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Only a week left in the school year Sikowitz enters the class room in a white lab coat that has a name tag clearly stating 'The Professor' on it... He very joyfully states, "Good news everyone!" With the class firmly focused on him he states the good news, "Six of you will be heading to sunny northern Russia, to perform at an International Junior Artist's Convention."

"Northern Russia?" Tori asks, hyper skeptical like the rest of the class.

He nods and smiles, "Yeah, it's summer there...or at least close enough, so it should be fine."

"Also, six of you will be preforming aboard a New Zealand cruise ship that will travel up the coast of Australia." This option brings much more excitement from the class…except Jade, who is indifferent towards the second trip.

"So who goes where?" Tori asks, still visibly excited.

Sikowitz has a blank stare on his face, obviously not thinking about that part…then he thinks of something, "…More good news, I just remembered that I have this giant choice-o-wheel…and I have a marker." He pulls out the instrument from behind the curtain…and produces a black sharpie from his lab coat.

"So the top is Russia and the bottom is Australia." Andre points out.

"Funny." Cat laughs, while everyone tries to ignore the silly joke…except for Sikowitz,

"Huh?...oh, right…yeah. So Jade…spin." But hides the fact that he didn't get it by pointing to Jade then the wheel.

"Australia." Sikowitz exclaims as the arrow falls at the bottom.

"I wanted Russia." She huffs as she takes her seat.

"Too bad…Andre." The wacky professor points to Andre.

"Australia." Andre shouts,

"All right, Aussies." He can't wait to see the ladies from the land down-under…cue song in his head.

"Robbie…" The aforementioned student grimaces at knowing the chances of the possibility of it landing on Australia a third time in a row is…12.5%

He continued with Cat, Beck, and Tori…all getting Australia as well.

"Is it weird that all of us got Australia in a row?" Robbie asks, kind of freaked by the sheer probability of six in a row… 1.5625%

"Not at all…that's just fate…she is a fickle mistress." As Sikowitz prattled on Andre noticed the wheel-o-choice had a magnet carelessly attached near the bottom of the dial on the back, which would always have the wheel choose down or Australia.

Not wanting a redo and the possibility of ending up in Russia Andre snatches the magnet, "Yeah-yeah, fickle…See, watch…" Then spins the wheel to prove that the contest wasn't rigged…intentionally at least. The class watches as it goes round and lands on… Russia, 'Thank Fate…Australia here I come.' Andre is elated that it actually landed on Russia, "So, when do we leave?"

"Two weeks."

"Awesome…Do you think we'll have a chance to stop of at a beach and do some surfing?" Tori inquires more as an open question as opposed to actually expecting Sikowitz to know the schedule of the cruise ship.

"I didn't know you surfed, Tor?" Robbie asks as he puts the probability thing out of his head.

"Yeah…just not very well, still would be fun to give it a try on the other side of the ocean." She confesses. Jade smiles to herself.

The next two weeks fly by relatively quickly as the gang prepares for the trip... As expected Trina's response to Tori going on a working cruise to showcase her talent was her standard huffiness followed by her conning her way onto the trip...of course she hadn't bothered to find out that the trip she had weaseled her way on was to Russia. This discovery came too late as she found herself in St. Petersburg... which was at a comfortable temperature in the low seventies.

After arriving at the dock for the big christening the gang is greeted by the massive cruise liner with a very interesting name, "Does that say 'Titanic II'?" Andre leans over to Beck.

"Yep." He stares at the ship with his left eye twitching.

"I'll be on the plane." Tori states as she turns around and prepares to walk back to the road…

But is halted by Jade grabbing her wrist, "Baby, it's only a name. But, then again not having you on board would make the whole experience worthwhile." She then releases the wrist with a smirk.

Tori huffs, "Just for that, I'm staying…Let's go." Before grabbing Jade's wrist and storming toward the gangway.


Once Jade had retrieved their key-cards for the three allotted rooms Andre asks, "So who wants who?"

"I've got you, man." Beck states after thinking over each of his other options…ex-girlfriend, girl he almost kissed in an awkward moment, crazy Cat, and wacko Robbie…yeah, Andre was the only logical choice.

"I'm with Cat." Robbie says mostly because he didn't want to get stuck with Jade…and because of his crush on Cat.

"So I get Vega…fantastic." Jade spits at them as she eyes everyone who isn't Tori.

Trying to stop this cruise from sinking from the get go, Andre notes, "I'm sure you two can survive a week-long cruise together in one room, at least there are two beds."

Once Jade surrender two of the key-cards the three groups headed off to find their respective rooms…apparently they weren't all together.

As the others went lower, Jade and Tori climbed higher finding themselves in a far more lavish room.

"This doesn't look like a double." Tori zeroes in on the single queen-sized bed then the more elegantly decorated room usually reserved for, "It looks like a honeymoon suite…we should tell the…"

Jade cuts her off as she strides into the room, "His mistake, our gain…come on, be naughty." Then turns and offers a wicked smirk.

"It's a really nice room, but it'll be on us if we get caught. We know full well this isn't our room." Tori tries to take the moral high ground and be the voice of reason.

"Or is it…?" Jade offers with a wink and a sexy smirk.

"Uhm…you didn't?" Tori's eyes go wide at the very idea that Jade would purchase a more luxurious room just for them.

Jade's smile widens as she saunters back over to Tori, "I did, darling…so that we could have a nice trip."

"I'm not sure if I like the surprise or find it just another cheap trick to get in my pants." Tori crosses her arms and stares at the other girl.

Jade rolls her eyes, "You're such a prude…loosen up. Have a little fun…with your secret girlfriend." She taunts her.

Tori drops her arms and sighs, "…I wish you would stop saying secret."

"I'm not the one who cares what others think about her." Jade offers wryly.

Tori drops her head, "…I…I'll get there." She isn't ready to tell anyone about her love life just yet…despite how much she knows her friends and family will understand.

Jade smiles sincerely as she takes Tori's hands in her own, "I know, but let's not think about that." Tori looks up to her secret girlfriend with a thin smile, so Jade adds, "…we're on a working vacation, let's enjoy it." Then kisses Tori, who doesn't delay to return the action. Jade releases one of Tori's hands in order to close the door. Tori takes the opportunity to run her now free hand around Jade's waist and onto her firm...

A few hours later the group was called up for their first performance, they blended together a mix of their own work with a few popular songs requested by the owner of the vessel.

Their first set went off without a hitch. The crowd loved them, the crew loved them, and the owner loved them…the trip was already sky-high…

"I don't like the look of those clouds, sir." The helmsman states to the captain as the distant clouds grow darker and begin to consume more of the sky.

"This ship was built to handle the rough stuff we'll be fine…" Those would be the last words he would ever say aboard the vessel…

Hellish winds and a demonic tide forced the Titanic II far to the east and a fair bit to the north, toward a series of uncharted islands. The storm's intensity increased until the ship sheered at the center and sent the fractured vessel into the deep…scattering thousands upon the ocean as they swam or rowed from the wreck toward the various islands.

Jade could barely remember Tori dragging her toward the nearest island with all of her might. Wet sand stuck to her face when they finally made it to shore and her head fell to the beach. Looking over she could see the others and some of the passengers making it to the beach before…everything went black…


Tori awoke to Jade wrapped around her waist. She enjoyed the contact of her paramour snuggling up close…but when she noticed that they were not alone, her heart began to pound as fear crept up her spine.

Her panic subsided in the dim light when she noticed that they were all still asleep…but that's when she took notice of the room they were all in, it was a…cell… Yes, the cold stone walls of an aged prison cell surrounded them. Her panic returned tenfold.

She started to gently shake Jade, hoping to wake her up quietly, "Jade. Jade. Jade! Wake up!"

Jade began to stir, "What? I'm trying to sleep, Vee." As she snuggled in closer.

"We're in a prison cell." Tori states sternly.

Jade grins, "…not now, we can role-play later." She laughs lightly at the idea of the games they could play.

"I'm serious. We. Are. In. A. Cell." At Tori's words, Jade opens a single eye to scan the room…

Both eyes open wide as she finally understands where they are, "…Shit!"

"Yeah, I know." Tori pats Jade's head.


With her left elbow resting on her same knee, which had been pulled to her chest, she rubbed her forehead with that hand, "The Last thing I remember was the beach…the beach?" She looks over to Tori hastily.

Tori smiles, "Yeah, I pulled you to the beach…then we passed out." Then motions to the cell to indicate the obvious final conclusion to their journey after the wreak.

"So, where is here?" Jade takes in the heavy stone walled, floored and even ceilinged 8x10 cell with a heavy steel door at the center of one of the walls. The dim light from the single older style bulb looking down at them made her briefly think that the room seemed rather strange; old cell, aged bulb, new lock.

Tori shrugs, "I haven't the foggiest."

With Jade remaining silent Tori inquires, "…So, do we just wait till someone comes, or…what?" Hoping that in her girlfriend's silence a plan is forming.

Jade looks over and offers with a begging smile, "We could snuggle until someone else wakes up or comes for us, please." She pleads as she clutches Tori's left arm tightly. Jade had no earthly idea how to break out of the cell, especially since the old cell had an advanced electronic locking mechanism on the heavy door, obvious by the new steel and lack of and type of manual system. So she'd rather have a little comfort.

Shaking her head lightly Tori smirks, "I always thought you were the super tough one."

Jade produces a goofy smile, "When it comes to you, Vee, I'm all soft and girly." Then she wraps her arms around Tori's torso and snuggles her head into Tori's neck. Rolling her eyes Tori complies by maneuvering her left arm to the side and wrapping it around Jade's back, placing her hand on her shoulder. Squeezing it gently she takes her other hand and begins stroking Jade's hair while watching the door and the others, but occasionally glancing down at her darling raven-haired angel of death...or demon teddybear.


As Tori is taking her gaze from her now sleeping paramour in order to resume her vigil she is greeted by a sudden bright light and a man in the now open door smiling, "Well, this is certainly not what I expected." His voice was kind and traced with genuine surprise.

The light from the hall was far brighter than that of the dim bulb of the cell, which forced Tori to close her eyes before bringing up her right hand to block the light, "Who-who are you?" She asks as she tries to get a look at him while she shakes Jade awake.

He turns himself to block more of the light with his large frame, "Dr. Tysius Thaddeus Strange. But for the love of God, call me Ty." He fights the urge to bow at his introduction for the benefit of the girl trying to see. Jade begins to stir like a groggy bear… she even growled a little when she was blinded by the light, which was still rather bright.

Tori moves around to block the residual light and allow Jade the chance to not wake up completely blind. Jade sits up yawning and stretching, completely oblivious to Ty…until she remembers the cell and the dim light, then registers the bright light. She looks past Tori to the tall bulky doctor with thin glasses and short hair. His features and the specifics of his apparel were still hidden by the brightness.

Turning to face the doctor once again, Tori asks, "Okay, Ty, are you the one that locked us up?" It made sense given his ability to open the door, and him being a doctor…or at least so he claims.

"Nope, that would be my rather insane father." Ty offers casually.

Jade rolls her eyes, "Insane?" Thinking this was a joke of some kind, because of Ty's tone and casual stance.

He grins, "Not as insane as my grandfather, the original Dr. Moreau…but, still fruit-loops crazy." Then makes the universal crazy sign with his right hand next to his head.

"Dr. Moreau? As in the mad geneticist that made freaky animal hybrids?" Jade laughs at the absurdity, even more convinced that this was an elaborate prank and the ship was off the coast waiting for them in one piece.

"Oh yeah…which means we are going to need to get you guys out of here before he decides to play with your DNA." Of course now Ty's voice is dead serious as he informs them of his plans.

Jade was still dismissing him as such, but Tori had to ask, "Are you serious?" For she was genuinely concerned.

"I wish I wasn't." His voice is gravely solemn as he drops his gaze to the floor.

Before anyone could say anything else a booming voice calls down the hall, "Tysius! What are you doing? I told you to leave the subjects alone." As the older doctor approaches with several armed guards wearing black uniforms and riot gear.

Tori and Jade couldn't make anything out of the man's appearance as Ty turns around in the door way to confront his father, "They're people. Not lab rats for you 'experiments'. We must let them go." He tosses his hand back into the cell motioning to the individuals in question.

The older doc sneers, "Poppycock! They are precious test subjects for my research. They are too valuable for us to simply let them go."

"Then I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that they be released." Ty's voice bears a deeper near threating tone.

His father turns and tosses a hand in the air dismissively, "Your insistence is noted, but disregarded as frivolous nonsense." And begins to walk away, sure that his son will listen to him.

However, the younger Strange draws a handgun from his lab-coat and levels it at his father, "I fear you misunderstand…father." Sneering he then cocks the hammer.

The sound of the hammer cocking brought the elder Strange around on his heels, "You would point a gun at your own father?" His voice filled with disgust, "You would kill me to save…them?" As he motions to the other cells.

"If need be, yes. This family has a reputation for insanity, but forced human experimentation is over the line." He flips the safety and aims it right for his father's head.

The man merely chuckles as he raises a hand dismissively, "Bah, seize him. No child of mine would ever level a firearm at me. Throw him in with the others." Ty doesn't fire as his father's guards take the gun and restrain him effortlessly.

Ty spits, "My evidence is laid before you bare." As he struggles a little against the guards' grip to emphasize his comment.

His father grits his teeth, "Test subjects don't get to talk…bind him, and gag that traitorous mouth." He then turns and leaves as the guards force him into the open cell with Tori and Jade. They use the shackles dangling high at the back of the cell to restrain him. Once his arms were locked above his head in the irons they placed a gag over his mouth and departed…locking the cell and changing the code.

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