The secret

Puking could be heard through out the hideout. It was Hidan. Morning sickness really sucked.

"Kuzu!" Hidan called for her boyfriend, they had been dating for quite a while and it was no secret. She turned her head and began vomiting into the toilet again. Kakuzu entered the bathroom and knelt beside her. He rubbed her back while she coughed her breakfast back up.

"I fucking hate this!" she growled before spewing some more.

"I know but as I recall this isn't my fault," Kakuzu replied smugly.

"Don't you fucking get smart with me, Kuzu!" Hidan started feeling better and believed her sickness was over for today. She stood and rubbed her belly, looking up in thought.

"I'm hungry," she stated, looking at Kakuzu with a confused expression.

"Yeah, that'll happen when you puke up all the food you ate for the last two days." Hidan stamped her foot and grabbed Kakuzu by his collar.

"Then fucking get-me-FOOD!" Hidan yelled in Kakuzu's face. He cringed at the smell of vomit in her breath, which only made her more upset. She threw him back and stormed out of the bathroom. Kakuzu got up and flushed the toilet, seeing as though Hidan didn't, and followed his rampaging girlfriend.

Hidan entered the kitchen, where the cannibal and idiot were still sitting at the table.

"Hey di ho there Hidan! Tobi is a good boy!" the masked moron yelled to Hidan cheerfully. Hidan, who was only about 10cm away from Tobi when he yelled at her, covered her ears then smacked him across the face.

"Ass hole, you could have fucking burst my eardrums!" Hidan screamed back in annoyance. She went to the fridge to make herself second breakfast.

"Didn't you already have breakfast?" Zetsu's white half asked politely. Hidan looked over to him and growled, "yeah, what of it?"

"Oh, um, don't you think that's a little odd? Hush, chocolate moose. So, um, Hidan, was that you vomiting a moment ago?" Hidan looked worried.

Shit, I've been caught! Ah well, would of happened sooner or later.

"Uh, yeah, so?" Hidan glared. Before the plant man could answer, Kakuzu came in.

"There you are," he scowled.

"Yeah, here I fucking am. I fucking told you I was hungry! Oh yeah, the jig is up," Hidan sighed.

"What do you mean?" the stitched nin asked, confused by his girlfriend.

"The plant man heard me puke. So, the jig is up. May as well tell everyone anyway," Hidan shrugged.

"Mr. Zetsu, Tobi is confused!" Tobi got up off the floor rubbing his face where Hidan had slapped him.

"That's alright, Tobi. We're confused too." Hidan and Kakuzu sighed. Hidan decided that, even though she was starving, she didn't want any food, so, she up and left. Kakuzu followed close behind.

She entered her and Kakuzu's room and lay on the bed. Her starvation had finally gotten to her and it made her sleepy. She rolled onto her side, bending her legs in the process, closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep. Kakuzu had started counting his money in the short amount of time it took Hidan to fall asleep. He sighed and went to put Hidan under the covers. When he was going back to count his money, Hidan grabbed his arm. She pulled it to herself and hugged it.

"Don't go," she whispered softly. Kakuzu walked closer to her. He leant down and softy kissed her forehead.

"I'm won't go. I'll stay right here," he whispered in her ear. She smiled and moved over so Kakuzu could lie down. Once he was in the bed with her, she cuddled up to him and let go of his arm. He put his arms around her in a hug as she drifted back to a deep sleep.

"Hidan, wake up. You need to have dinner. You haven't eaten anything all day, unless you count the breakfast you spewed back up!" Kakuzu called, shaking his albino girlfriend to consciousness. She started slowly opening her eye before they shot open and glared at him.

"DON'T FUCKING WAKE ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN, KUZU!" she yelled at him. He smirked and picked her up bridal style.

"To bad, it's dinner time."

He carried her into the kitchen and sat her at the table with everyone else.

"What took you so long?" Pein asked Kakuzu.

"Hidan wouldn't wake up," he answered, earning him a 'hmph' and a smack from Hidan. Zetsu was staring at them, since he was still confused and curious from that morning. Hidan noticed and went off at him.

"WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING STARING AT, FREAK?" Zetsu jumped back a bit in his seat and looked away. Everyone else was now also staring at the missing-hot water nin. She glared at them all.

"Um, well, we were just staring because... What the hell was up this morning?" Zetsu questioned.

Hidan stopped glaring and her eyes shot open in surprise that Zetsu remembered their conversation they had earlier that day.

"Oh, um, Kuzu?" Hidan asked for help. He sighed.

"Do you want me to tell them the truth?" he asked.

"Yeah, why the fuck not? They're gonna fucking find out anyway. Bunch of fucking eavesdroppers," she mumbled the last sentence.

"Alright, if that's what you want. You guys Hidan's pregnant," Kakuzu announced. Everyone just sat there for a moment, before Tobi jumped Hidan from across the table and yelled, "YAY, TOBI IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!"

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME IMBECILE!" Hidan yelled a push the basket ball head away from her. Tobi started crying and ran to Zetsu for comfort. Suddenly, the sound of laughter caught Hidan's attention. He looked around and noticed Deidara laughing his head off. Hidan got up and walked over to the blonde then grabbed a bunch of his hair and pulled it back so he was looking up at Hidan.

"What you fucking laughing at Blondie?" Hidan hissed. Deidara stopped laughing for a moment then remembered why he was laughing in the first place and started up again. Hidan let go of his hair and stormed off up stairs to the bedrooms hallway where she entered her and Kakuzu's room. She flopped down on their bed and curled into a ball on her side.

Well at least it's out now. She thought before she drifted back into a starvation induced sleep.