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Mikayla walked in the king's room "WAKE UP MY KINGS!" Both of the Kings woke up with their girly screams.

"WHERE'S THE FIRE!" Boomer screamed, wide-eyed

"There is no fire my kings; I'm just here to inform you that my little cousin is coming in an hour!" Mikayla exclaimed.

"So?" Brady and Boomer said not caring at all.

"Well…I promised that I was gonna hang out with her, but I have so much work to do around the village. Do you think you could hang out with her? You know keep her company while I'm gone?" Mikayla said with this sad face that almost looked like a puppy dog face.

"Isn't she only a few months younger then Lanny, I'm pretty sure she can take care of herself." Boomer said while getting up from his bed.

"Yeah, but I don't want her to be bored to death. Pleeaase…" Mikayla said softly looking straight at Brady.

Then when Brady got up and looked at Mikayla, Brady imagined her as if the wind blew her hair and the sun shined right at her.

"Anything for you Mikayla" Brady said with his vacant look mixed with his goofy smile.

"Thanks!" Mikayla said quickly then ran knowing the Kings might change their mind.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I can't believe you just agreed to that!" Boomer whined.

"Agreed to what!" Brady shockingly said after looking at Boomer.

"Oh I'm sorry bro, it's just that…it's Mikayla again. I tried everything I could do just to make her notice me, then when she looked at me I felt like I was floating.

*Few minutes later the kings went to the throne room to meet Mikayla's cousin*

Both Boomer and Brady heard a knock on the door. They both opened the door. There stood a girl that was about a few years younger than them, who looked like a younger version of Mikayla, she has brown hair except not as curly as Mikayla's and brown eyes, but she wears a t-shirt with a classic picture of a pirate ship and regular jeans that go to her knees she also has a pink flowery hip hop styled hat and white big circular earrings.

"Hello there, I am King Brady and this is my twin King Boomer" Brady said politely. She looked at them obviously her face was saying 'HUH?' while she raises one eyebrow, a few seconds later she started to burst out laughing.

"You're kidding right you two twins? And Kings? You look nothing like a King! Is this some kind of joke?" She says while exploding of laughter. Suddenly Boomer and Brady had this serious look on this face. "Oh…You weren't kidding." She said skeptically.

"Anyway my name's Makinzie, Mikayla's cousin." She said with a smile in her face.


"So you know Mikayla really well for years?" I curiously asked.

"Yes I knooww aloooot about her!" Makinzie said.

That's when I got an idea I think she could help me with Mikayla! Maybe she could tell how Mikayla would like me! It's a perfect Idea! Maybe if I just ask her...suddenly Boomer interrupted my thinking.

"BRADY! BRADY!" Boomer said pointing at Makinzie that opened the vault. I was surprised about how she knew the code.

"Yeah I know. I got skillz" Makinzie said then started quickly going up stairs. I was starting to think she was a really mischievous little girl. Boomer and I ran after her. Then when we stopped almost ran out of breath I saw her enter our room.


I got soo bored quickly that I started messing with the kings, so I ran to a room while they were chasing me. Wow even chickens can run faster than those guys. Then I saw a room that looked like the kings room since there were crowns & a big portrait of their parents. I started jumping on one of the king's bed then a picture fell from under the pillow, I stopped and held the picture, and it was Mikayla's PICTURE! That could only mean one thing!OMG King Brady likes my cousin? THAT IS SOOO…AWEESOOOME! Suddenly I heard the kings coming.


We ran to our room then after that it was all blurry for like 2 seconds and I was breathing heavily like a dog then when I got my vision back I saw Makinzie with a huge smile on her face like she was gonna explode.

"Listen Makinzie I wanna ask you a favor." I said.

"OFCOURSE I'LL HELP YOU WITH MIKAYLA! But you owe me something…" Makinzie said, she looked really exited but I was in complete shock! My eyes were wide-open and my mouth almost hit the floor by how she knew that immediately without me talking about Mikayla first.

"AM I THAT OBVIOUS!" I asked. Thinking this girl is smarter then she looks.

"Dude there's no reason you aren't obvious." Boomer said just looking at me.

"Okay so you'll help me right?" I asked.

"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! We can't trust this girl! She just came here, we need to ask someone who is truly loyal to us ever since we got to this island someone we will always, always trust and never did any harm to us" Boomer firmly says.

Suddenly Lanny just appeared out of nowhere which made Boomer scream like a girl. Except for me of course I screamed like a man…OKAY FINE I DIDN'T SO WHAT?

"Did anyone say loyal?" Lanny said with a creepy voice and wide eyes.

But Boomer has a point; we can't trust Makinzie more than our cousin Lanny. But then again Lanny doesn't know Mikayla so much.

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