She was upset. Perched on the end of one of the lower lab tables and picking at the take out carton in her lap while waiting for the late night to be over. He'd told her, between texts trying to solve the latest snag Tony's research had hit, that there was no reason to wait. After her refusal to begin without him he decided the delay in watching her new video – on his entertainment system – was not the cause of her distress after all. He set the phone down and braced his hands on either side of her hips. Her frown only deepened.

"Have I troubled you?" Her answer was nothing more than an unhappy sound that told him nothing. "Darcy? What-"

"You haven't even noticed!" The outburst was startling.

"Noticed?" She snatched up his phone, brandishing it like some sort of weapon in front of his face. Loki gripped her wrist to hold the thing still and studied the screen. Seeing no difference, he looked back to an even more annoyed Darcy.

"It's in French! I changed the language! It was damn hard to get the phone away from you and you don't even notice!" Her cheeks were red by the time she'd reached the end of her rant, and there was a level of annoyance in her eyes that made him grin.

"Darcy, you do realize no one speaks English on Asgard?"

The arm waving the electronic inches from his nose went slack. "Wait. What now?"

"Another planet, Darcy? So far it requires science such as the Bifrost to cross?"

She huffed, crossing her arms. "So."

Close enough to weave fingers through those curls was not the wisest distance for teasing, perhaps. "All Tongue. I understand any language, just as you would understand me no matter your native tongue."

"Understand you? Dude. Now who's assuming?" She looked happier when he laughed.

"So, what? You have Google translate in your head or something?"

"More or less."

She rolled her eyes, beginning to fiddle with his phone once again, while he helped himself to the second half of her dinner.

"Are you looking up pranks online?"

"You did just kill half my ideas, you know. And I am trying to keep up with a god. So forgive me using a few references."

Loki leaned back across the tabletop and watched her clever fingers dance across the touch screen. The furrow on her brow deepened and her gentle swipes hardened into tight taps. "No longer having fun?" She ignored the question, but her shoulders gave the answer with their tenseness. He sat up and snatched his phone from her fingers. "I wish to stop this."

"Google? Not sure they can be stopped. They're a legit verb now."

"Our battle."

Darcy's face fell, though she covered it swiftly. "Ok."

"I think I would rather you as an ally than adversary." He held out his hand and waited until she had slid her own into it. "Imagine the mayhem our combined efforts will cause."

"So… not a pity truce?"

"As if I would propose an alliance with someone I had need to pity." This makes her laugh because it is so utterly honest.

And later, after they've sealed their new bargain in whispers and skin, he slides from the bed and fishes her own phone from a discarded jacket pocket and finds the icon displaying a single F on a blue square.

It's only days later that Darcy notices her Facebook now declares 'it's complicated' rather than 'single'.

The end. Not really, this story continues in Misplaced and possibly will keep going even past that. I hope you've enjoyed!
I'll resume updates of all stories middle of next month after a few real life things have settles. Thank you so SO much to everyone whose helped with this. My glorious betas. And especially everyone who's left a kudo or review. I really can't even begin to describe how much it made my day when I got those notifications.