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Sam sat Indian style on her bed. With a deep sigh she brought her hand up to rub the bridge of her nose. A massive headache had sprouted up and was relentlessly assaulting her. Why did life have to be so difficult?

"We need to do something. I mean we can't just ignore it right? Even if Mrs. Fenton said it wasnothingwecouldatleastlook intoitright?" Tucker got more hysteric as he went till his words were barely understandable.

Well now she knew where the headache was from.

"Tucker shut up!" Sam shouted.

Immediately he fell silent. He adopted a really upset look on his face. He had been freaking out ever since Mrs. Fenton had left. Understandably so Sam admitted, but going into panic mode was not going to help anything. She let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry for yelling," She started "but pacing and putting a rut in my floor is not going to help solve anything."

Tucker plopped down next to Sam on her bed.

"Ok now the first thing we need to take into consideration is the fact that if this information is real and not a trick then Phantom could get into a lot of trouble if the other ghosts found out about this. And you just go and blabber it to Mrs. Fenton who is sure to tell it to Mr. Fenton. At that point everyone in town will know." said Sam.

"Then what are we supposed to do. Sit back and wait for the ghosts to try to kill us?" Tucker asked incredulously.

"No. but we can't just tell anyone." She said.

"Then who? If we can't tell the two best ghost hunters in town who can we tell. I'm not going any were near the GIW." Tucker said.

"Think about it Tucker. Who do we know who will take any information given to him and strategically use it to our advantage?" Sam said.

Tucker was silent for a moment then suddenly sat up on the bed.

"Do you really think he'd listen to us? I mean it's not like we know him very well. Heck the only reason that we know him at all is because of Jazz." He worried.

"Jazz is the exact reason that I think he'd listen to us." Sam smirked.

"Ok, even if he would listen how are we supposed to contact Vald? He's in the Ghost Zone the last I heard."

Sam just smiled at him.


"We are so dead." Tucker said outside of the Fenton's door that night.

"Shhhh, I need to concentrate." Sam hissed as she picked the lock on the lock on the door.

"You know you're crazy right. It might not even be here." He griped.

"Jazz said that her parents were getting a prototype portal today when I called her earlier. If it's not there we will just go home and think of a new way to contact him tomorrow." She said with a final turn of the small tools she was using on the door.

The lock gave off a faint clicking sound. With a smile she stood to her full height and turned to knob. The door swung open.

"After you." She said with a big sweeping gesture and a bow.

"Oh no ladies first, I insist." He responded with an uneasy glance inside.

Sam rolled her eyes and went in.

It was odd to be inside the Fenton household without a ghost attack going on. Whenever the two teens had been here there was always a life or death situation. Not that this wasn't but it was still weird to be able to actually look at the house.

At one point in time the house was worm and inviting. It was clean and well-kept. Sam had always assumed that it was Jazz and Danny that did the cleaning because Mr. and Mrs. Fenton always left a mess of ectogoo. Of course this was before the war. It looked as if no one had touched it since the last time they were there. There were even some pop cans that some teens had had the audacity to drink while others risked their lives.

The only thing in the living room that was not in disrepair or covered in filth was a single photo that was on the mantel. No one, not even the stupidest of teens, would touch that photo.

It was a simple family portrait from about four years ago. It was the last time Mr. and Mrs. Fenton had worn anything other than a jumpsuit. Mrs. Fenton and Jazz were both in matching powder blue dresses. Mr. Fenton had on a black suit with a tie that matched the girl's dresses. The final person in the photo was Daniel Fenton. Much like his father Danny had on a black suit and a blue tie. He had on that type of smile that screamed that he didn't want to be there but he loved his family too much to refuse.

"Come on Sam, this was your idea." Tucker said as he tugged on her arm.

She tore her eyes away from the frame and to the basement door in the corner of the room.

"Alright lets go." She said.

They both silently crept over to the door and down the stairs behind it. The lab was very large. Large enough so that an odd hover-vehicle and other unrecognizable machines could fit in it and still have room for a fully functional chemical lab. On the wall farthest from the door was what the two assumed was the Fenton Ghost Portal.

Sam and Tucker jogged over to the control panel next to it.

"It looks like it's a thumb print scanner." Tucker said. "Oh well looks like we'll just have to go home."

Sam sent him a glare that was cut short.

A bright stream of light blind-sided her.

"What are you two doing here?" came the voice of Jazz Fenton.

By the door that led up to stood Jazz with an ecto gun in one hand and a flashlight in another.

"What are you doing up?" Tucker asked surprised.

"I was reading when I heard movement from down here. You're lucky it was me and not my parents. They would have shot first."

Tucker went a little pale.

"Do you think you could help us? We need to get into the ghost zone." Sam said.

"Why?" Jazz asked bewildered.

"Sam's ghost stalker said that there is gunna be an attack on the kids. We already told your mom but she didn't believe us. We were hopping Vlad would." Tucker said.

There was a few seconds of silence.

"You have a ghost stalker?" Jazz asked Sam

"That's what you get out of that." Sam said exasperated "Forget about that. Can you help us get into the ghost zone."

"I can do you one better. I know where the keys to the specter speeder are."

If only they knew that Vlad was already aware of the attack. So then why am I sending them into enemy territory? Well, you'll just have to wait and find out.

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