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When I woke up, well, actually jerked awake by the American girl who was pulling out her luggage, the plane arrived in London. I moved mechanically to get my trunk out, and slightly dragged my feet across the carpet. I soon found myself in the make-shift hallway, and into another waiting area. I gripped the handles of my trunk and headed towards the exit.


'Another text?' I thought absent mindedly.

Thank you for coming Romania, a Bentley Mulsanne-Based Turbo R Coupe will come to pick you up. It's grey, and shouldn't be hard to miss.


"A Bentley?" I muttered, "Probably a rental."

But wait, how did he know I've made it to London? Probably through security or something like that…

I waited about five minutes, and then the said car pulled over next to me. The tinted black window rolled down showing an old worn out driver.

"Lucian Vladimirescu?" The driver asked kindly, English.

"That's me." I smiled, my accent slightly there.

"Get in the car then." He laughed and unlocked the door.

I pushed in my trunk in, but it seemed to have collided with something…

"Ouch!" A female voice yelled, "That hurt…"

"Ah, sorry about that I didn't know- Hungary?" No, no, no not her!

"Romania? Oh God, why him!" Hungary cried.

I climbed into the car.

"Well soooorry if England decided it would be good for us to be in the same damn car!" I said sarcastically.

"You two quiet down, and Lucian, could you put your trunk in the back?" The driver asked, "We still have another passenger…"

"Sure." I muttered, and swung open the car door.

I slightly swung the antique again into another back of a car. Hearing whispered voices I closed the trunk, and made my way back to my seat. When I plopped down on my seat and closed the door, they were locked by the driver. I sat there bored until I felt a… hand on my thigh.

"Oh ho, bonjour mon ami pealy peau roumaine."

I froze instantly. Damnit not France too!

"De ce oh de ce franceză bastard?" I muttered.


I soon saw Hungary glaring at him, her hand twitching close by her burlap messenger bag.

"Ho ho, to the World Meeting we go!" The driver laughed, and drove off.


Well, at least we all made it in one piece.

As soon as I opened the door, I fell on the sidewalk.

"Sweet ground!" I cheered, ignoring the few glances.

I only got up because France began to do his infamous rape laugh… again.

Hungary scoffed, "The driver wasn't that bad, you're so melodramatic."

I glared at her, but she just walked off to the trunk and pulled out a charcoal suitcase. I followed suit and grabbed my trunk.

I don't know where France ran off to, but Hungary and I decided mutually to go to the conference room with out him. As we entered the room we stopped our glaring contest to look around for our seats. I soon saw that many countries still had their suitcases with them; does this building have guest rooms for more than twenty different countries? I mean, we didn't stop at a hotel or anything like that…

"Hey Romania!"

"Ah, Bulgaria! How's it been?" I said happily, it's been awhile since I've actually seen his face!

"Alright, a few bumps here and there in my country." Bulgaria smiled.

"Same here, but I didn't think that my country had become so… modern."

"You locked yourself in the castle accidently again?" Bulgaria asked.

"No! It didn't even seem like I was even in there for that long…" I sighed.

Bulgaria laughed, "I'm sure you'll catch up soon-"


All the countries looked towards the door to find the same bushy eyebrows they're all familiar with.

"Hello there, if you would all follow me, I'll show you where to put your suitcases." England announced.

Everyone started to extend handles on suitcases, gather jackets, and put away cell phones. Since there were so many, we barely walked forward and we already made a crowd.

"Follow me." England said loudly over a few people in whispered conversations.

Like a group of tourists we followed England without any questions. The wide hallway was soon dotted by different doors, with slips of paper taped on them.

"These slips of paper have your human names on them, just in case anyone who doesn't know of us doesn't get suspicious. They're all in alphabetical order in English." England explained, "These will be your rooms while you're here."

He gestured us to go on ahead and look for our rooms. Knowing the drill too well, we all quickly found our rooms. Well, most of us. I couldn't exactly find mine.

"I'm in the L's… Unless it's by last name…" I muttered, sighing as I soon realized it was, "Why does my last have to end with a 'V'?"

I walked for about a couple of minutes, finally at the V's. A few more seconds later and I finally found my room. I opened the door and quickly closed it. I was soon greeted by crème yellow walls paired with crisp white crown molding. An equally white bed was overly fluffed with slightly off white comforters and large pillows that were an extremely light blue. The only other furniture's were a wooden nightstand and dresser. I opened a white door across from the bed to find a white bathroom.

"I wonder who designed these rooms…" I wondered out loud, closing the door, "Because it'll be like hell to your eyes if you go to that bathroom in the middle of the night…"

It really was that white! Not only was it a pure white, it was a sharp white! I moved my trunk onto the fluffy bed and unclasped it. I quickly put my clothes in the dresser and a large Ziploc bag of toiletries… I felt like England for a second there, in the blinding bathroom. I just flopped on my bed, just realizing that I was kind of hungry…

I hoisted myself up and opened my room's door slowly. I closed it behind me and I made my way down the long hallway. The hallway seemed dead almost, there were no other noises, and everything seemed still. I guess this is what happens when you put all of us in our own rooms, we're not as loud. I soon found the conference room to my left. I turned a right away from the large room towards the front door. When I found myself outside, it was, of course, overcast. Breathing in deeply I closed the doors and made my way towards a red and blue sign that read "The Underground". And for any Americans, that's the subway. I walked down the worn concrete stairs as other people dashed right by me.

"I'll need to go get some colored contacts… I forgot to pack any…" I mumbled quietly to myself.

I paid for my ticket and boarded the train, "105 THE STRAND" was illuminated inside. I sat down between one of the many bright blue poles, gazing through the dark window across from me. A few more people came on. Suddenly, the train started to move and pick up speed. I waited a bit then it soon slowed to a stop. The doors sliding open, a few children entered as I was exiting. All I could see of them was a boy with dark hair, a girl with curly brown hair, and another boy with vivid red hair. I shrugged and walked up another set of concrete stairs. The bright overcast day made me cringe slightly, but I soon found the store I was looking for, "Boots". Odd name, but it's like the CVS America mentions sometimes when he's getting sick at a World Meeting.

I walked into the store, it was next to empty sparing the few people about to pay at the counter. I quickly found the contacts, hoping to find any colored contacts.

"Damn… guess I'll need to go with blue." I sighed.

Not only was it blue, it was a blue you could get frost bite from looking at it! Okay, maybe not that blue, but it's far from being deep. I walked towards the counter, quickly pulling out the amount as she scanned the lens'.

"That'll be five Euros please." She chirped.

I gave her the note quickly, smiling slightly.

"Thank you sir, have a good day." She smiled.

"Thank you, you too." I said and walked towards the back.

I quickly found the restroom. Pulling out the oval like container, I unscrewed the caps. I quickly washed my hands and put the contacts in. After blinking for a few moments, I realized the blue toned down a bit. I nodded in approval and walked out of the restroom. Finding that the clouds outside have gotten darker, I quickly walked to the underground.


I was finally back in my room, still changing because the rain decided to let it pour right when I walked out of the underground.

Knock knock

I finished pulling over a red T-shirt.

"Come in." I called, putting my wet clothes in a pile near my trunk.

"England had me come and tell y'all that he cooked dinner for everyone," America stated, "with the help of France and Italy."

I stood there, "How much did he actually cook?"

"Scone's, and something called 'Squeak 'n Bubble'." America replied, unfazed because the poor man ate that the first few years of his life.

I sighed, "Alright, I'll be there soon."

"And he said to wear whatever." America added, and walked further down the hallway.

I sighed of relief, "Don't have to wear a suit…"

I pulled on some blue basketball shoes that I found lying in my trunk, hell I didn't even know that I had a pair of those! I walked out of the room, quietly closing the door behind me. The glass ceiling showed the still dark clouds and spotted by rain. Old lamps on the walls glowed an orange shade, the atmosphere feeling ominous.

"B-but Germany! This place i-is scary!" I heard a whine.

"It's not that scary, now walk or else we'll block someone's way!"

"Don't talk to my fratello like that potato bastard!" I heard another voice yell.

I walked a bit faster, something will probably be thrown very soon if I don't watch out.

I didn't hear their voices anymore as I walked past the entrance, continuing down a hallway that looked similar to the one I just came from. However there were fewer doors, I soon found double doors that were propped open. The smell of food wafted strongly into the hallway as I neared, I even felt the heat of the just cooked food. I poked my head through the door. A long white table was decorated with food. Smaller, circular tables littered the large area, small vases of purple petunias were in the center of each table. I noticed name cards on the nearest table to me, so like a few others I began my search for my country name. I finally found mine around the middle, a couple of tables away from the food table.

I sat down in the wooden chair, and waited as more countries started to fill the room, I soon noticed Bulgaria walking towards me.

"Good, my seat's here." He sighed and sat down a seat away from me.

"I wonder who's sitting-" I said, suddenly a knife was put on the table.

I froze in place.

'AWWWW CRAAAAPPP!' I yelled in my head.

Belarus glared at us,

"The only reason I'm here is because Big Brother told me my seat was over here."

I looked at the name tag, damnit it was. I looked over at the other two name tags. Moldova was next to me! I haven't seen my little brother in well… uh, when did America become one of England's colonies?

"Hey brother Romania!"

"Hello Moldova!" I called back.

Moldova sat down next to me, then coward under Belarus' glare. He then started to talk with Bulgaria. I quickly noticed that he was still in his trench coat and that his chocolate brown hair was a bit longer. His blue eyes cowered again when Belarus glared at him… with her knife. He leaned in closer to me.

"Who is that crazy crimădoamnă?" Moldova asked.

"She's Belarus." I whispered.

Belarus looked like she was going to say something, but the clink of metal and glass echoed through the now full room.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen." A distinct British accent echoed in the room.

I finally found the shorter manthat was England around the entrance. His usual black slacks were replaced with... jeans! The man was capable of relaxing! But kept on the usual white dress shirt.

"I hope that we solve many problems in this meeting and that the few announcments I mentioned will be announced by the end of tomorrow's meeting." England announced, " Please, enjoy the food!"

The nations quickly got up, some went for the food, some fought, heck a few other than Greese for once fell asleep! I took Moldova to the food table before Belarus tried anything with that butcher knife.

"Hey Romania, what's this?" Moldova asked, "I've had some of Italy's food before, but not this."

"Oh, that's made by France, it's Ratatouille." I told him, spooning spaghetti in my plate.

"Does it have rats in it?" Moldova whispered.

"What? No!" I whispered back, "It's just… uh… well… French is confusing."

"Honhonhonhonhon, how is my beautiful language confusing?" A thick French accent wondered out loud.

"It just is!" I replied, scooting Moldova further down the table.

"How often do you come to these?" I asked Moldova.

"Hm, the last one I came to was a bit more than a century ago…" Moldova muttered.

"Just… stay away from France." I sighed, "That molesting nation has already tried me…"

Moldova simply nodded his head and plopped some sausage on his plate.


I flung myself onto the bed, the end result was that the dinner was boring, except when England got drunk after only one and a half glasses of beer. Yelling at America about how he could hold his liquor any day, anytime and anything else he probably said was masked heavily by his accent. In the end, France dragged England anyway. I think France is having his way with England right now… How can I tell? I heard 'A-ah!'s' as I was walking past France's room towards my own.

After googling random things that popped up in my head, I locked my phone and turned off my phone. I sighed,

The meeting may just have fighting or someone having an actually interesting announcement. Either way, neither wasn't productive…

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America: Dude! That's my line!

Me: kolkolkolkolkolkolkol!

America: O.o"

Translation: bonjour mon ami pealy peau roumaine- hello my pealy skinned Romanian friend

De ce oh de ce franceză bastard- Why oh why the french bastard

crimă doamnă- murder lady