AN: Tell me if I should switch from Flash to Batman please! Disclaimer: I toats don't own anything DC does, obviously. My comic books are in a sketch book I got from Claires. They're called Shadowmen, they're anti-heroes! XD

My foot slipped as I was coming out of my window. I know it sounds bad, but it's not like I was sneaking out or anything. Okay, so maybe I was. So, where was I again? Oh yeah, I slipped coming out of my window. Apparently my right hand thought it would be a lovely idea to let go of my windowsill. I was so freaked out that my other hand let go and I fell backwards, arms flailing wildly in the air behind me. As I fell from my two story bedroom window I felt my short, pathetic life flash before my eyes. Oh jeeze, I just made a Flash joke! I seriously need to stop listening to Dad! Anyways, I was fallif and then suddenly my fall was broken when I was caught bridal style by a particularly aggressive looking boy. I looked down at him with wide eyes, "Um, hi?" His face scrunched up like my Moms does when she's about to yell. "Hello, is this the West household?" "Um, Yes?" He rolled his eyes at me and made this obnoxious tutting noise. "Either it is or it isn't. You do live here don't you? Or were you just sneaking out of the neighbor's window?" God, what a jerk! Though, I have the feeling that we're going to end up very good friends.