The Infection Has Begun

Do you think all those tall tails as you would call them mite happen someday .I'm not talking about talking mice or sleeping beauty .But you mite be shock to know most horror stories that contain zombies can become the shocking truth and your worst fear. See over the course of history detectives and federal agents have investigated, so called crimes that have happened all over the world .But they have not been telling you the hole truth , these crimes are more agents nature and humanity its self and mainly that is the only way I can really put it. The governments have covered up every peace of evidence there was and tried to make it all disappear. But clearly what they did not know is that professional organizations had been formed to dig back up those files that had been lost forever and it comes to shock the human brain as to what they find in those long lost files. So if you are easily sucked up in the world of a book make sure you get some sleep during this one.

"Zack Carter Jessica get over here you have to see this" "What is it sir is there a problem" Jessica looked at the video cam. "WHAT THE HELL" Zack shouted "Oh no" Jessica said in horror "How could it have come to this" "Carter that's enough you should have kept your group together I thought I could trust you, you just gave out our hiding post and now they are eating your team" "What are we going to do now we just lost our best team" Zack said "We'll just have to stay were we are" "CHAPTEN LOOK OUT" "UHAAAAAAAAAAAAA" CHAPTEN STAY WITH US CHAPTEN CHAPTEN CHAPTEN CHAPTEN. "He's gone Jessie come on we have to move COME ON" " AAAAHHHHHAHHH CHAPTEN NOHA CHAPTEN NOOOAH" Jessie screamed out "How did this happen" Jessie said through her sobs.

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