Yea, I'm just sayin' now, I'M SO SORRY IF ROMANIA IS OOC! I'm a fan of him before I even saw him in the anime, and web comics. So I'm going off of other fanfic's that I've read. I hope you like it! (Wikipedia doesn't help with speech pattern…. Darn it!)

(This story is completely Romania's P.O.V)

It was a nice over cast day. It felt relaxing for those rare times I had decided to visit Bucharest, my capitol. But one thing I always realize about my country, is that whenever I do visit, it's always different. I mean, the last time I visited this city, the road was dirt and buildings were made of wood with a few exceptions that some were made of white stone.

Now, it seemed shiny, and smooth.

Now, it had amazing architect with stone, but it just seemed… new. One minute I would see a tall, proud stone building and then next would be a building that seemed to be made completely made of glass. What also struck me were the people.

I saw people that I knew weren't Romanian, nation instinct I suppose? The last time I saw people that were mortal was when all the girls' were wearing brightly colored clothing with floral-like patterns all over, with white fabric covering the top of their heads and tied under their chins. Boys' would simply wear long shirts, pants, and even vests with delicate embroidery. Now, girls were wearing pants even, colors that felt mundane compared to those times, as well clothes almost seemed to be blending with that of men even. With guys, it was kinda simple. It just seemed so odd.

As I walked down the busy street, I saw these white things in a young man's ears, and heard music from his ears (They were really loud! But I do have a habit of vampire-like abilities…); you could imagine that I kind of stopped for a moment, listening to the song as he walked away.

'You just put your lips together

And you come real close

Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby?

Here we go…'

W-was that English? It was, right? And by those lyrics, I have a feeling it was from America.


'A text?' " I thought as I slid my thumb over the touch screen, 'Why couldn't things be easier and just send letters?'

America (as well as other nations) urged me to get this phone, I think it was called an iphone, or something like that. Even though I was expecting it to be one of those odd "must forward or something bad will happen" texts America sends me, but this time it was from England.

We're having a world meeting 11am, Monday (England time). We have a few matters to discuss as well as a few announcements. I hope you can make it.


I sighed, we had one last week, what could have happened to make us have another?

I decided to continue walking, after all, a few days in my castle is like a few hundred years passed by here. I walked further down the partially busy street.

"Mommy, I want candy!" I heard a little boy whine.

Finally! Something familiar!

"Not today sweetheart, another day." The tired mother said, and took him to a shop a few doors down.

Well, I thought it was normal, until I saw the candy. Instead of being brown, white, or another dull color shown in a glass case like how I've seen it once, brightly colored wrapping was shown instead. With the oddest names I think I've seen. I walked a bit further, finding another shop with a large glass window. Television screens glared brightly, showing someone skiing or something like that I think. I also saw a bright green poster at the top left corner.


I sighed, next thing I know that could happen would be America or some other country will try to convince me to buy a laptop, and then I would need to hire someone to put up the internet in a centuries old castle…

I was finding the crowd around me starting to thin out as I walked further on the street.

"Maybe I should go home, this meeting is happening in a couple of days…" I muttered to myself.

Turning into an ally I soon found, I picked up speed. If I was to pass a person of my country, they would think a car passed them going a hundred (This is one of the tendencies I seem to have). Trash that missed the garbage cans flew behind me; I soon realized I was nearing towards the ending wall…


I jumped up, wind blowing fiercely past my face and thick clothes, my little hat staying on. The ground was no longer near me, trees swept past, even a few small mountains. I began to drop as I saw my castle sweet castle as you might say. The soft red roofing greeting me as I was dropping fast, I could nearly see blades of grass, finally-


I landed around my pre-made crater, close to my front door… some-what. After walking a few yards, I was finally close enough to put the key in the ginormous wooden doors, after they were unlocked, I pushed open the foot-thick wooden doors with ease. I walked in casually into the candle lit entre, closing the doors behind me again, the doors locked themselves. I looked back towards my home. A grand staircase fanned out towards me, another staircase above it just as grand. Pillars were on both sides of me, growing gradually wider as they towered upwards. The colors of the walls was a surprising white, making furniture contrast greatly because of their dark wood color with bold but traditional prints. I made my way up the staircase quickly, after finishing my fourth flight of stairs, I turned a left, and walked to the end of the white hallway spotted with dark wooden doors.

I finally reached the door, and opened it quickly. And guess what? More white walls! But while I was younger, I covered the white walls with colorful tapestry. Many were showing brightly colored flowers, a few showing daily lives, and a couple with just a complex pattern on them. The grey blue rug under my feet was flat due to being constantly stepped on; diamonds covered the circular shape that were a musty gold color. I flopped on my bed, not really wanting to move anymore.

"Why am I noting all of this? It's not like this will be the last time I see my room…" I muttered to myself.

Knowing that I had to pack, I hoisted myself up and walked towards the other side of my room towards the wardrobe, throwing open the doors.

"I should pack for… five days the most?" I muttered to myself.

I dragged out my, what I've heard some call, my "Victorian" trunk. I unclasped the huge brass clasps and threw it open. I tossed in four "conference" sets of clothes, then four "civilian" sets of clothes. I then carried my trunk to the bed and folded the clothes, then put them back in. After loud "snaps" from the clasps, I lifted the handles on the side and carried them down, until after my second flight down.

"Hmmm, I know!" I realized, why didn't I think if this sooner? "I'll just ride down the railing like what America told me he did when he was younger!"

(To be honest, the OOC is in how much he talks to America, but yet America is a motor mouth…)

I was soon speeding down the slope of marble, my trunk held close to my chest with one hand, the other keeping my balance.

"This is a lot more fun than I thought- Owww!" I, uh, how should I put it? I hit the marble ball at the end if the stair case with my… you know!

"I spoke too soon…" I grunted, then fell on the floor ahead of me.

After I recover from that, I quickly got up then picked up my trunk again.

"I'm never going to do that again…" I mumbled to myself, and then walked down the last flight of stairs.

I sat down my trunk again in front of the wooden doors, I threw the doors open again. I dragged my suitcase onto the lawn and threw my doors closed, locking the doors with my key. What's odd about these doors, if closed from the inside, locks themselves, closed outside, have to lock them yourself. I picked up my trunk again and hauled it around the front entrance of my home. I soon found my car, a Dacia Sandero. Yes, it's an SUV, but hey, it's a Romanian brand. I folded down the seats and threw the trunk into the back. I abuse the antique, don't I? It's lasted a couple of centuries even though I do that…

Anyway! I pulled the car out and down a gravel road I put in when I was made to get a car from another nation. As much as I wish I could just tell them I got around just fine, and that I could sometimes travel faster than most cars, it's just that the last time I told a few people that, they told an entire village! But instead they got an actual vampire, Dracula. I feel sorry for that guy, got his head cut off, stabbed repeatedly…


I pulled over as I felt my phone vibrate. Another text.

Hey there! Long time right? Are you going to the world meeting? -Bulgaria

I sighed of relief, it wasn't a forwarded text.

Yes, you? -Romania

Yes, British International Airport? -Bulgaria

Yep, oh…. Need to go, I need to hurry if I want to get a plane ticket! -Romania

Ack! I faggot that too! -Bulgaria

Romania stared at the phone, "Faggot? What's that?"

Stupid spell check! I meant "forgot" -Bulgaria

Oh, well, gotta go! -Romania

I decided to put the phone away now, and started to speed down the rough gravel road.


I was lucky this time, I was able to get a plane ticket and was now leaning against the window in the waiting area. I watched as people buzzed by, speaking franticly, speed walking, or eating in the waiting area. Of course, I received odd glances because of my trunk (it was small enough it be a carry on), and the fact that I forgot my colored contacts, again. Now I know how Prussia feels if he doesn't have a hangover and goes out to Berlin or someplace like that.

"Gate C is ready for boarding." I heard the intercom echo into the organized pit of chaos.

I picked up the handles on my trunk, and made my way down towards the end of the waiting area. I showed the lady my ticket and continued down the make shift hallway. I found my ticket was an aisle seat around the back, and saw that the view won't be that good. I crammed my trunk slightly into the shelves and closed the door over it. Finally, I sat down and relaxed. I liked being in the coach to be honest, you see more interesting people than first class. I soon found my gaze on what I thought to be a young couple. A dark headed brunette girl with messy braided hair paired with large brown eyes with beach tanned skin, with a (Romanian) boy with puffed up, messy blonde hair with a heart shaped face. They were sitting down talking happily until a rough man showed up. The girl stopped talking and stood up from her middle seat, obviously to let the man in his seat. But the boy didn't get up.

"C'mon, he needs to sit there by the window." The girl said in English.

American, almost obvious since she sounded almost exactly like America.

The boy realized what she said, and got up.

"Sorry, this is my first flight." The boy said in Romanian to the man.

He grunted, and then took his seat. The girl started to go back into her seat, but then the boy sat there instead.

"I don't trust him, sit in the outside seat." The boy whispered in English with a slightly thick accent, sitting down in the girl's original seat.

"Geez, you're treating me like as if I'm thirteen or something!" The girl pouted, but sat in the aisle seat.

"That's because you are to me!" The boy laughed, earning a small smile from the girl.

He ruffled her hair slightly, a few more locks of hair becoming free from her braids. She smoothed back her hair, and then lightly smacked him. Another grunt from the man next to the window instantly stopping them from doing anything else. I kept myself from laughing, or else it'll be obvious that I was listening in.

As I waited a bit longer, a woman came by with bright red, extremely tight ringlet curls for hair and dull green eyes. I got up quickly, and let her into the middle seat. She quickly put on her seat belt and whipped out a book. All that I saw was that it was black and had a grey, shiny tie on the front title. Relaxing again, a few more passengers came in and then mini television screens slowly folded down, earning a surprised look from the blonde Romanian boy mentioned earlier. The brunette girl told him this was normal, he visibly relaxed again. I looked back to the screens; they were showing how the seat cushions could be used for floatation devices. But I zoned out because I already knew these things front and back. As the video continued playing, I began to play with the ribbons from my hat, bending them around my fingers and tying them together then untying. The screens soon folded back up once the video finally ended. The buckle lights flashed on, everyone started to shift around to find the other half of their buckle. I quickly found mine, buckled, and tightened it around my waist.

The pilot's voice came on over the intercom, telling of the weather and that the flight will possibly be a little bumpy due to slightly higher winds than normal. I soon felt the plane speed down the runway, speeding up like a car, then took off! The feeling of going up was still worthy of a slight adrenaline rush! It soon shook slightly at a certain altitude, the blonde Romanian boy looked terrified, but the girl simply reassured him. Romania soon saw that the rough man next to the window was already asleep!


We were approaching the two hour mark, three more hours to go still. The couple seemed to have fallen asleep on each other; the rough man was on his phone. The lady next to me was still reading, and the other people on the plane were too far to tell of what they were doing. I pulled out the airplane mall magazine, flipping through the glossy pages of things you never thought you wanted until you saw it. Was this my… second time flipping through it? Maybe I should read descriptions on the third time through this… wait! This plane has wi-fi! I can use my phone! I took it out and turned it back on. I flipped through the different apps to words with friends.

Aleksander Balakov is playing with Ivan Braginski


I quickly pressed on the "Join" button. To be honest, I have no idea why Bulgaria was playing this with Russia. I mean, when we were living with Russia, we would listen in on his lessons. And the words that the teacher used, we didn't even know existed! Words like banausic and warmongering. I took a glance at the scores, and not surprising, Russia was wining by double the points of Bulgaria. Huh? Message from Russia?

Want to become one with mother Russia, ja?

I instantly froze,

No, I'm just here to back up Bulgaria.

I smiled to myself, ah! I found a word!


Yes! Twenty-five points! And a message from Bulgaria,

Did you seriously remember that word? I haven't seen that in a long time!

A small hint of pink sprawled over my cheeks,

I couldn't believe I found it myself to be honest…

Bulgaria gained another five points. We continued to combine letters, but Russia was still fifteen points ahead. We soon lost, by five points! Then a message popped up from Bulgaria.

Did he try the whole "one with Russia" with you?

I thought for a moment,

Yes, why?

The answer took a bit longer than usual.

Oh, uh, it's nothing. You would think he would've stopped doing that by now…

I laughed slightly,

Well, he is the persistent type… or just plain creepy.

Hahaha, I'd say crazy, I gotta get some rest, later!

I yawned a little,

I need to too, night

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