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I slammed the alarm clock.

"Five more minutes…" I mumbled, and turned over on my bed.


I growled at the alarm clock and slammed my fist on it again. I switched the alarm off, slowly taking off the warm covers and dragging my feet to the bathroom. Quickly stripping off my clothes and turning on the hot water I stepped over the tub wall. Soon feeling the warm water wash over my back, I quickly scrubbed the grainy soap bar all over myself. It quickly washed away as I squirted the shampoo in my hand and scrubbed it roughly in my hair. After rinsing a second time, I ruffled my hair in the flat towel, quickly pulling on my boxers and suit at the same time. Finally I brushed my now dry hair and popped a breath mint.

Finally leaving my room, I found other countries rushing past me hoping to not be too late. Never thought that some of these people would have the first letter of their last names be further than 'V' in English…

I joined the crowd and speed walked to a room that was a bit further down from the room we had dinner in last night. The dark wood doors were wide open, light streaming in from the tall windows draped in light lavender curtains, the walls painted in a light peach color. The only thing different from the room was that there was wood flooring instead of the red carpet.

I heard England like the carpet in this room… until people started to question the stains on it when there was no food or drinks allowed in here. I guess France had his way often.

I soon found my seat and sat down next to Moldova, Bulgaria sitting to my right. Looking over at Moldova, I found him blushing due to Ukraine sitting right next to him. I stifled a laugh.

"W-what?" Moldova whispered.

"Oh, nothing." I smiled, which made him turn another shade of red.

I heard a distinct cough, looking across from me was that stupid woman.


"What?" I whispered loudly, a fight was already breaking out at the other end of the table.

"Nothing." She snapped back, folding her arms and turned her head away.

I rest my head on my hand and looked over at the fight that started; it was England and France again. And… America jumped right into the middle of it. His cowlick was showing up in the slight brawl.


"Germany!" England and France said shocked.

"I'm the hero!" America randomly exclaimed.

I watched as Germany's mouth began to move, but I was beginning to tune him out as I was drifting off to sleep, what felt like only a minute I felt Moldova shaking me awake. I soon saw it was America talking now,

"-and that's why you're coming to my awesome country to be more exposed to the modern era like that rest of your country!" I heard him yell.

"What?" I said sleepily.

"Dude, you're gonna visit my country tomorrow because you still live in an old ass castle and also because you can barely use your phone." America exclaimed in his 'hero voice', "So pack up your shit and let's go!"

"Wait America!" England yelled, "You don't even have the tickets to a plane."

"Who said I came by plane? I came by freakin' jet!" America laughed.

"Typical American." I heard a few people mutter.

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged into my room and I was rushing to finish packing by a hyper American.

"Yo bro, I'm gonna go and pack up my stuff, meet ya at the front doors!" America yelled and headed up the hallway.

"Some quiet until I have to in the same plane as him, help me God…" I muttered.


I was finding myself boarding a sleek black jet plane and following America up the ladder to board it. The inside was slightly cool, crème leather seats and carpeting lined the entire inside. A few parts the seating were shaped in half-circles, designed to be for conversation, a few in the usual rows, and a room for video conference.

"And that's all on the plane layout." America said, eating another hamburger, "You hungry?"

"Kind of…" I muttered.

"Why didn't ya say so then?" America exclaimed, "What'cha want?"

"Sausage." I stated, I followed him to what was probably the kitchen.

A few moments later he gave me a hot plate of breakfast sausage. I quickly ate it and put the plate in the sink.

"Crap! I gotta go; Obama will get pissed if I don't attend the conference on time!" America dashed to the conference room, I soon heard chatter in the mentioned room.

America's head popped out of the room again, "Come in, Mr. President wants to meet you."

Never again in my life will I hear America so formal.

In the conference room center was a highly polished wooden table, five brown leather office chairs surrounded half the circular table. And on the screen was Barak Obama.

I've heard of him, but I haven't seen what he looked like.

"Good Evening Romania." He greeted, "But I presume its morning over there, correct?"

"Yes sir." I replied, "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"The same to you." Obama smiled, "I'll guess that Mr. Jones left this 'vacation' as a surprise?"

"Yes sir." I glared at America.

"Hey, if I told ya then it wouldn't be as funny to see your shocked face." America laughed, pounding on my back.

"Alfred," Obama started.

"Sorry sir." Alfred apologized.

"Anyhow, the length of time you'll be spending in our country will be two months, agreed with your president and I." Obama stated, "Your job has been decided to be a florist, the apartment has already been decided, and under no circumstances are you to tell anyone about the Humane Countries."

"Yes sir." I stated, "I'll follow the circumstances to the best of my ability."

He smiled again, "Good, and have a good evening."

The large screen became pitch black, and America motioned me out of the room.

"How does he do that?" I asked America.

"Do what?" America asked.

"Seem so powerful, controlling almost." I answered.

"I dunno, to be honest they all seemed like that to me, all forty-or-older guys." America shrugged, "By the way, you might want to take a nap or something, decrease the jet lag a bit."

America simply tossed me a plain blue blanket, himself already cuddling with a royal blue one with the recognizable Superman logo on it. I shrugged,

I'll never understand how I've been able to deal with this for nearly two thousand years. Wait, now I remember! I locked myself in my castle and waited until the stupid rulers died… not the best plan now that I think about it… Well, at least sleep came quicker than I thought.



"SUNTUPMOM!" I yelled absent mindedly.

"Dude, what does that mean?" America asked.

I blushed slightly, "Don't worry about it, anyway, what are we late for? A meeting?"

"Kind of, it's the video that's supposed to fill you in on everything." America said, looking like a child.

I feel so sorry for England right now, raising the guy must've been tough.

"Where is it then?" I asked.

"In the car, and it's about to leave in five minutes." America said simply.

"AH! Hurry up then!" I yelled, pushing America out of the plane.

"I'M GOING DAMNIT!" America yelled back.

Well, America most defiantly got England's mouth.


Slamming the car doors we were finally in the minivan, which only had four seats and one, big television screen. Suddenly the screen turned blue, then a young man with messy brunette hair and hazel eyes came onto the screen

"Welcome to America, I'll be telling you about your apartment and your job." He smiled,

"Your apartment complex is called 'Creekwater' on 600 University Road. On the inside it's two bedroom and two bathrooms, it's already furnished. You're going to be the new florist in a successful floral shop called 'Bluebonnet Floral', in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Your job is to arrange flowers in the desired order. Also be expected to do other things because they're a successful and growing business. Even though the location may seem unusual, there is good cultural diversity in a good, safe environment. Now, we'll move to the next segment with Lauren, who'll be telling you a bit about the people you'll be meeting."

The screen changed to a woman with short, plain brown hair with thick black rimmed glasses appeared on the screen.

"Hello, my name is Lauren, and I'll be telling you of your co-workers." Lauren smiled, "The person who may be the one helping you on your first day is this young lady."

A picture showed a young girl. Dark brunette hair, dark brown eyes, slight tan… wait, she was the girl I saw on the plane a couple of days ago!

"Her name is Isabella Trinity, she's a Hispanic and Caucasian mix, she's often times called 'Issy'. She's one of the best part-time florist's, and is currently a college student majoring in both Art and Genetic Science. She also works the cosmetic counter at the department store 'Dillard's'. She has two roommates', a female who goes to the same school, named Rebecca."

A redhead girl appeared on the screen, heavy with makeup and flipping off the camera.

" The other is male, Isabella and this boy are internet friends, he's from Romania and decided to visit, his name is Ioan."

The same blonde man I saw on the plane appeared on the screen, hair puffed up and all.

"There's also your manager, his name is Fred Brown. "

A balding man show up on the screen with-what was left- sandy blonde hair, and looking like he was somebody's grandfather.

"The people I've mentioned are the four most important ones, all the others you'll just have to socialize with." Lauren laughed.

"That's kinda cheeky Lauren." America laughed.

"Hey, at least I don't seem cheeky in front of Mr. President." Lauren smiled.

My mouth gaped a little, this is a live recording?!

"Oh, Romania, this is just a recording made yesterday, Alfred and I just did this to mess with your head a little." Lauren beamed at me.

"LAUREN! You said you would-"

"Have a good day ya'll!" Lauren laughed, and the screen turned off.

"That woman-!" America mumbled, "Oh, we're here."

I looked out into the dark night, I could make out apartment buildings from the street lamps.

"This is your temporary home bro, Creekwater." America said, and pulled open the car door.

We both jumped out one at a time, I pulled out my trunk from the back.

"Not only and old ass castle, you also have an old ass suitcase." America mumbled.

"It's lasted this long so I might as well keep it." I mumbled back.

"Whatever." America sighed, "Yo! Think fast!"

I quickly caught the gleaming metal, looking in my hands it was a few keys.

"When we're in your apartment I'll explain the keys, now go up the stairs 'cause it's hot out here." America said quickly.

Going up the mentioned stairs, I soon turned a small corner and found a black door, the numbers 222 painted on the door. America took the keys in my hand and jabbed one of them into the door. As soon as he threw the door open, a dog started to bark at the door in another apartment. America muttered something, but I didn't hear it. But I'm not going to ask what.

"Alright dude this is your apartment, I would show ya around but there's a late night meeting I gotta go to, see ya bro." America explained, and tossed the keys back to me.

Next thing I knew, the door was closed and locked, and I was already lying in my new bed. Good luck to me since my first day of work will be tomorrow….

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Translation: SUNT UP MOM! – I'M UP MOM! (Romanian)