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The whine of ecto weapons filled Sam Manson's ears as she rushed down the broken and battered streets of Amity Park. Explosions sounded from behind her as the Guys in White battled against the bane of humanity's existence for the past 4 years.


The green dome that is the Fenton Ghost Shield came into view. The only place that was safe during one of the brutal ghost attacks was the Fenton residence. Their doors were always open to those who needed protection.

Sam's black combat boot beat against the pavement. One more block and she was home free. Her heart pounded in her chest as she pushed her self to go faster.

The destroyed buildings that she ran past added with the cries of pain from both the living and the dead sent a chill up her spin. The green light of the shield passed over her as Sam reached the Fenton's property.

"Sam!" Jazz Fenton called to her from the door "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." Sam responded in between pants as she bent over and put her hands on her knees.

"Come on. Lets get in side. Tucker is already here." Jazz said.

After catching her breath Sam nodded and walked up the few stairs to the door. Finally she felt safe in the company of her friends.

Sam and Tucker had been friend since they were five years old. Even at a small age the two kids were singled out for being different and as they got older their differences only got more distinct. Goths and Techno geeks need to stick together after all.

Jazz didn't become apart of their little group till they were thirteen, but she was as close to them as she would be if they became friends earlier.

Inside the Fenton's living room was an array of teenagers and children. Cool, geeks, goths, and jocks sat scattered around the room. All tired and scared.

Tucker sat on the couch in front of a moderate T.V. that had the news on.

"This is Lance Thunder reporting live at the most recent ghost attack. According to the reports of the GIW troops they have successfully detained twenty level 6 ghosts. So far the human losses are minimal." the reporter shouted over the explosions behind him.

"Any sign of him yet?" Sam asked when she walked up next to Tucker.

"Not yet." He answered without taking his eyes off of the T.V.

"Wait what's going on?" Lance said from the T.V.

The hordes of ghosts retreated. Specters of all shapes and sizes flew into the portal till not a single one was left. The street was left in absolute silence. Then all hell broke loose. GIW agents began to shout orders to evacuate the area.

"He's coming, quick get everyone out of here." an African American agent ordered his subordinates.

Lances eyes widened "Oh god"

"Wait who's coming" asked the camera man.

"The Prince" Lance's terrified voice replied.

At that moment a lone figure emerged from one of the ghost portals. He stood at about 5 feet 9. A black cloak with the hood pulled up over his head hid his body from view. A dull otherworldly glow surrounded him and the only part of his body that could be seen were blood red eyes that pierced threw the shadows that hid his face.

Everyone froze.

"Run you idiots." shouted Dash Baxter, a fellow teen seeking refuge at the Fenton's.

"It wont help." said Valery Gray from beside him as she picked up the remote and pressed mute.

Before anyone could move the figure sucked in a breath and let out a horrid sound. Even from inside the Fenton's it could be heard so loud everyone had to cover their ears. Green waves of sonic energy emanated from his mouth and destroyed everything in it's path. All the men where knocked to the ground and screen turned to static.

Soon the sound ended and all was silent.

"Is he gone?" one of the smaller girls asked from the stairs.

Sam sighed and walked over to her. She sat on the stairs next to her. She placed an arm around the child and pulled her close.

"Don't worry he never stays long." she said.

The girl buried her head into Sam's side and nodded.

Suddenly the front door burst open with a crack, and all of the teens in the room pulled out a concealed ecto weapon and pointed it at the figure in the doorway.

All was silent.

"Good job kids. That was .583 seconds quicker than last time."

There stood Madeline Fenton smiling broadly at them all.

Madeline "Maddie" Fenton was a beautiful woman. She was a shot person with a small frame. Her red hair was cropped short and her eyes that once sparkled with happiness were now dulled by grief and stress but no less lovely. She was a kind sole but had a fierceness to her when in battle.

"Come on Maddie we trained them our selves. You don't have to keep testing them." Jack Fenton said from behind his wife.

Jake's build was large and almost inhuman. He towered over his wife in height. At one time before the war the mans love for fudge had him putting on weight in all the wrong places. Now the battle hardened man was trim and lean. His black heir had a ring of white at the base of his head. Like his wife his eyes held grief and stress but also a child like gleam.

"I know that dear. I just want them to be at the top of their game." Maddie responded with a smile as she entered the house. "Ok kid, the towns been secured. Grab your assigned Brother or Sister and take them home "

The tense bodies of the teens relaxed and they turned to look for their surrogate sibling. Every one from the ages of 14 to 19 were assigned a child that they were to watch over during a ghost attack. Everyone above 19 were drafted into the war.

Sam smiled down at her Little Sister. She still had her blond head buried into Sam's side. Little Diana was one of four people who has ever seen Sam's smile.

"Come on Diana lets get you home." Sam whispered to the small one.

"K" Diana mumbled into Sam's side.

Once they reached the door Jazz called out to them.

"Your coming tomorrow, right?"

Sam paused in her step and turned her head to give Jazz a sad smile.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." She replied.

With that Sam walked out the door.

The towering homes that lined the streets of amity passed by them as they moved at a quick pace. Most of the buildings in the business area had already been destroyed. Thankfully the residential aria was spared for the most part.

Once they were about half way to Diana's house the silence was broken.

"What's tomorrow?" Diana asked.

"Four years ago I lost a dear friend." Sam answered with another sad smile.

"Oh….What was his name?"

Sam paused for a moment before replying "Danny, his name was Danny."

Don't worry Diana and any other "little siblings" will at most be plot devices. The story with center around Danny and Sam.

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