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I stare blankly as Father Fujimoto began to slowly sink into the black muck of the Gehenna Gate. I lurch forward, grabbing him, pulling him into a tight embrace. His eyes stare blankly at me, no recognition in the at all. I shake him lightly, trying to wake him, "Oto-san… Oto-san… Don't go, please!" Father Fujimoto's head rolls to the side, limply, and nothing I could do would wake him up, "Sorry… Sorry… Sorry, sorry, SORRY! Don't leave me! I'm so sorry!" Father Fujimoto and I started to sink under the ebony ooze that writhed and slithered, happy to have new victims.

"Nii-san! Nii-san, get out of there!" Yukio's voices rings faintly in my ears, but I don't care. Not anymore. Oto-san is dead and it's all my fault, "Nii-san, please, PLEASE! I don't want to lose you, too!" I begin to fade into unconsciousness, Yukio screaming at me, but I close my eyes, welcoming the dark comfort.

"Dumb ass."

My eyes fly open in surprise and hope. He's alive! He didn't die! I leap to my feet, spinning, trying to find him, but all I see is black.

"Oto-san! Where are you? Oto-san!"

The shadows enveloped me, suffocating me, until strong hands ripped them apart. Looking up, I see his silhouette, outlined in white. He grips me hard by the shoulders, pulling me upright, before slapping me hard in the face. My hand automatically went to my face to feel the sore spot.

"I didn't give my life up for you, so you can just throw it away!" He yelled causing me to flinch, "Rin, I'm dead, but you're not and neither is Yukio! Now get your ass out of here!"

"B-but," I stammered, "It's my fault your dead!"

"Know it's not!" Father Fujimoto growled, "You didn't kill me; I'm the one who stabbed myself in the heart."

"But because of what I said…"

He patted me on the shoulder to comfort me, "It's alright, Rin, everything's alright, but it won't be if you don't get your ass out of here right now!" He shoved me hard into the light that suddenly appeared behind me.

"Oto-san!" I screamed, stretching out my to grab him.

He smiled and turned his back to me, but not before he lifted his hand, waving me off, "Goodbye, Rin, my son!"


"NII-SAN!" Yukio's voice woke me, and I craned my head to see him. Tears streaming down his face, he was trying to reach me. Noticing that I was conscious, he strained even more to grab me.

I've been such an ass. Father Fujimoto was gone, but Yukio and the guys were still here with me. I struggled trying to get out of the gate. It trembled, realizing I was trying to escape, and began to suck me in faster. Managing to free an arm, I stretched it towards Yukio's, grasping it. He leaned back, pulling me out before the gate latched its slimy arms onto my legs and yanked, ripping apart our grips. My head sank under the rolling mass off black, but not before I saw Yukio leaping in after me. He was instantly sucked under and screaming in frustration, I blacked out.

Prologue End