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My first chapter of the first Pokemon story that I write.

I did not write the battles that honor goes to Epsil0nCha0s.

Chapter 1: It is time

Johto, Mt. Silver


A man is meditating with two of his Pokemon, these two Pokemon are Pikachu and Lucario.
This man has blue eyes, black hair, is wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, white shoes, a hat that covered his face, on the left side of his face is a large scar and finally gloves similar to those of Sir Aaron. This man name is Ash Ketchum, but he is now known as Satoshi, Satoshi Shadow.

Then suddenly a knock on the door.

'You three can come in'.

'Boss, you called us?' asks a red-headed woman.

'Yes, Jessie I called you.' says Ash.

'What is it boss?' A blue-haired man named James asks.

'I want you three to go to Pallet and deliver something' says Ash.

'What do we have to deliver boss?' The talking Scratch Cat known as Meowth asks.

'This' Ash throws 2 objects to the ex team rocket members.

'A Pokeball en huh ….. boss are you sure that you want to do?' asks James.

'Yes, James I'm sure. Now go to Prof Oak's lab.' Ash says.

'Yes, boss.' say the three together.

'And another thing do not make a big entry' Ash says.

And with that James, Jessie and Meowth go to Pallet.

'Pikachu it is time'.

Kanto, Pallet Town

Prof. Oak lab

There is a celebration party at Prof. Oak's ranch, at this party are Misty, Brock, Tracey, Gary, Professor Oak, Max, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan and Ash's mother Delia Ketchum, they celebrate what Ash achieve 10 years ago.

'Flashback 10 years ago'

The final battle of the Unova League Champion battleship was a fight between Trip and Ash.

"This is it..." Ash muttered, fists clenched as he looked up at the electric display board. Ash's face was on one side, the other showing his rival and opponent, Trip. Both were down to one Pokemon each.

"The final match between Serperior and Pikachu will now get underway!" the ref raised his flags, looking at the pair on either sides of him. "Are the trainers ready?"



"Battle begin!" the ref lowered his flags, signaling the start of the match.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Ash quickly commanded, the mouse darting across the field in a zig-zag movement.

"Serperior, don't let it get close! Leaf Tornado!" the serpent spun its body on its head, leaves emerging from within its rotational area. Arching its body around, the leaves directed towards the oncoming mouse.

"Dodge it!" Pikachu leaped, narrowly escaping above the leaves. "Now Iron Tail!"

"Counter with Leaf Blade!" the mouse swung its silver-gleaming tail down, the serpent bringing up its green-glowing tail as they collided.

"Thunderbolt!" the mouse's cheeks sparked, releasing volts in the snake's body, giving a pained cry. "Cut off and use Electro Ball!" the mouse cut off its attack, dropping in the air slightly as the serpent's tail swung above its head. Forming a golden sphere of electricity on its tail, it swung its tail into the snake's lower body, sending another shock-wave through its body. Pikachu quickly retreated from the angry snake, who gave a glare to the mouse.

"Time to bring it back! Serperior, Cut!" the snake's tail glowing blue, it slid along the ground towards the mouse.

"Dodge it!" the mouse jumped again, the snake stopping with a smirk.

"Leaf Tornado!" Trip smirked, the snake releasing another vortex of leaves. Pikachu watched in surprise as the leaves surrounded itself, several scratching along its sides and causing sharp pains. "Solarbeam!" a small yellow sphere formed in the snake's mouth, quickly growing in power.

"Pikachu, get out of there!" the mouse was defenseless, however, only watching in fear as the snake launched its attack, the yellow ray of solar energy piercing through the air towards itself. The mouse was hit, giving a cry of pain as the attack hit its open chest, a small puff of smoke being released from the air.

"We got this," Trip said confidently, smirking.

"Volt Tackle!" Trip looked strangely at Ash, but his attention was drawn to the air above Serperior. His eyes widened in surprise.

"What!" he said in disbelief, shocked at what was taking place. As the smoke lifted rapidly, it revealed the electric mouse diving towards Serperior, enveloped in sparking electricity. Crashing head-first into its chest, the grass-type was sent backwards with sparks jumping on its body. "Serperior!" he watched in surprise as the serpent crashed into the ground repeatedly, bouncing before rolling back to Trip's feet.

"Finish it, Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" the mouse's cheeks sparked again, but Serperior's eyes snapped open again.

"Serperior, dodge!" Trip shouted, the mouse launching its electric attack. Everyone watched in anticipation as the attack drew rapidly closer to the weakened serpent, but gasped. The snake's head snapped up, its body quickly sliding along the ground out of the way. Pikachu was shocked as the mouse re-appeared again in front of it, smirking. "Leaf Blade!" it brought its tail over, swinging it down on the mouse's back and sending it flat on the ground.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" the mouse's cheeks sparked, but Serperior was a step ahead this time. At a surprising speed, it retreated back to Trip's side. The trainer and Pokemon met eyes, Trip noticing something odd about the serpent. Noticing the look being given, he nodded with a grin.

"Alright, Serperior! Let's show them your true power!" the serpent shouted its name, its body beginning to glow. Everyone gasped as the snake became quickly enveloped in a glow of bright green.

"No way!" Ash shouted in disbelief, shocked at the serpent. It grinned at the equally-shocked mouse. "It's...It's Overgrow!"

"Leaf Blade!" the serpent quickly darted across the field, closing in on the mouse as it swung its tail around. The mouse, not given an order from the pair being in shock, received the power-boosted attack and was sent into the wall behind Ash.

"Pikachu!" he snapped around, eyes wide as he watched his Pokemon jump out from the indent in the wall. "We can't give up! Thunderbolt!"

"Leaf Tornado!" the two attacks was quickly released, colliding and fighting for dominance. After a few moments, the leaves broke through the electricity and trapped the rodent. Moving into the air, it turned back around and smacked straight on the battlefield, disappearing and revealing the weak mouse. "Leaf Blade!" swinging its tail down again, it struck the mouse's back. Giving a pained cry, it only took the attack from the glowing serpent. "Let's finish this! Toss it up!" the snake wrapped its tail around the rodent, tossing it into the air above.

"Pikachu, don't give up!" Ash shouted, the mouse giving a nod as it shook its head rapidly.

"Finish it with Solarbeam!" Trip commanded, the snake drawing in solar energy as it prepared to finish the mouse. The attack grew twice as large as earlier, from the effect of Overgrow.

"Last move, Pikachu! Volt Iron Tail!" the mouse did a mid-air back flip, electricity forming around it as it became a sparking sphere with a tail of streak-like sparks. Its tail glowing silver within, it dropped and dive-bombed towards the serpent.

"Fire!" the snake fired the grass-type attack, the powerful beam going straight for the oncoming mouse.

"Do it, buddy!" Ash shouted, the mouse shouting its name in agreement as it blinked away its fear, fire burning in its eyes as it neared the attack. Pikachu swung its down, the two attacks colliding as Pikachu remained within the electricity in a sitting position on its tail. Shouting its name again, it applied greater pressure as it began slowly pushing through the beam of energy, gaining on the snake.

"Serperior, defend with Cut!" the snake's tail glowed blue, its body still giving off a radiant green glow as it watched the mouse slowly draw closer. Pikachu bared its teeth, applying more pressure and gaining more speed.

"Do it!" the two trainers shouted simultaneously, the two Pokemon shouting their name as their attacks' power boosted, the mouse suddenly breaking through the energy easily as it closed its eyes. The serpent spun its tail in the air beside its body to gain speed and power, then closed its eyes and brought it up and struck the mouse's side. Pikachu's tail struck Serperior's opposite side, the mouse hitting the ground and sliding on all fours. The two Pokemon remained motionless, eyes closed and waiting for the determined winner.

"So...Who won?" Ash whispered, blinking in confusion as he watched the two Pokemon intently.

"Neither can take another hit...Not after that..." Trip muttered, watching closely at the two Pokemon for any signs. The ref looked back and forth repeatedly, doing his job. Suddenly, with a grunt each, the Pokemon fell forward flat on the ground. "Serperior!"


"Both Pokemon are unable to battle! With that decided, this match-" the ref started, raising his flags before being cut off. The two trainers blinked in surprise, crouched by their Pokemon as the crowd began yelling angrily.

"Hey! It can't end like that!"

"No way! That's terrible!"

"We want a winner!"

"Check the camera! Give a close-up!"

"We need to know who really won!"

"Whoa..." the two trainers muttered, watching the crowd yell angrily for a winner. The ref blinked, then slowly nodded.

"...Alright, we will check the tapes." the ref pulled a small remote from his pocket, clicking a button. Everyone watched as the board's picture changed, the faces and Pokemon disappearing as it was replaced by a video feed. The two Pokemon were standing motionless as earlier, then they both grunted. The ref pressed another button, the two Pokemon fell at a greatly decreased rate. After a few seconds of impatient waiting and slow-motion falling, everyone was given a straight answer.

By a dangerously small fraction, the serpent's body hit the ground first.

"Serperior fell first!"

"That means Pikachu won!"

"Ash Ketchum won!"

"Make it official, ref!"

"A...Ah..." the ref was at a loss of words, surprised at the crowd's determination for a real winner. Raising his flags hesitantly, he announced the final stats.

"Serperior was the first to faint, therefore Pikachu wins! This match and Unova League trophy go to...Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!"

'End Flashback'

Yes, Ash won the Unova League 10 years ago, but he died 4 years after that when he was on a mission as a Pokemon Ranger.

Then suddenly

'What is this?' asks Professor Oak when a smokescreen appears.

'Prepare for trouble!' a female voice says.

'Make it double!' a male voice says.

'No, not them again'.

'To protect the world from devastation!'.

'To unite all peoples within our nation!'.

'To denounce the evils of truth and love!'.

'To extend our reach to the stars above!'.



'Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!'.

'Surrender now, or prepare to fight!'.

'Meowth! That's right!'.

'Team Rocket' says everyone.

'Hello twerps' says Jessie

'Yes, long time no see twerps' James continued.

'Why are you three here?' Brock asks.

'Yes, I thought that Team Rocket no longer existed.' says Dawn.

'It is true that Team Rocket no longer exists but…' says James.

'But what?' Max and May ask confused and angry at the same time.

'But we work for a new boss now.' Meowth continued.

'Who is this new boss of you and what does he want from us.' asks Misty angry.

'I will answer that question. What our new boss wants is you twerps to pay him a visit.' says Jessie.


'Here, this you need to visit him. If you visit him, he will answer most of your questions.' says James.

And James throws a Pokeball and a key in a form of a lightning bolt.

'What should we do with this Pokeball and the key?' ask Max with a confused look on his face.

'Well the Pokemon in the Pokeball will take you to him, but only if you show him the key.' says James.

'When a Machamp shows up show him the key and he will take you direct to our boss' Meowth continued.

'And one more thing before we leave.' says Jessie.

'And that is?' ask Dawn confused.

'He will give you something that you lost in the begin of your journey with Ash.' answered James.

Then a Gallade appeared in front of the Rockets.

And within a second Gallade teleported the Rockets away back to Ash.

When Team Rocket teleported away they left Misty, Brock, Tracey, Gary, Professor Oak, Max, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan and Delia confused behind.


Here is a list of Pokemon Ash has including those he has already from his journeys:


Gallade. Lucario. Machamp.


Blastoise. Charizard. Crawdaunt. Emboar. Feraligatr. Floatzel.

Garchomp. Gigaltih. Glalie. Gliscor. Heracross. Infernape.

Kingler. Krookodile. Leavanny. Meganaium. Muk. Noctowl.

Pidgeot. Pikachu. Primeape. Samurott. Sceptile. Scrafty.

Seismitoad. Serperior. Snorlax. Staraptor. Swellow. Tauros.

Torkoal. Torterra. Typhlosion. Unfezant. Venasaur.

Will they go to Ash?

Will they become friends with the new Ash?

What Pokemon is inside that Pokeball?

Which Pokemon has Ash more?

Find out next chapter.


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