The family

Hidan was standing in front of the open fridge staring at the food in it. She stood there for fifteen minutes. Her face grimaced. She let out a growl and slammed the fridge door. She spun around and face Kakuzu.

"There's no fucking food in the fridge," Hidan stated sweetly while still wearing her angry face. He scratched his head, confused by her expression and tone.

"Um, we ran out of the food you like to eat," he replied. She grabbed him by the collar and pulled his face closer to hers.

"Then why didn't you fucking get more?!" she yelled in his face. Before he could answer, she threw him and stormed off to their room. Kakuzu luckily landed on a chair. He sighed.

"You must be hating life right now," a cool voice spoke. Kakuzu lifted his head to see Sasori take a seat next to him. Kakuzu smirked at his bet friend.

"Heh, nah she's just-" Kakuzu stopped mid sentence as the girl in question came running down the stairs with her one button done up.

Odd, Hidan never has a button done up and I didn't get her a doctors appointment.

"You ok, Hida?" Kakuzu questioned his girlfriend. She looked up at him with an expression that's as if she'd been caught.

"Um, yeah, fine," she stuttered. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. Hidan looked at the clock on the wall.

"Ahahah, I gotta go. BYE!" she called as she ran out the door. Kakuzu stared at the door suspiciously before deciding to shadow his girlfriend.

Hidan walked for hours. Kakuzu couldn't tell where she was going and he was fine with it, until they got to the edge of the forest. Hidan began jumping through the trees.

She can't do that, she's pregnant!

Kakuzu sneakingly followed his albino girlfriend. Hidan jumped from tree to tree as fast as she could, even Kakuzu had trouble keeping up.

Before long, Hidan was standing out the front of the hot water village hospital. She let out a long sigh before taking a step towards the door.

"Hidan," Kakuzu came out from the shadows. Hidan jumped.

"What the fuck, Kuzu? Wh-when di- what?" Hidan stuttered. Kakuzu walked closer to her.

"I followed you from the hideout. What are you doing here?" Kakuzu asked. Hidan looked down band entered the hospital. She walked up to the counter with Kakuzu following.

"Hey," she greeted the nurse at the counter. The nurse looked up at her. She smiled at Hidan.

"Oh, good morning Hidan. Has it really been..." the nurse was cut when Hidan cleared her throat and the nurse noticed Kakuzu.

"So, I assume you're here to..." the nurse didn't really know how to put it around the man. Hidan just smiled and nodded, knowing what the nurse was getting at.

"Well, off you go," the nurse gestured for Hidan to go in. Hidan walked down the corridor with Kakuzu following. She stopped at room C108. The silver haired nin opened the door and Kakuzu tried to followed but Hidan stopped him.

"Let me go in by myself, you can come in later when I tell you, ok?" she instructed then entered the room, shutting the door in Kakuzu's face. In the room was a bed and in the bed was a woman. Connected to the woman were wires of all sorts and a machine next to her showed her heart rate. The woman was thin and ghostly pale, her hair was long and silver, her eyes closed. It was as if the girl were asleep. Hidan let out a shaky sigh and walked towards the lady. She sat in the seat next to the bed and held the woman's boney hand.

"Hey sis," Hidan spoke, "I know I haven't been in a while but a lot is going on." Hidan looked at the woman that was her sister. The woman remained motionless.

"I have some news sis, I'm sorta pregnant. About 1 month and 4 weeks now, ok 2 months," Hidan smiled, "yes the father is that guy I was dating. In fact I'm still dating him. Also, he sorta followed me here, he's outside the door. Can I let him in? Thanks," Hidan replied. She got out of the chair and walked to the door. She opened it and ushered Kakuzu in.

"Here he is," Hidan spoke to the girl. Kakuzu saw the woman and his eyes almost shot out of his head.

So this…

Hidan nudged her boyfriend. He looked down at her and she smiled.

"Say hello," she instructed. He looked at Hidan's sister.

"Hello," he spoke confusedly, he didn't really know what to say to a person in a hospital bed who seemed to be asleep. Kakuzu expected the girl in the bed to open her eyes and smile at him or something but no, the woman continued to lie motionless in the bed, her long, straight, silver hair sprawled across the pillow. Hidan walked back to the chair and sat again. Kakuzu walked slowly towards Hidan. He gave Hidan a questioning glance.

"You're wondering who this is and what happened aren't you?" she questioned, "it's alright to ask. This is my twin sister, Amai. She's the complete opposite of me, nice, considerate, sweet, not like me at all and that's everything I ever wanted to be. A few years back she, ended up this way."


Hidan was running around like crazy, cleaning up her parents house for her sister's arrival. She was just about done when the phone rang. Hidan growled as she answered the phone.

"What?" she growled. The person on the other end spoke.

"No, they died ages ago, this their daughter hidan," Hidan replied.

"What?" she breathed.

"But how?" she asked. She hung up the phone and ran out the door.

I gotta get to the hospital.

She entered the hospital to see doctors rushing around. She ran up to the desk.

"My name is Hidan you guys called my parents' house not long ago," she rushed. The nurse nodded.

"Yes, they aren't done yet I can't let you in," the nurse replied.

"I don't care, let me in!" she yelled.

"Miss, I'm afraid as can't," the nurse answered. Hidan didn't listen. The nurse called in three security guards to get the small albino sitting in the waiting room.

Hours later, a doctor came out and allowed Hidan entrance. Hidan practically ran to the room. When she opened the door she couldn't believe what she saw. Her sister was hooked up to all sorts of machinery. Her eyes closed with cuts and bruises all over her, a cast over her leg as well.

"What happened?" Hidan asked the doctor. He let out a sigh.

"Someone crashed into her cart. We're afraid that she's in a coma," he informed her.

"When will she wake up?" Hidan asked, since she wasn't bright enough to realize that 'coma' means they don't know if the person will ever wake up.

"We don't know, she may never wake up," he answered her truthfully. Hidan sat besides the bed, she felt her sister's energy force.

"Please be ok."

End flashback

Tears fell down Hidan's face at the memory.

"And that's what got her here. Every time I come here now, the nurses ask me if I want to cut off her life supply but, I JUST CAN'T!" Hidan yelled. Kakuzu hugged his girlfriend and she grabbed onto her sister's hand. Kakuzu was about to say something but Hidan beat him.

"I can feel it… her life force. She's … slipping away but, I won't let her go because … when she goes … a part of me will be missing and I think … that's what I'm scared of the most," she breathed. Kakuzu held her closer.

"She was always been sweet and I've always been a macosist, even when we were young."


Hidan and Amai were 6 years old. Amai was sitting at the table and Hidan was on the floor near her feet. Hidan stabbed herself with the scissors all over herself. She looked up at Amai and stood up on her tippy toes to see what she was doing.

"What are you doing?" she asked in an uptight tone.

"Painting," Amai replied sweetly. Hidan scowled.

"Let me see," she bossed pushing Amai over on the chair so she could get up. It was a painting of their family. Hidan cringed.

"It needs more blood," Hidan commented. Amai laughed.

"Of course you would say the Hida but I like it this way," Amai marveled at her work, "I'm gonna do another one." She placed her finished work to the side and grabbed a new peice of paper. She pulled out her paintbrush and started painting. Hidan watched and her face went to an innocent one.

"Can I have a turn, Amai?" she asked. Amai smiled big.

"Of course Hida," she answered. Hidan was going to grab a peice of paper when Amai grabbed her hand.

"Maybe, we should clean you up first," Amai suggested. Hidan looked herself over and saw the blood.

"You're right," Hidan agreed. Both girls jumped off the chair and ran giggling to the bathroom.

End flashback

Kakuzu smirked at the memory Hidan shared.

So she was just as crazy back then. That's … reasuring.

Hidan was staring at her sister. She walked over to her Amai and kissed her forehead.

"I gotta go now, Amai. Get better soon, ok? Bye," she spoke then left the room with Kakuzu following. She left the hospital and Kakuzu took her to get some ramen.

"So, how did your parents die?" Kakuzu asked his girlfriend. Hidan looked down.

"I killed them. Amai wasn't to happy about that," Hidan answered.


Blood stained every surface. Two bodies lay lifeless on the floor. the door creaked open and Hidan turned to see who it was. Blood was present in her hair, under her nails and all over her clothes and weapon.

"Hidan," Amai breathed, "what have you done?" Hidan looked back at their dead parents.

"Did you know they decided this place isn't a ninja village anymore?" Hidan asked her sister. Amai took steps into the room.

"And that's why you did this?!" she yelled. Hidan wore a psychotic smile on her face.

"Yes, everything will be better now," Hidan answered. Amai got mad.

"THEY LOVED US HIDAN! IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT THE VILLGE ISN'T A NINJA VILLAGE ANYMORE!" Amai yelled. Hidan stormed out of the house and Amai fell to the floor and cried over her parents.

End flashback

Hidan finished her food and her and Kakuzu left back to the hide out.

I learnt a lot about Hidan today. I feel sorry for her.