Chasing the Dream of Gold

Sasha pov: When Alex Curz called me and asked if I would come to the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics center to train the Gymnasts there. The reason he gave me was that Marty Walsh Left the gym and took about have of the girls and Lauren Tanner to the Denver Gymnastics club and left the Rock Gym with out a head coach. I asked Alex if there was a girl there by the name of Emily Kmetko Belov there? Alex said yes there is why. I told him that she is my daughter. I told him that I will be there tomorrow. I never thought that I would see my son and daughter again. Brian and Emily wow I never thought that I would see them again. The Last time I saw them It was in Phoenix Arizona. While I was on tour with the Olympic Team they moved to Colorado. Now I find out that Emily is at the Rock Training to be on The Olympic team like I was. When I pulled up to the rock I see someone from another gymnastic club yelling at my daughter. I go over there and tell the other to leave my daughter alone. The Girl leave and Emily runs up to me and starts crying and hugs me.

Emily pov: I could not believe that my dad was in front of me I ask "Daddy where have you been?" I asked while I was crying. "Are you hear to stay with Brian, Mom and me?" I missed you so much

Sasha: yeah I am here to stay. Who was that was yelling at you?"

Emily: That was Lauren. She and Kelly Parker are the bullies of The Denver Gymnastics club. They like to cause trouble here all the time. She caused me to hurt my self on the vault she changed the setting on the sheet for the exercise to get the order ready for nationals and she was mad that she did not get top 3 and I did. She had her dad transfer her and other girls to the Denver club and they took Marty Walsh to Denver.