"Harry" A voice said behind us.

Thank god for Gwen and her stares.

"Oh, Gwen" Harry said "Yeah, we better get going, date tonight, let's go babe."

Harry walked out of the alley with Gwen and I got changed in record time, thank god to, he looked round when I was staring at him from the roof, under my mask and suit.

Harry looked surprised that nobody was there but walked away with a small smile.

I leaped from the roof and made my way to the top of a higher building, sticking myself to the wall with my feet and pulling a book from my bag, then began reading. Teachers say you need to find a private quiet place to do your homework, and I have one, mine's just awesome too. Nothing like sticking to the wall reading a book on stuff you already know. My life is… well, I can't say it's perfect.

"And I better get going, Aunt May will freak" I say, putting the book away as I look down to the footpath. I see a young teenage 'couple', a girl with blonde hair and a boy with red, Gwen is definitely 'enjoying' this date, walking up the street, 5 paces in front of Harry.

I climb from the building, swinging down through the street they were walking on, hoping to catch a glimpse of Gwen. I did and she smiled as I passed her on my web, I waved.

Home. I can't wait for a chance to relax after today.

Gwen's POV

Spiderman passed me on his web. God, he is so cool! No matter what Harry says. He's just being annoying.

I smiled at him as he passed, I could swear he waved at me, did he recognise me? Well I guess he might have.

"Gwen" Harry said as he finally managed to get to my side "I'm sorry."

"Sorry" I slowly said, half hissing "Sorry for what? Are you sorry for forgetting our date? Or Sorry for being a jerk and talking about Spiderman and Peter that way?"

"I'm sorry for…" Harry said stopping and looking at the ground.

"I'm going home Harry, who knows what will happen tomorrow" I said, walking away from him and walking home.

Peter/Spiderman's POV

God, my bed feels like heaven. A lovely and soft place were bruises from past fights can heal and feel great.

Aunt May walked to my door and announced dinner. Ah, that is going to be great. I leaned up from my bed, feeling slight pain in my side, Electro hit me there yesterday. What can I expect?

Aunt May watched me as I ate she was looking at my eyes and I felt a little… worried.

She saw something in me that I was hiding, pretty darn well if I do say so myself, she saw pain.

"Peter" Aunt May said "What happened? Your hurt."

"I'm perfectly fine Aunt May" I said in a believable way, well, believable if your not my Aunt.

"Peter, you have been lying in this house ever since I got you, I know all your secrets when it comes to that."

"Aunt May, you have no idea what has been going on with me, and that is going to stay like that."

Aunt May looked a little ticked at that, but said nothing more.

Aunt May's POV

That boy is going to get into trouble someday, he is going to get hurt.

Something about him has changed since Ben died, something… on the inside… something troubling, but… powerful.

He is hiding something. Oh poor Peter.

He might deny it, but I have seen bruises and burns on his hands, he is awfully protective of them, not telling me where or who they came from.

Yes, It's a dumb ending for a chapter. But hey! Does it matter?