Author's Note: So yeah I've heard about King Brady coming back! But to be honest it seemed unlikely that he would come back this soon; I thought it was going to be like after 5 months or something. So yeah I'm only a bit sure Brady will come maybe just 80% sure he comes back to Pair of Kings! But OMG Brady? Coming Back! It's just soo unbelievable, like I can't really believe it. I've had a few tips because I know some people on the internet that is a bit connected to Pair of Kings so when I heard his coming back I was like NOOO WAAAAY! That's just freakin' weird! Haha I guess they decided to change the script. So yeah I still can't believe it though! I thought it would be longer till he comes back! AHHH! Exciting! YES BRAKAYLA LIVES!

*Shredder Beach*


*Sigh* There was a dark cloud, It was very cold and a very strong wind was blowing. I was very tempted to go, but I just couldn't leave my brother there. He was sitting alone only a few feet away from us. Freezing rain was sprinkling down all over him making his clothes soggy and wet, but he was still determined to sit there. He was shaking a bit probably because of how cold it was and he was drawing on the sand with a piece of stick.

"Man, you really messed up this time." I said to Makinzie who was also looking at Brady while frowning. She was very quiet, probably because she was scared to admit it.

"The rain is getting stronger; I should probably go back to the castle." Makinzie said while she took out a pink umbrella from behind the King Cruiser.

"YOU HAD AN UMBRELLA ALL ALONG! And you didn't even give it to my brother!?" I said.

"Amm…Look Boomer, do you know how embarrassing it is to sit there while it's raining and waiting for someone you know isn't coming? Now you want me to hand him a pink flowery girly umbrella?! Do you really want him to be more ashamed?" Makinzie said while opening the umbrella.

"OOhh you and your excuses Makoola!" I said while crossing my arms.

"Look I have to go, I don't wanna get sick." Makinzie said.

"Fine I'll just take a nap."

"A nap! No, don't you even dare! Anything might happen to your brother and if you fall asleep you won't know! So stay awake got it!" Makinzie said in a demanding voice.

"Okay, okay! Geez your beginning to act like your cousin."

"…What? Pfft… that's-that's- tha- shut up!" Makinzie said then started walking back to the castle.

A few minutes later my eyes were closing slowly, I tried to keep them open, but I was getting sleepier and sleepier. I decided to take a 10 second nap, so I counted. I mean what could happened if I closed my eyes for 10 seconds? Maybe I'll be less sleepy if I did.

"1-2-3-4, 5, 5-6-6-7…5..6-7-8-8-9…10-zzzzzzz"

*Tournament Arena*


The tournament was finally over. I quickly waved at Candace. Candace quickly started the plan. A few seconds later almost as fast as lightning there was a cameraman holding a camera right in front of my dad's face. Candace told the cameraman to take a step back so she would be seen to.

"Hello Kinkow! We are here Live and I do mean live as in watched by all over Kinkow! With Mason Makoola! Royal guard and royal adviser of the kings! How does it feel to be on T.V. Mason?" Candace said while pointing the microphone at Mason's face.


"Good to know! Now, Mason are you ready to fight against the new tarantula guard? Did you accept the challenge on having a tournament against him?"

"Fight? Wha- huh? I didn't agree on any fight."

"OOOooooo so are you refusing to fight?"

"What? No what I mean is-"

"Is the Big Bad Mighty Mason the mummy killer afraid to fight a new tarantula guard?"

"BBBBOOOOOOOO!" The crowd began to talk and whisper to each other.

"Of course not! I'm not afrai-"

"You heard it here first Kinkow! Mason Makoola will compete in this round!"

"Come fight you baby bigfoot! Unless you rather cry to youw wittle mama Sasquatch!" Said the tarantula.

"OOOOH! It's on!" Dad said running to the arena and the cameraman behind him.

"Go Daddy!" I said while I slowly walked backwards getting ready to leave.

"Wait Mikayla!" Candace yelled.


"You need to put some make up!"

"Candace! I don't have time! I don't really need it right now!"

"Come on your about to go on a date without make up?! That's crazy!"

"CANDACE! Why would I need make up?! It's not a date!"

"You never know… the subjects may change…"

"Subjects may change? What does that even mean? You know what I don't wanna know." I said turning around and walking away.

I went outside and realized the grass was wet and muddy. "It might have rained." I thought. I quickly ran heading to Shredder Beach hoping I wasn't too late…who am I kidding, of course I'm late! But I still have to check.

*Shredder Beach*

I walked around Shredder Beach, yet no sign of Brady. As I was walking footsteps were being formed from the wet and muddy sand leading me to think it did rain. Suddenly something caught my eye. There was a table with a dark blue flower placed in a small glass vase.

I quickly ran approaching the area where our date- I mean meeting place was supposed to be. I noticed the beautiful path of rose petals I was walking on. My hand rested on the handle of my machete as I slowly picked the dark blue flower with my other hand, but a smile on my face slowly formed into a frown realizing there was no one there and I was too late. Brady probably left when the rain was about to come… I stared at the ground then noticed something, it was some kind of drawing on the sand… it was a heart, inside the heart said B.P. + M.M. "Brady…" I thought. I walked back to the castle hoping to see Brady and apologize for not coming.


I looked everywhere around the castle and the Kings Room. Yet there was no sign of Brady or even Boomer. I headed back to my room still disappointed that I couldn't find them. I turned the light switch on and when I turned around I jumped a bit frightened that Makinzie was there with her arms crossed.

"Makinzie you have to stop doing that! Why do you like scaring people! And why were the lights off?"

"Oh I'm the one who asks questions around here!" Makinzie yelled. "Where have you been?!"

"I was- watching a tournament." I said.

"Oh I don't wanna hear about your silly explanations!" Makinzie said while waving her index finger which was pointed at me.

"Well you asked me!"

"Oh look another excuse! Did you know Brady waited for you for hours?!"

"Okay there you are again being all dramatic! Brady probably left when it started to rain."

"Me?! Dra-dramatic? No Mikayla this is dramatic." Makinzie placed her back against the wall dramatically sliding down while the back of her hand was on her forehand dramatically saying "Whhhhyyy! Whhhyyy! Whhhyyyy didn't you come!"

Makinzie quickly stood up and said "That Mikayla is what is called dramatic!"

"Whatever." I said while rolling my eyes and going back to bed.

"Whatever?! Ugh! You sicken me!" Makinzie said and stormed out of the room then slammed the door behind her.

"That is what I call dramatic!" I yelled.


I walked outside of our room. Can you believe that! It was like she didn't even care! Suddenly I got a phone call so I answered it.

"Hello this is M-ZIE, now talk to me…Boomer? You're heading where? Hold on your talking to fast. Okay dude calm down! Okay take a deep breath… Hello? Heeeeelllooooo! Boomer! HELLO! Boomer exhale! Okay now tell me what's happening… aha, yeah okay and? Brady is heading where! Then stop him! Why did you let him drive- wait a second did you fall asleep again! Ugh! I told you not to! I don't care about your so called 'beauty rest'. What are you doing right now? Brady is gonna what? Is he out of his mind! Oh yeah I forgot…HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE! Hello Boomer?! You almost got hit by a what? What are you doing you're not supposed to be talking on the phone while trying to stop someone from driving by trying to grab the stirring wheel. I know you're talking to me! Yeah I think pushing him off the car is not a good idea. Boomer don't even dare! Did he just say that! No tell me what he said! Stop pushing him off the car! He did not just say that. Yes Boomer I think I do know my slang dictionary. Okay okay I'll be right there." I quickly hanged up and called some of the guards.

"Mahama! Roger! We need to go to Mount Spew!" I yelled going to the plaza to find them.

I can't believe Brady is planning to jump on Mount Spew! Is he trying to kill himself! Ugh people are so typical these days!

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