"Am..suuurre that one."

"I don't know about this Lanny…"

"Oh come on cuz! This is finally a way for you to get Mikayla's attention!"

"But Makinzie said we can't use the potion!"

"Pfft who cares about that girl?!"

"You know what bro…I'm with sweet cousin Lanny about this, I mean he is family!" Boomer said.

"Well it is only getting her attention for a week; I guess it isn't that bad."

"Great! We will take the potion tonight!...I just have to deal with a few things." Lanny said then disappeared.

*Mikayla and Makinzie's bedroom*


I finally made the potion! Haha! Attention Potion is now a Love Potion! Sweet! Oh better write down "Do Not Touch", I took a sticky note and wrote down "Do Not Touch" and stick it on the potion, you know just in case someone will try to steal it…which is probably unlikely. When I heard footsteps I quickly placed the potion on a top shelf, not having time to lock it. Perfect timing! Mikayla just walked in.

"Phew, I'm so glad dad calmed down the villagers…So am is Brady okay? Did the potion work?" Mikayla asked me. What's wrong with people these days! Don't they trust me any more with my potion skills!

"No it didn't work, actually he just died."


"Oh chillax! I was just kidding, trust me I know what I'm doing when it comes to potions. Everything is now completely under control! No more problems or mistakes this time! And I barely even forgot to do anything! Because now there are no more problems so can people just calm down."

"Did you return the peacock feathers?"


"So you didn't?"

"Well I… I will! If people didn't pressure me this much I would have! You know what I can't take this anymore! I'll just leave now and come back in 8 pm!" I said and then taking the peacock feathers so I can return it to the Tarantula People.

"Wait I'll come with you, I also have guard shift and I guess I can help you return the feathers." Mikayla replied.

-Minutes Later-


Lanny, Boomer and I slowly checked if anyone was inside the room, luckily the door was open so we can easily see if anyone was inside. Lanny and Boomer carefully started opening cabinets and drawers from Makinzie's desk. The desk was simply made for Makinzie's potions and stuff, but some of the desk was just locked.

"Found it!" Lanny said pointing at the top shelf. The potion was in a very small red glass bottle about 10cm tall and 2 cm wide. It also has a sticky note say 'Do Not Touch'.

"Aww look there's a sticky note that says Do Not Touch! Oh well…" I said trying to get away.

"Then we won't touch the sticky note!" Lanny said while getting rid of the sticky note with a pair of scissors. "Here, now drink half of the potion."

"Am…I don't know about this…"

"Just drink half of it!" Lanny tried to shove the potion in my face.

"How do I know it doesn't taste disgusting?"

"Oh don't worry it taste just like love! Dark…dark…love." Lanny whispered the last sentence in a creepy way.

"What?" A few seconds later we heard footsteps and voices.

"Uncle Mason! I told you already! Cousin Mikayla is on her guard shift!" We heard Makinzie's voice.

"Quick drink it before Makinzie comes!" I quickly took the potion and drank half of it. *Burp*

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Makinzie's voice roared the room; we all looked at her with horror in our eyes. Makinzie's eyes widen when she saw me holding the potion. I passed it to Boomer who passed it back to me. I quickly passed it to Lanny instead. Who was kind enough to take it.

"Noothiing." Lanny, Boomer and I simultaneously said.

"Please tell me you didn't drink it!" Makinzie said pointing at the potion which Lanny was holding. Lanny quickly hid behind Boomer and me.

"Maybe… Only just half of it anyway…" I said.

"No! No! No! You're not supposed to drink it!"

"Look, chill Makinzie! It's just an Attention Potion." Boomer said

"YOU DON'T GET IT! I made it into a Love Potion already!" Boomer and I gasped.

"You mean whoever drinks it last well fall in love with me."

"That's not how it works! Whoever drinks it first becomes the person who's gonna be under a spell!"

"So a…I'm gonna be under a spell."

"Yeaduh! Even Lanny knows that!"

"I still don't get it, would you explain it without the anger and stuff?" Boomer asked. Makinzie took a deep breath.

"Okay, listen closely…" Makinzie said signalling us to come closer. Boomer and I put our ears a bit closer to Makinzie so we can listen closely.

"YOU STUPID IDIOTS!" She yelled in our ears. Making us jump and cover our ears which I hope isn't bleeding. "Since you drank the first half of the potion you're the one who well be under a spell! And you will fall in love with whoever drinks it last!"

"Okay! Okay! Look, we'll just take the last half of the potion and just throw it out. It's still here anyways" Boomer said pointing at the empty table.

"Where's the potion!" I said.

Boomer started moving his head from left to right, then his eyes widen. He created a nervous smile at Makinzie who was crossing her arms waiting for us to respond.

"I thought you had it." Boomer whispered to me. Lanny was not at the room and so was the potion.

"Oh my…"

Author note: Yes I am back! I finally made an awesome chapter title "Potion Situation" Haha! Sorry if this is a bit bad I'm just getting the worst kind of Writers Block write now :( Anywayz I made this video called "(Brakayla) Brady and Mikayla-Breathless" uploaded by Coolsomtasitc. It's my first ship video everrr! So I hope you guys check it out, but if you don't that's totally cool. :)