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Tahu couldn't help it. He couldn't help storming away from her after they argued. If he didn't get away quick he knew he would say something he would later regret, and-despite what others thought-he didn't want to hurt her. That was the last thing he wanted to do...

He sighed shakily. He was so tired of fighting with Gali. He was so tired of having her mad at him. But what he was most sick of was the constant tension between them. It drove him to near insanity! He couldn't sleep at night, food lost its taste every time he thought about the way they screamed at each other... Well, every time he thought of the way he yelled at her, she never yelled back...

He growled and slumped against a wall, far away from any of the other Toa. He knew what they were probably saying amongst themselves about him. And he also knew that Gali would say they needn't be so hard on him. She never held a grudge against him since the Rakshi had nearly killed him, and he never held anything against her after she saved his life, but they still had their differences.

He slid down till he was sitting on the dirt floor, burying his face in his arms.

He was so tired.

Why did he feel so exhausted? He felt not just physically drained but also emotionally empty.

"Gali..." her name rolled sweetly off of his tongue, but it left his heart feeling heavy. Why did he always have to yell at her? Why could they never get along? It pained him that he seemed to be the only one of his brothers who couldn't be close to her. He was the only one she-if she would be honest-couldn't stand to be around.

"Gali...I am so sorry..." but he couldn't ever apologize to her face. His stupid pride wouldn't allow him to.

Gali had to wipe tears away from her eyes when Tahu disappeared around a corner. She collapsed back into her chair with shrill sob. She didn't care what the others thought about her, she just wanted to bury her head in her hands and cry.

She knew that Tahu needed to blow of some steam sometimes, but she didn't like that he had to use her as an outlet. Why did he have to verbally abuse her all the time?

Through her fingers she could see a pair of white legs stop in front of her. The Toa of ice placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and knelt down in front of her.

"Gali, do not let him hurt you." he said simply, but to her coming from him it meant so much more. Kopaka was the only Toa most like her. They were closer friends than anyone else realized.

"Kopaka!" She cried, throwing her arms around his shoulders. She felt him return the embrace lightly and felt more at ease. She just simply cried silently against him.

Tahu looked up at the dark sky. He felt horrible! He knew that what he had said was wrong but he didn't know how he could ever ask for her to forgive him... He knew she was wise and would probably say that she would forgive but that didn't ease his mind in the slightest.

He didn't know what to do with himself. He couldn't go back and apologize. He just couldn't, not with all of the others watching... But he couldn't live with the guilt that he had once again hurt Gali...

Gali sniffed and straitened up, feeling much better. She nodded slightly to Kopaka and he left her to go back to his tent.

She took a few deep breaths and looked around at those who remained. Lewa looked at her with concern but she waved it off.

"Despite what Tahu has said..." she started, "we shouldn't hold anything against him..." She slowly got back up to her feet and started towards her tent. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I shall retire-"

"-Gali, wait!"

She whipped around at the sound of his voice, and her eyes involuntarily filled up with tears when she saw him walk back into their camp. He paused just beyond the fire, watching her from behind the flames.

"Gali, I- can I-" he shuffles his feet awkwardly. Then finally, he walked through the flames to stand by her side. "Gali, can I speak with you... In private?"

She looked him in the eyes for a minute. He was completely serious. "Sure..." she motioned for him to follow her into her tent.

As soon as the tent flap closed shut Gali slapped him across the face. "You Jerk!" she slapped him again. "How could you say that about me? In-Front-Of-Everyone!"

"Gali! Gali- stop!... Please..." He held onto both her hands to keep them still. "Gali, I'm sorry!" he looked her strait in the eyes. "I was insensitive, and I'm sorry!"

Silence developed between them. She hadn't expected a full out apology from him. Now she felt kind of bad...

"It was stupid of me to say that. It's not true. You're not a whore just because you kissed Takanuva on the first date."

"Then WHY did you say that?" she demanded.

Tahu looked down at the floor. "I was angry...And, I guess I was just jealous..." he trailed off.

"Jealous?" she couldn't believe the words coming from his mouth.

He nodded. "I was jealous because we could never get along. We could never stay civil with each other long enough for us to get to know each other. I was jealous because I wished I could have been him..."

Gali shook her head disbelievingly. She had an idea of what he was trying to say, but she wanted to hear him say it. "Tahu, Takanuva and I haven't been 'together' for over four months now. Why would you be jealous of him?"

"Because I like you Gali!" his gaze held such depths of despair and sorrow. "I really really like you! I want to be able to talk to you, to get close to you, to love you, to kiss you! I-"

"Tahu." she interrupted him. Her eyes were glazed over with tears. "I've been waiting forever to hear you say that!" she flung her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I like you too..."

Tahu visibly relaxed, his voice lowering to a purr. "Gali..." He rubbed his hand over her lower back. "Tell me you really mean that." he whispered into her neck before kissing there several times.

"I mean it with all of my heart."

"Do you forgive me for what I said?"

"I always do..."

"Good, I hope you can forgive this as well."


Their lips collided and he kissed her hungrily. She was surprised at first, trying to pull away from him. But as soon as he whispered, "Gali, I love you" all doubts about the kiss left her mind. He loved her?

After some time passed, she broke the kiss. But she remained close to him, her head tucked underneath his chin. He was silent, as if waiting for her to say something, but words were slow to form in her mind. It was as if his kiss had wiped her mind clean.

He stiffened, after a minute went by and still nothing was said. "I-I'm sorry- I should not have done that." he started to let go of her but she held onto him tightly.

"I love you too, Tahu." she said quietly. And she shut his lips with another kiss, before he could say anything.

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