Chloe sees Sasha

Chapter 2

Chloe's Pov: As I pull into the Rocks gym to pick up my daughter from practice. I see something familiar to me. I head in side to see my husband with my daughter Emily and it looks like she is crying. She calls me over and when I get there. It was Sasha my husband and father to Emily and Brian. I ask "are you really hear Sasha?"

Sasha pov: Yes Chloe I am hear and I am back if you will have me back. I am not leaving any more.

Chloe's pov: Sasha I will always want you Sasha. Are you going to be coaching here?

Sasha pov: when Steve tanner found me where I was living he came to bribe me to come here and train his daughter but I told him I will come to coach everybody at the Rock .I also came back for you and our kids.

Emily's pov: I am really glad you are home now are you gong to be coming home with us?

Sasha: I would love to. Lets head home now since practice is over I will follow you guys to the house.

Emily pov: Sweet!