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A Totally Different Cinderella Story
Chapter 1: Replay
Cinderella knew she was in a fairy tale. She sighed because all the children kept reading her story over and over again, and she had to replay everything. (Author's Note: DUN DUN DUNNNN :p) If only I could live a new life, she thought.

"Oi, Cinderella!" her stepmother shouted.

"Yes, Stepmother?" she replied.

Go clean our rooms," she ordered.

"Yes, Stepmother," Cinderella replied.

She went to the stepmother's room first. "How could she not get bored of replaying this?" she thought.

She cleaned the entire room, except for under the bed. "Last thing," she thought, sighing. Cinderella found a peculiar item under the bed. "What on earth is this?" she thought. And was left to ponder about the stange object. To be Continued!

Me: Gumen gumen! \(o)/ Don't punish me! Please!
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