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Peter's POV

"W-What's going on? Where am I?" I asked myself. It was black… everything was black; I couldn't see a thing… "Is anybody there?"

I looked around, nothing was behind me… but I could feel something… it was a dark, evil feeling.

"It's a shame… he had so much promise" A voice hissed "And he used it on pointless heroics… where did that get him? Beaten half to death by criminals and beaten further by his best friend…"

"Who are you? Where am I?" I yelled into the blackness, I couldn't see anything, not even myself.

"But he had always tried his best! He does what is best for everybody!" Another, slightly lighter, voice shouted "He does things right!"

Something growled behind me, I spun around greeted by nothing… but the faint colour of light, I walked slowly forward.

"He could be so much more!"
"He doesn't need to be! He is who he is!"

"Who are you!?" I yelled.

"It seems our favourite web head is wondering where he is… shame."

"Devils and Angels… Left and Right… Night… and Day. Everybody has them, Peter."

"Tell me who you are! Tell me where I am!"

"You are in your mind, Peter. Your subconscious… where your REAL secrets lie…" the hissing voice answered, two bodies blocked the light source.

"We are you, Peter. We are your Day… your night… your Left… your right" The peaceful voice answered "We are Good and we are Evil… we are both sides of a puzzle… which you are made of."

I tilted my head "What is going on?"
"You are almost dead, Peter. Your friends are putting yourself in danger because of you. Can't you hear them? The voices?"

I listened… I could hear something faint "Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!? I have almost lost my father and my best friend today! Don't you dare ask me to calm down!" It whispered.

"Gwen?" I asked into the nothingness.

"You cannot speak… you are tired… your body has 'shut down' so to speak… it needs to heal… it needs time."

"All this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't become a hero! If you embraced the darkness!"

I didn't listen to him "So… why am I here?"

"You need to heal! You are in pain… here you won't feel the pain… here… you can rest."

"But I need to get out there!" I shout "I need to help them!"

"Only a few minutes, full one. And you can."

The darkness hardened behind me… and I slumped ageist the wall, waiting.

Black Cat/Felicia's POV

I swung over to that warehouse to grab medical supplies, I also grabbed a few of my own… soon coming back to the roof top, I groaned.

"Well… I guess I better start treating these wounds… meaning I need to take off his shirt… please don't wake up while I'm doing this, Boy Scout… I don't need snarky comments."

Slowly I pealed down from the neck; he shivered every few seconds, the cold creeping in "Not so hot now, are you? Oh god… he IS rubbing off on me."

I pealed down to his chest, before reaching for disinfectant and burn cream, placing them on each representative place, then covering them in bandagers

"When you get hurt, spider… you get hurt."
I slowly pulled it back up, making sure it was as it was, before taking off his boots and rolling up his trouser legs, repeating what I did to his chest.

"Well, web head… you can wake up now…" I whispered, slipping on his boots again "I'm starting to get worried. When you go quiet… it's bad."

He was just so still, but you could almost see him thinking, he was just… twitching. I didn't like it.

"Come on web-head… you need to wake up…"

Gwen/Twist's POV

He was hurt. He was… hurt. This was bad. Oh, not for him. Oh, no. For the Goblins.

"Osborn's will pay" I hissed, making my friends glace at me, worry in their eyes.

"You OK, girlfriend?" Pine asked, sticking to a building "You seem… tense."

"Tense?" I asked "Why, pray tell, would I be tense? Maybe it's because my father is in hospital, my best friend is unconscious and the people who did it… AREN'T IN JAIL!"

"You need to relax" Dusk said, leaping from a building "It'll be Ok, Twist… your Dad's in Hospital, with amazing treatment and Spidey will be fine, you'll see."

I growled "He shouldn't need to BE in hospital! I should have been there!"

"You can't be everywhere."

"I should be able to. It's not fair. They will all pay."

Black Cat's/Felicia's POV

"Come ON, boy scout! It's been 5 minutes! You should wake up! Please…"

"I see you've been missing me" a soft voice answered.

I glanced over at the Web Head's body, to see him give a weak smirk "You know that I like, Gwen right, kitty Cat?"
"Slinger! You're awake!"

"Yeah…" He mumbled "What hit me?"
I gave a laugh "The Ground. You fainted."
"Moi? Faint? No chance… where are the others?" He opened his eyes.

I rubbed my neck "They sorta… went to fight The Green Twins."
"What!" He yelped, snapping up, his eyes went wide "And you LET them!? What they heck were you thinking!? They are novices! They will get hurt!"

I glared at him "Well, you went exactly much help! And I'm the real person who knows the most about medical science! I couldn't go, you needed me! And we couldn't all leave! What if somebody had found you, huh? Goodbye Secret ID!"

He rolled his eyes at me "We better get going then."
"You are not going ANYWHERE Mister!"

"Oh yes I am!" He yelled, getting up.

I pushed him back down, making him fall a foot onto his butt, before placing a foot on his chest and pushing hard "You listen to me! No! You are staying here until you have rested for a while, eaten and drank something! If you want to stay alive, you listen and do exactly what I say!"

He looked up at me, surprised "Ok."

"Good" I said sweetly, nothing more terrifying than a serious girl… maybe except a really pissed off one "Now, food is over there" I pointed at a tub "And I'll go get some water."

I leaped off the building to get some bottled water or something (Random fact about me: I can't STAND bottled water)

Peter/Spiderman's POV

"Ok" I said, kinda freaked.

"Good" She said, in a very… controlled manor "Now, food is over there" She pointed at a little blue tub "And I'll go get some water."

She leaped off the building.

"Pfft" I said, waving my hand "Like I'm gonna listen to that…"
I got up, dusted myself off and grabbed a sandwich from the tub "Girls… leave the Pro to this."

I leaped off the opposite side to the building "I'm coming Gwen…uh… girls"

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