A Wish at the Cherry Blossom Tree

Summary: I like my sister but he doesn't seem to know my feeling, after years we spent together? My friends have the same trouble too but the say if I wish to stars when the cherry blossoms blooming at night, that she noticed my feelings to her, and then let it came true!

Author's note: this is not just an ordinary 07-ghost fan fiction but a mix with other people, other than 07-ghost! And at his story the Michael Eye and Raphael eye are humans, plus in the story there's two Mikage the dragon and the human one.

Characters and Pairings:

-Thatha and Mikage Celestine
- Althea and Teito Klein
- Diandra and Hakuren Oak -Divany and Michael
- Mikagon (Author's Note: Mikagon is the nickname of Mikage Dragon)

-Labrador and Felicia
-Castor/ Xing Lu and Razette
- Lance
-Liam and Dinda
-Rosary/ Rosalie
-Shuuri Oak
- Kuroyuri
-Konatsu Warren
-Katsuragi and the others

(Author Note: the story starts at the next chapter!)