Chapter 4

Hanna adjusted her skirt. This wasn't just a normal meeting for her new apprentice. He was about to meet their master; Nulgath. Were her aid necessary, she wanted to look her best.

Asmodeus stood, waiting. Why had he been called here? Was him trouble for killing Solo? Klunk would have told Nulgath about that, for sure!

After a while of waiting, Nulgath entered the room, and from Asmodeus's position on the ground, he seemed to be grinning. Klunk stood next to him.

"I heard you killed someone, Asmodeus." Nulgath said in a tone that was extremely hard to read.

"Y...Yes, sir." Asmodeus replied, unsure.

"Interesting..." He stopped for a moment, thinking. Then he looked back at Asmodeus. "You have been training from someone, correct?"

"Yes, sir."


That was her cue. Hanna strode in the room in a half flirty and half come-near-me-and-die way. She was in her normal black tube-top, skirt, and high-heeled boots that clashed somewhat with her red hair and yes. Her gray skin seemed darker in this light.

"He has been learning from ME." She announced, boldly, flipping her hair back away from her eyes.

At that, Nulgath grinned wider. "Ah, look. If it isn't SoulAlly Hanna. Or was it DoomSoulAlly Hanna? I forget what they call you now." He chuckled slightly.

"Just..." Hanna stopped herself from her normal lines. This was no human who would never understand. This was Nulgath; her master in all ways. "It is whatever you wish it to be." She bowed.

"Yes, yes it is." Nulgath said in the same unreadable tone as before.

He took a step closer to the two. "Who was it, Asmodeus? The one you killed?"

"Sir?" Asmodeus blinked. Didn't Klunk tell him?

"He knows who it was, he just needs you to tell him, so he can tell you what he knows." Hanna sighed. She'd just noticed the crack in her left horn had never healed itself.

"I don't care what you look like, Hanna." Nulgath stated, bluntly. "Now, back to what you were saying, Asmodeus?" He ran his clawed fingers down a weapon next to him that made Asmodeus shuder with envy.

"Solo, sir." He finally replied.

"Good..." Nulgath grinned again. "It was about time."

"OK, now I am lost..." Hanna muttered, still hurting somewhat from his blunt words.

"Your powers were weakening, correct?"

"Yes, master."

"And Solo was growing stronger, yes?"

"Yes, master Nulgath."

Asmodeus stoop silently for a moment.

"What you mean to say is that Solo was taking power from Hanna?" He muttered.

"Exactly."Nulgath replied, his eyes never leaving the blade for a moment. "If you hadn't taken her down, I would have sent some else."

"So... that weakness I felt was... her?" Hanna asked herself, thinking for a moment. "Perhaps it was right of me to escape when I did. But..."

"Zee The Legend knows of this plan, just not of WHO you are." It was Asmodeus of all people to say this.

"Wha..." Hanna stepped back for a moment.

Asmodeus grinned. "What? You really think I didn't know?"

"I don't feel so good..." Hanna didn't like this. She was his MENTOR! He shouldn't know more then her. It already bad she was being ignored by Nulgath!

Asmodeus walked over to Nulgath, eyes on the blade.

"You've done well playing your part." Nulgsth said, looking at Asmodeus now.

Only now did Hanna recognize the weapon, The Oblivion Blade of Nulgath. She was anything but pleased by this.

"Thank you, master." Asmodeus bowed, hands held above his head as Nulgath gave him the blade.