"And you have no idea where these signals are coming from?" a tall, blue eyed man asked warily, leaning against the desk studying a computer screen. A woman with shoulder length dark brown hair leaned over the mans' shoulder shaking her head.

"No we don't. Everyone in this room has studied it over and over and no one is even close to figuring it out what it is or who it is." The woman said in a welsh accent. "Sorry Jack." Jack straightened up, sighing. He looked towards the other two people in the room.

"It's okay Gwen. Martha, Mickey, aside from me you've both traveled with him, do either of you recognize this signal or its patterns?" Martha shook her head, wide brown eyes sweeping the screen carefully, studying it. Her husband Mickey shifted his weight, crossing his arms with a somewhat hard expression on his face.

"No, sorry mate."

Jack blew out another gust of air wide eyed, he ran his fingers through his hair, thinking. "Well we'll just have to make out what we can. One thing for sure is that whoever it is; they're desperate to get our attention." He stated. Three pairs of eyes turned to look at him in confusion, Gwen turned fully to face Jack, surprised.

"Who? What do you mean?"

"Look Gwen," Jack said leaning towards the monitor, pointing at series of date and times. "It has to be a person, let alone another intelligent being. Whoever it is knows well enough how to transmit the signal precisely in the exact same way at the same time each day. I'm surprised UNIT or anyone else hasn't already picked up on this chatter." While studying Gwen's expression and explaining his theory, another thought occurred to him. "Hold on a minute, Martha, you work with UNIT." Martha shrugged in response.

"I mostly do freelance now, but I still work with them from time to time. Why?"

"Do you know if they've noticed this signal?" Jack asked excitedly, something sparked in Martha's eyes as she caught on to where Jack was headed with his idea.

"No, they haven't noticed it; no one has; only Torchwood. Mickey searched their computers shortly after you told me about it over the phone, and he found nothing. So that means…" she babbled quickly.

"That whoever it is only wants Torchwood to notice! But that's brilliant!" Gwen finished, whirling around to face Martha, both women smiled widely at each other.

Jack started to frown, "No it isn't." everyone turned to look at him confused. "I'm serious, if they only want Torchwood to receive the signal, that means either someone we know is trying to reach us, or something is threatening to destroy us, Torchwood, and what Torchwood stands for." He realized gravely, smiles that filled the room started to disappear as they realized how right Jack could be.

"I'm sorry, but I thought I might point this out, but doesn't that signal seem familiar to anyone else but me? Maybe not Gwen, but you and Martha for sure Jack." Mickey pointed out; all three cocked their heads to the side as they studied the signal pattern. "Hey Gwen, do you think you could play the signal recording?" he asked, still deep in thought. She obliged, letting the recording play in a loop. The signal sounded scratchy and low pitched, although it sounded like words were being chanted over and over, but unable to be understood. "Do you think you could equalize it or something? Try and figure out what its saying?" Again, Gwen nodded, trying her best to even out the recording while muttering all the while how if Tosh were still here it would be easier for all of them. Finally though, she broke through.

"Fire and ice and rage inside, how long 'till I fall? Fire and ice and rage inside, how long 'till I fall? Fire and ice and rage inside, how long 'till I fall? Fire and ice and rage inside, how long 'till I fall?" a young woman's voice in an accent similar to Jacks' whispered, chanting the phrase over and over again.

"Fire and ice and rage inside, how long 'till I fall? What is that supposed to mean?" Martha asked. "Sounds urgent enough to catch someone's attention though, I'll give them that."

That voice, even in a whisper I recognize it from somewhere, Jack thought. "Yeah, but who's attention do they want?"

"Jack." The same voice from the recording uttered… from in the room itself. Jack, Gwen, Martha and Mickey all drew pistols they had concealed on their person, whirling to look to their right. There, to their surprise was a teenage girl in a loose form fitting navy blue Muppet shirt and knee length jean skort. Even with 5 pistols trained on her, she looked at them calmly, looking at them with her large brown eyes. Jack took his right hand off his gun, moving it to in front of the others to prevent them from firing.

"Hold your fire." He ordered, placing his own pistol back into its holster. A smile lit up his face as he crossed the floor to grab the girl in a tight hug, he muttered something as he took the first few steps, but the others missed it. The girl didn't though. "Hey you!" Jack said into the girls shoulder as they hugged, "been a while hasn't it?"

They stepped away from each other, still grinning. "Yep," she said, popping the p at the end. "Hey Martha, hey Mickey!" she continued, waving at them. They waved back smiling, recognition sparkling in their eyes. Together her and Jack walked towards the group, now relaxed and guns away.

"Martha, Mickey, you already know who this is. Gwen, this is N-" Jack began, but his friend cut him off, walking one step ahead of him, arm extended.

"Code name is B.W.A.T.L, your Gwen right? Nice to meet you, heard a lot of great things about you." B.W.A.T.L introduced herself, throwing a witty grin at Jack; Gwen shook her hand smiling back at the girl. Dropping her hand, B.W.A.T.L looked around the room confused. "Jack, I know your team is bigger than this, where is everybody? Ianto, Owen, Tosh… where are they?" she asked, Jack and Gwen winced as she listed the names.

"They died…" Jack said forlornly, bowing his head, Gwen did the same. The girls' eyes widened in response to the news, shock flitting across her face.

"They did? Crud, Jack I'm so sorry. Always seem to find out who died years after they've already been dead I do. I didn't know, I wouldn't have mentioned them had I of known." She said in a respectful tone. Gwen looked at her, squeezing the girls' shoulder.

"It's okay, thank you though."

"With time travel though you can never tell which point in time you've ended up in so I don't blame you for asking." Jack mused; the girl bobbed her head up and down as a thought occurred to her.

"So this is spring 2012 right?" she asked wide eyed, everyone in the room nodded.

"So obviously you didn't send us that message just to pop in and say hi." Jack said, remembering her message. B.W.A.T.L turned her head to look at him, her expression staying neutral.

"No, this isn't just a social visit. I need to talk to you."

"Sure, what do you need?" Jack replied, looking her straight in the eye. There, was a hidden message, a plea.

Walking up to him, she put her hand around Jack and on to his back leading him a few feet away from the others. Stopping, she looked back at him straight into his blue eyes.

"Jack, I need your help."

2 Weeks Later...

"So where are we going this time?" Amy asked, perked by the Doctor's enthusiasm.

"Partanium, largest party in the universe. The whole planet is one huge party! Isn't that great?" the Doctor crowed excitedly, throwing his arms in the air. Amy smiled as he continued to babble, running around the console, flipping switches, pumping pumps, and dialing coordinates. Then he whirled around to look at a curly haired young woman who was trying discreetly to reach for a button. "And don't turn the brake off River. I like that noise, it's a brilliant noise." River pulled her hand away grinning. "And off we go!" The TARDIS went spinning of through time and space towards Partanium.

As the Doctor worked on the controls facing the doors, a peculiar feeling swept over him, that something was off. He looked up towards the door, there stood two figures. A tall familiar man stood clutching a teenage girl's arm stood in front of the doors of the TARDIS as if they had simply walked through the doors as the TARDIS spiralled through time and space. The Doctor's eyes widened in shock.

"What?" the girl looked at him.

"What?" she replied.

"What?" The Doctor said slightly higher pitched.

"WHAT!" said the girl in an even higher pitched voice than the Doctor's had been, looking from side to side.