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Chapter 5

The silence grew even larger and more unbearable as they walked down the streets for some time before Bree stopped behind everyone else. She had a blank look on her face, her eyes empty as she stared at the ground. Amy noticed their party was one short as they continued walking, as they had not noticed Bree had fallen behind. She ran back to the younger girl, putting a hand on her shoulder as she tried to coax Bree out of this weird faze. The physical touch did nothing to lapse Bree back to reality, not even waving a hand in front of her face worked. This worried Amy; and in noticing the rest of the group getting farther away, her motherly instinct kicked in and she called out to everyone ahead.

"Hey!" Amy shouted, causing everyone else to stop and look behind them. "Doctor," she waved to her raggedy man; beckoning him over as she kept her eyes on Bree who was still in a trance-like state. The Doctor; followed by the rest, came over quickly to where the pair stood.

"Bree?" he called as he walked over; no response. "Bree?" he tried again.

Suddenly, Bree's head snapped up, followed by a loud gasp; causing the Doctor and Amy to stumble back in surprise. Just as quickly as she had snapped out of her trance, the girl whirled around to face the direction the group had just come from; watching the lit street lights and buildings with bated breath.

Before anyone could utter a word, a series of audible cracks and snaps could be heard hurtling quickly down the street to their direction. Then they saw it; a surge in the power could be seen like a wave of electricity coming down the entire area. Bolts of electricity could be seen surrounding the street lights and buildings as they flickered momentarily; anything using power was surrounded by the bolts before returning to normal.

"It's like an electrical tsunami." Jack said quietly as he watched the electricity in wonder.

"What the…" Amy and Rory mumbled, trailing off as they too watched the strange phenomenon.

Bree cursed from behind the shocked group as they turned to watch the power wave continue down the street, even pass the end of it, before following the "wave" at a run towards the TARDIS at the end of the street.

"Bree?" the Doctor called after her in confusion.

She stopped at the doors, pushing them open after the TARDIS willingly unlocked the doors for her, and waved the rest of the TARDIS' inhabitants over frantically; motioning for them to get into the TARDIS. "I'm sorry, but the surges are moving. We gotta get moving ourselves."

As everyone ran into the TARDIS without another the word, the Doctor stopped with Bree at the door while everyone else waited inside. Looking at her curiously, he asked quietly "Where are the surges heading to?"

Looking at the Doctor apologetically, she answered unwillingly "Where we originally started; back at square one."

"Well then," the Doctor said, holding his arm out to Bree. "Back to square one."

Arm in arm, the pair quickly entered the TARDIS themselves, River already at the TARDIS console. The doors snapped shut on their own behind the pair, and as the ship dematerialized silently, all that could be heard was "Oi! I like that noise, River!"

Just as Bree had said, it was back to square one; back to where the TARDIS had originally landed. The moment it landed, everyone was out the door and surrounding the still gaping hole in the ground as they had left it an hour ago. Quickly the Doctor locked the doors behind him before joining everyone else around the hole.

"We have to get down there;" Bree said once everyone was accounted for. "Down there is where we need to be."

Jack looked at Bree wildly. "But I thought you said it was a long way down." He said, everyone minus River and Bree nodding in agreement.

Bree studied each face surrounding the hole carefully yet worriedly before putting on a face of set determination. Throwing her hand in front of her over the hole, she looked at Jack and asked "Trust me?"

Jack smiled widely at her before putting his hand on top of hers in the center of the circle. "Definitely." He said in a solid tone.

The girl looked to River next. "Trust me?"

River laughed before putting her hand on top of Jack's, adding to the pile. "I wouldn't have jumped if I didn't." she said. Without being asked, Amy and Rory silently added their hands to the pile.

Then everyone looked to the Doctor who stood looking worried while wringing his hands. Bree looked at him with a soft pleading gaze that reminded the Doctor of when he first met the girl as a child. "Doctor?" Bree asked quietly, still meeting his gaze. "Trust me?"

Finally, after a long moment of locked gazes the Doctor finished the pile with his own hand.

"Always." He said.

The moment he uttered the words, there was a loud crack; and in a rush of wind and black and red energy, the group was gone.

Far below the city and farther than any slums on the planet; the group rematerialized in another flash of black and red energy, this time in a damp, concrete covered hallway. The moment their feet hit the ground, Bree was already walking away from her friends; looking at all the large metal blast doors lining the hall way. Finally, she paused at one that was further down the hall from where the remainder group stood stunned, confused by what just happened. The Doctor was the quickest to recover, and when he did, he ran up to the girls' side and started doing what he did best; talking very fast.

"You can teleport!" he exclaimed in shock, yet with a wide smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye.

"State the obvious, Doctor." Bree said as she studied the door she stood in front of, rolling her eyes as she did so. "How do you think Jack and I got on to the TARDIS?" she asked jokingly.

The Doctor's eyes bulged. "But-but I never heard you when you appeared in the TARDIS! This-" he motioned to where they had materialized, "there was a loud snap!" he motioned with his hands the sound of what looked as though he were mimicking a boom with his hands. "And smoke!"

"That was energy," Bree corrected him. "And it's like the TARDIS console theme; I can change it, the way I teleport. That just now was John Druitt Sanctuary style." When the Doctor just stared at her oddly, Bree shrugged. "What? It's my favorite. Besides, it's better than just fading away."

"So what then," Rory said as he approached the pair, "we go through here?" he pointed at the thick metal door.

Pressing her palms against the metal door in a fashion similar to when Mels first saw the TARDIS, after a moment of closed eyed concentration, Bree nodded and said "The energy signature is stronger here than anywhere else in this hall."

"Okay, so what are we waiting for?" Amy said from over the shoulder of her husband. "Let's go!" Grabbing the door handle, Amy attempted to open the door; but it wouldn't budge one inch. "Doctor?" Amy asked, motioning for him to help.

Taking his sonic screwdriver form his coat pocket, the Doctor pointed his sonic at the lock, but as it buzzed, the lock didn't open. He attempted to sonic the lock again, but to no avail. Giving an exasperated sigh, he rapped his sonic against the palm of his hand; studying it with wide eyes.

"What's wrong?" Amy asked.

"It's a dead lock; the sonic screwdriver won't work." The Doctor admitted. "We'll have to find a way around." As he led the way deeper down the hall, Bree never moved an inch, choosing to remain by the door.

Leaning against the doorframe lazily, Bree sighed before calling to the Doctor; her voice echoing down the hall. "Doctor, you give up too easily."

The Doctor turned quickly on his heel and returned to the girl, causing the rest of the group to stumble into each other. His eyes were challenging as he strode up to her. "Oh really? You give it a go then." He offered in a voice.

Both crossed their arms and stared at each other with stubbornness and frustration which rivalled the others. Keeping her eyes locked with the Doctor's, Bree waved her right hand at the lock once. The lock clicked loudly, and then swung open to reveal a chilly and wet corridor. Bree smiled smugly at the Doctor before sweeping the same hand she used to somehow unlock the door towards the entrance of the corridor, indicating he should enter. Scowling, the Doctor walked into the dark winter passage with his companions hot on his heels. Once everyone was inside, the heavy metal door swung shut with a mundane clank; leaving the group enveloped in complete darkness. Suddenly, something close to them hit the ground hard, making the sound echo loudly through the hall. Someone shrieked in fear, in which Bree turned her head to look behind her to the source of the shriek.

"Really? Really Rory?" she asked incredulously.

"S-sorry." Rory stuttered.

From the floor, someone muttered under their breath. The Doctor blindly took out his sonic screwdriver again, turned it on, and swept it across the ground by them; illuminating the hall with a green glow. Jack felt something against his leg, and looking down, found Amy sitting on the floor; her legs sprawled out as though she had slipped, and a shocked yet disgruntled expression on her face. "Amy, you okay?" Jack asked, giving Amy a hand up.

Amy glared at everyone as she stood up. "Oh yeah! Just slipped on to my backside which causes my husband to scream like a little girl; and only then do my friends notice." She said sarcastically. "Oh yeah, I'm just fine."

Rory put an apologetic arm around Amy's shoulders as he gave her a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry," he murmured.

A small smile appeared on Amy's lips. "I certainly hope so."

"We need more light." The Doctor said, shinning the sonics' light around the hall. "Does anyone else have a torch?"

Just as the words left his lips, the corridor became even brighter with the same green glow as the Doctor's screwdriver, minus the sonic buzzing. The Doctor's eyes widened in surprise as his eyes located the source of extra lighting came from. Beside him stood Bree holding at waist height a miniature version of his current sonic screwdriver. "Look at that!" the Doctor said pointing at the little screwdriver ecstatically. "It's just like mine! Where did you get that!" he bubbled excitedly, looking between the two sonics as he bounced up and down slightly as the group started to walk down the corridor.

Bree moved her light through the dark, her brown eyes sweeping the space ahead. "I bought it." She said simply, not taking her gaze off the hall ahead to look at the Doctor who was still bouncing like a small child. Finally, she took a peek at his expression and sighed when she saw him watching her curiously with a smile on his face. "Fine…" she sighed. "When I bought it, it was just a torch. Nothing special other than it looked like your sonic. After that, I made some… ahhh… modifications to it." Bree explained. "And before you go all smarty pants on me let me finish." She said as she caught the Doctor opening his mouth to speak; he scowled at her as she said that. Grinning back at his disgruntled expression, Bree continued. "Anyways, there are a few differences between our sonics; mainly being the size and mine not buzzing." She waved her sonic around slightly. "Sound dampeners; came preinstalled when I got it.

"Also, it doesn't extend and its claws don't open." She smiled, before glancing at Jack and gave him a dirty look. Judging by the look on his face as they continued to walk, Jack was attempting to keep in several innuendos.

After ten minutes of walking, Amy ran up to walk along Bree's side. "So what are you exactly?" she asked; asking the question not many had been brave enough to ask the past few hours. Bree looked at Amy and shrugged.

"I'm a Time Lord." She said simply as both she and the Doctor switched off and stowed their sonic screwdrivers in their jackets. This statement caused a variety of reactions. Amy and Rory's eyes widened in shock, Jack shrugged, and River studied Bree closely. The Doctor though, reacted the worst to Bree's claim; he stopped, his eyes wide and his eyebrows high. Soon, he quickly recovered the shock. The Doctor marched up to Bree, his eyes dark with trying to hide years of pain and loss.

"No you're not! You are not a Time Lord, and even if you were one you would be a Time Lady; Time Lords are men. If you were a Time Lady, I would know. Time Lords- and Time Ladies," he added when River coughed. "Have this little trick; we can recognize another Time Lord." The Doctor said for Amy and Rory's benefit. Awareness lit up in Jack's eyes as he remembered where he had first heard this speech.

"Like with the Master?" Jack asked, sending chills through 3 sets of spines.

The Doctor nodded in response. "Exactly." The Doctor said gravely.

Rory stepped forward, hands up with confusion on his face. "Sorry, but… who's the Master?"

"No one," the Doctor said quickly, wanting to get off the topic. "It doesn't matter. What does matter is that you," he rounded on Bree as he spoke. "Are not a Time Lord- Lady; whatever!" Bree's face remained neutral as he spoke, but darkened slightly as she responded.

"I know the past, present, and future just as well as you do!" she shot back, but the Doctor wasn't convinced. His eyes searched her face, looking for a falter. "t-to a… degree." She added unwillingly. The Doctor crossed his arms, smiling smugly. Bree tried again, convince him, shock him… something. "I can travel through time and space!" she cried.

"Just because you can travel through time and space does not make you a Time Lord." The Doctor said darkly; Bree shrank back the tiniest bit before her secret weapon came to her.

"I CAN REGENERATE!" Bree blurted out wide eyed. This took not just the Doctor back, but everyone else as well. Jack, like Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor stared at her wide eyed in shock, but he walked up behind her, and spun her by the shoulders to face him.

"What? Why didn't you tell me Bree?!" he said loudly, rattling her by the shoulders harshly. River marched up to him, and slapped him hard across the face; causing him to let go of Bree and stumble away from her. He stared at River as she checked over Bree.

"Are you okay?" she asked the girl quietly, looking over the girl. Bree nodded, eyes watching the Doctor carefully.

"Explain." The Doctor whispered hoarsely.

"I can regenerate like you can, but it's a bit- no… a lot different than you can. Like you, every cell in my body changes, it burns." Bree shuttered at the memory of the burning. "But the difference is that my physical appearance doesn't change… much." She stepped closer to the Doctor, a hairs breath away, as she made direct eye contact; making sure she was close enough so the Doctor couldn't look away. "Remember the Medusa Cascade incident where you used the regeneration energy to heal yourself, but not change?" she paused, watching the Doctor nod; his brilliant green eyes squeezing shut as he tried to keep the images of those dark days from out of his mind.

With shoulders hunched, head bowed low, eyes squeezed shut, and hands balled into tight fists, the Doctor truly looked pitiful; the pain and loss he felt almost visibly reverberating from his trembling frame. Amy and Rory shuffled their weight, looking away from the Doctor in uncomfortable silence. Jack simply shoved his hands in his coat pockets; knowing there was nothing he could do to help. River watched her Doctor in sadness, yearning to wrap her arms around his waist and pull him close; to whisper to him not to worry, that he wasn't alone. Yet she remained where she stood watching, feeling for once powerless.

Finally, the Doctor looked up at Bree, opening his eyes. "Yeah, I remember." He said in a pained whisper.

Bree nodded, feeling horrible she put the Doctor in this position; but she knew in her heart that this was important, and that this was something he needed to know. "Anyways, the cells in my body die; preserve themselves actually." She added at the looks she received at the word die. "While they're preserved, my body heals any damage that it has been sustained. I'm still alive; but the bodily functions go into a period of… hibernation while it heals, which will take as long as it must depending on the amount of damage that has to be fixed.

"But like your regeneration, I have to choose and act whether or not I want it to happen. Quite like the Master did on the Valiant." At the second mention of the Master, the Doctor shot a dark look at Bree. Unfazed by this reaction, Bree continued on. "See? I am at least part Time Lord- Lady. Might have one heart, but the rest of it…" she smiled slightly up at him, trying to coax him into smiling; but instead, he walked away.

"You're a hybrid then, a metacrisis." The Doctor muttered as he walked down the corridor. Bree's eyes grew wide in anger when the words reached her ears, and marched after him as he walked away. Putting a hand on his shoulder, Bree whirled the Time Lord around to face her, stopping him in his tracks.

"Now that," she shrieked, her voice echoing off the cement walls and floors, "was just plain, bloody rude! I may not be a full blown Time Lord-"

"Lady." The Doctor interjected.

"WHATEVER! The point is that there is the tiniest bit of Time Lord," Bree stressed harshly, "in me! Because you know what Doctor? There's one thing, one thing that is absolutely the same about us; and you know what that is?" she paused, breathing heavily. All eyes were on her as they watched her anxiously. "Time. Time, Doctor. Time runs through these veins."

All the while she spoke Bree pulled up the arms of her jacket, revealing the pale undersides of her forearms where faint blue lines etched where her veins were visible. Waving her hand between herself and the Doctor in a similar manner to how she opened the deadlock, a controlled invisible force pulled the Doctor's sonic screwdriver from his jackets' interior pocket and into Bree's waiting open hand. The Doctor opened his jacket to look where his sonic had been stowed moments ago to Bree angrily, yet surprised at the same time; his eyes flashing darkly.

"Give that back, now!" he threatened; Bree tossed it back to him without a fuss. With the dark look still in his eyes, the Doctor eyed Bree in confusion. "What do you mean, time flows through your veins? You're human!" At this statement, there were 4 cries of rejection echoing through the corridor; but the Doctor stood firm.

"Exactly like you. You once said that all of time and space runs through your head; well, it's the same for me. Look you can bleep me all you want," she added in a tone similar to Donna when she saw the Doctor flex his hand which held his sonic screwdriver. "And you'll find time. I can guarantee that."

Bree and the Doctor glared at each other; but nonetheless, the Doctor started to scan Bree. Once he had enough readings, he flicked open the sonic to study the reading. The teen smiled smugly as she watched the Doctors' confident expression falter and fall into one of shock. His eyes flickered between the readings and Bree, back and forth again, not quite believing what he saw. She smiled slightly at him as he stopped his continuous double takes and stared at her, mouth agape.

"We good?" She asked quietly.

The Doctor nodded slightly. "Yeah."

Amy looked between the pair as they argued, either one looking as though they had the upper hand every few seconds. Yet when it fell to a quiet tie, neither one boasted victory. Shaking her head in confusion, Amy stepped forward saying "I don't get it. What do you mean you're good?"

The Doctor combed his fingers through his hair, letting out a gust of wind. "It means we're good." He said as he turned away.

"Yeah, okay. Fine, obviously you don't want to talk about it. So what now then?" Amy asked rather pushily.

"Onward and upwards." Bree said, her eyes locked on a white metal ladder bolted to the concrete wall at the end of the corridor. A blue/white light illuminated the vertical cylinder exit, signaling a possible way out.

"Right then." The Doctor crowed, trying to seem enthusiastic. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together as he started making his way down the hall to the light; his companions following closely behind him. "As the lady said, onward and upwards!"

As the group walked along, Rory looked around the corridor in relief they got closer to the light; looking back anxiously at the dark passage they had just come from. As they walked, he moved closer to his wife and daughter, as if to protect them.

"I don't like it down here; it feels like the silence could come out of the shadows at any time." He said in a hushed voice. Both Amy and River each took one of Rory's' hands in theirs, and squeezing his hands in reassurance with wide smiles.

"Don't worry, they won't take us again." Amy promised. "We have River now."

"We also have the last centurion to protect us." River added.

"And an ex-time agent." Bree muttered absentmindedly.

"And a power house." Jack said, punching Bree in the arm playfully, both smiling each other.

"And me." The Doctor called out from the front of the pack, spinning around to face them. "Look at me, I'm the Doctor!" He threw his hands in the air with a matching carefree grin, getting a laugh from his friends. Joining on their laughter, they continued down the hall to the bright chamber.