The sacking

Hidan headed to Pein's office.

"What the fuck does he want?" Hidan grumbled to herself, "doesn't that shit know I have things I fucking need to do...LIKE FUCKING PREY LIKE HELL TO LORD JASHIN!" Hidan knocked on the office door and was told to 'come in'. Hidan banged open the door and stomped in front of his desk.

"What the fuck do you want?" Hidan asked angrily. Pein looked up from his work and gestured for Hidan to sit in the chair. Hidan sat down.

"Kakuzu and I have been talking Hidan," Pein began his speech, "we both think it's best for you if you weren't in the Akatsuki anymore." Hidan sat there dumbfounded.

"The fuck! I'm not in Akatsuki anymore? You can't just fucking do that!" Hidan yelled back. Pein was unfazed by Hidan's outburst.

"I'm sorry but it's my final decision. You have a week to pack your things and find a living arrangement. If you want to yell at someone about this, yell at Kakuzu, I didn't want to kick you out," Pein ended the meeting. Hidan stood up and stormed out of the room.

The door to Kakuzu and Hidan's room burst open and Hidan stormed in. Kakuzu was sitting at his desk, counting his money, like always. Hidan stamped up to her boyfriend.

"HEY FUCK-FACE! The FUCK do you think you're doing telling that FUCKING DIMWIT of a leader that I should be FUCKING KICKED OUT just because I'm FUCKING pregnant?!" She yelled angrily. He sighed and placed his money down calmly. He turned to his albino girlfriend.

"Hidan, it is important for you and the baby to be safe," he informed her calmly. Hidan was still raging though.

"THIS JOB IS MY FUCKING LIFE KAKUZU! That FUCKING LEADER said I have ONE WEEK to pack my things and leave! I HAVE NO WHERE TO GO! I'M WANTED FOR MURDER IN EVERY VILLAGE IN EVERY LAND! HOW THE FUCK IS LIVING ON THE STREETS ON THE RUN FROM AUTHORITIES EVERYWHERE A GOOD THING FOR ME AND THE BABY?! YOU TELL ME HOW THAT'S SAFE!" Hidan yelled. She was on the verge of tears and Kakuzu could see that. He stood and pulled her into a soft hug. The silver haired girl broke down and her tears began to soak into Kakuzu's shirt. He rubbed circles on her back.

"EVERYTHING I OWN IS HERE!" Hidan yelled through her tears and Kakuzu's clothing. The stitched man sighed.

"If you want I can talk to leader and see if he will take you back," Kakuzu tried to comfort Hidan. She nodded her head. Kakuzu sighed again.

"Ok, let's go find Deidara," Kakuzu instructed and began leading Hidan towards the open door. Hidan raised her head.

"Why?" She asked.

"So he can care for you while I talk with leader," Kakuzu answered and they left their bedroom.

The zombie duo entered the lounge room where they found the blonde bomber who was yelling at the masked idiot.

"TOBI YOU DON'T! TOUCH! MY! CLAY!" Deidara yelled. Tobi was whimpering on the floor. Deidara noticed Hidan in the room.

"Hey Hida... You ok?" The blonde asked. Hidan continued crying and walked over to Deidara with her arms open wanting a hug.

"What did you do?" Deidara shot Kakuzu a question while accepting Hidan's hug. Kakuzu sighed and walked away, Deidara glaring daggers at his back as the old miser walked away. He rubbed circles on Hidan's back as his coat began to get soaked in Hidan's tears.

Kakuzu knocked on the office door that led to where Pein was. A very mumbled 'come in' was barely audible but Kakuzu caught it and entered.

"Leader, I think you should give Hidan her job back. My judgements were inaccurate and I with draw my statement," Kakuzu spoke loudly as he entered the office but he saw no one was there. He looked around the office and noticed a figure sitting behind the desk, on the floor, facing Ame. He walked over to the figure and realized it was Pein. His expression was almost unreadable. His eyes were wider than normal and he stared at the village with nothingness in his eyes.

"How did Hidan tell you she was pregnant?" He asked his voice was level and higher. Kakuzu sat next to him.

"She didn't really tell me. We were talking and she bolted to the bathroom to puke. We both kinda found out at the same time," Kakuzu replied. Pein didn't change in the slightest, he didn't even blink. Then a small smile broke on his face.

"Funny, Konan just entered my office with a depressed look on her face and told me straight out that she was pregnant," Pein mused. Kakuzu stared wide eyed at Pein.

"Konan's pregnant?" He asked. Pein nodded slightly and slowly. Kakuzu stood and went to leave. He realized that now wasn't the time to talk about Hidan getting her job back. Pein was too far off in his own world... Or so he thought.

"Hidan can have her job back," Pein answered suddenly; "I never wanted to fire her in the first place. Besides, it's not fare to fire one pregnant employee and not the other. I also have no intentions of firing Konan. Now come back here, I want to know the things you've had to deal with so far." Kakuzu was shocked at Pein's sudden snap but returned to his boss's side to tell him about life since Hidan became pregnant.

Hours later, Hidan and Deidara were sitting on the couch painting their nails when Kakuzu entered. Hidan turned to him, eyes pleading for an answer. Kakuzu nodded and Hidan jumped from the couch and glomped her boyfriend, not caring about the fact her nails weren't dry yet. He hugged her back with a smile.

"Oh yeah, by the way, you have a doctors appointment next week. Konan's coming. Also she's pregnant too," Kakuzu informed Hidan. The two other people in the room stared at him in disbelief.