"Riku... Is Kairi safe...?" a deliriously in pain Sora had asked me. I was too busy crying, too busy grieving, to do anything about his question. I watched the small trickle of blood flow from his mouth, joining the stains on his ripped clothing and skin. I felt numb, yet every sense tingled with the horrid pain of defeat.

Xehanort was gone, there lied victory...

but my friends were too.

"Riku... promise me you'll keep Kairi safe..." Sora whispered again.

Kairi was dead. I knew because only minutes ago Sora held her body in his arms, crying and weeping like the world was over. Her lifeless corpse was only a few feet away, still staring and gently smiling like she was still in Sora's arms. A hole in her chest where her heart should've been, ripped out by a heart of darkness know only as Vanitas, now long gone with his twin, Ventus.

Sora's hand gently squeezed mine "Riku, promise me...!" I stared into his innocent blue eyes. Eyes that signified a good too wonderful for this sinful world, eyes that signified a light that couldn't exist for long before being snuffed away by darkness. A light that was too forgiving of me, the monster in the darkness.

"I... I promise, Sora..." I choked back my tears, which poured over my face anyways. Sora sighed contentedly, his eyelids lowering even more "...good... Can you... can you also tell Kairi... I love her?..."

I froze, a new wave of emotional pain sweeping me away, still trying to drown me.

"I've always liked how her hair glimmers like a ruby... her eyes are sapphires... and she is one of the most headstrong... smart... and... THE most amazing girl I've met in all my journeys..." Sora continued without a care. I could only cling to his limp body tighter, my body racking with sobs as he continued to remind me of my failure

"You've always been there for us, Riku... even in the darkness you were always ready to help... You never gave up... you were always so... strong..." Sora chuckled, then coughed and wheezed, blood spluttering out onto his chin and shirt. I couldn't believe he was so unaware of the cuts and stabs in his chest, his legs, his arms. This wasn't the way he was supposed to die...! This wasn't...!

"I've always wished... I could be as strong as you... Riku... Strong so I could support you and Kairi... You've been my best friend... Kairi has too..." he coughed again, weaker this time. Sora's head lolled in my lap, his blissfully ignorant grin never fading

"You know Riku... I never figured this world was so... cold..." He looked at me, unaware that someone so 'strong' was weeping like a baby "I think it's a lot like... that Christmas when you and me were little... when it snowed..."

Sora's eyes closed "See ya... Riku..."

And Sora finally 'fell asleep'.

Donald and Goofy started howling with sorrowful pain.
Mickey uttered Sora's name, traumatized.
Aqua wailed and fell with a soft thud to the ground, barely being able to cope with the loss of her friends.
Another soft thud told me Roxas had sank to his knees as well.

And I just sat there.

I looked at Sora's forever smiling face, clashing with the grime, blood, and bruises on it. He would never, EVER, wake up again. He was DEAD. I couldn't force him and Roxas to merge to bring him back, I couldn't dive into his heart to save him.

He was dead...

So I just sat there and screamed.


I don't remember what I yelled,

all I know is that it was one last dirge, for my comrade,


and brother.

A dirge for you, Sora.

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