Authors Note: Okay so this part might be a little bit like a flashback, but it's like…repeated, but this time in Finn's POV since he is gonna be kinda important part of this chapter. Soo yeah, I just don't want it to be confusing so I'll repeated it a little.



"…is it okay if we could hang out sometime?" I asked the girl shyly.

"YES!" The girl exclaimed with a smile.

"OKAY OKAY! NOW GET. OUT." The boy with a troll hair cut yelled.

"Okay okay, calm down there little man." I said to Lanny, I looked back at Makinzie and smiled "See you later cutie."

I was slowly walking away but stopped and hid behind the tree, there was no way that Troll of a Prince was gonna make me leave. Since I am a very sneaky person, I can probably sneak inside the castle without any problem. When I looked at the Plaza, I saw Lanny talking to some guards. I tried to listen carefully.

"Now follow me, we need to check if that girl won't escape." Lanny 's weird, who we're they talking about? I quickly looked around then carefully followed the 4 guards and Lanny. That's odd, shouldn't there be more guards? Man they're really terrible guarding this place.

Lanny was getting suspicious so I stoped and let them walk ahead. I waited for a couple of minutes before I heard a voice.

"Your never gonna get away with this Lanny! My dad, cousin and even Boomer will help me out of here!"

I slowly made sure it was safe then continued heading to where Lanny was. I stopped at a safe distance and carefully listened to their conversation.

"It's just too bad that there is no possible way they will find you, they will never know where you are, and they will never see you ever again." Lanny said.

"What does that supposed to mean?"

Lanny was about to turn around so I quickly hid behind the wall, what should I do? I started to panic a little knowing that Lanny and 4 guards were heading to where I was hiding, there was no way I was about to free whoever was inside the dungeon, but she doesn't seem like a criminal. No, no I just can't it's too dangerous.

"Hahaha Mikayla will never escape the dungeon, maybe it would be better if she was gone." Lanny said.

The voice was getting louder, I quickly ran outside before they caught me.


"Boomer we have to find Mikayla!"

"But she could be anywhere!"

"I have an idea, I'll go outside and look for her, while you can look for her at the castle."


*Throne Room*

I quickly ran downstairs but stopped when I saw Zelisty and Lanny talking. I hid behind a plant and listened to their conversation.

"I'm gonna marry King Brady and become the Queen of the Island. And then once Mikayla is gone, it would be easier to get rid of King Boomer, and with that King Brady would be so in love with me, I can easily kill him without being brought to the dungeon." Zelisty let out a sinister laugh. "I can finally get my revenge and you Lanny can finally get your throne."

"Smart plan…Why didn't I think of that!?"

"Because you're an idiot! Now, I must get ready to be the Queen of Kinkow." Zelisty announced. Lanny evilly smiled.

"So when will the plan start?"

"It must start as soon as possible, so no one can stop the wedding! Remember not to tell anybody about this or else we might get caught."

Oh no their planning to kill the kings and take over the castle, Boomer has to know about this! I quickly stood up, but accidently made the plant fall. Hearing the loud noise that came from the pot, everyone faced me.

"Oh shit!"

"Makinzie!" Zelisty yelled while facing me. My eyes widened. Oh NO!

"You fools! What are you waiting for? GET HER!" Lanny yelled at the guards.

The guards and Lanny started chasing me. I screamed and ran outside the castle as fast as I could. I tried to avoid the obstacles but they were gaining on me. There was no way I can outrun the guards. I was finally at the village, and I can hear their footsteps getting close. I looked around for a possible hiding place. I hid behind a curtain just in time for them to come and look for me.

I need to go back to the castle so I can tell Boomer, and he could stop them. Or maybe find Mikayla, OR MASON! And tell them about Zelisty's evil plan! I peeked outside when I heard their arguing. I saw them a few metres away, Lanny turned around and looked at me. Oh no! I quickly went back to hiding, I think he saw me, who am I kidding I am totally positive that he saw me! He was looking directly at me; it was because of my beautiful face wasn't it! Wow and I had the time to kid around. I closed my eyes and hoped I wouldn't get caught.

I heard footsteps coming close. I'M DEAD. I'M DEAD. I'M DEAD! Suddenly after a couple of minutes there was a strange silence. Well that's odd. I slowly looked outside, the 4 guards and Lanny was out of sight. That's weird I could have sworn they were gonna come and get me. I sighed in relief; suddenly I felt a hand grab my wrist from behind me.

"AAAAHHHHHH! LET ME G-" Before I could finish my sentence a hand covered my mouth blocking me from screaming.

Authors Note: Hey guys, did you remember when Disney said they won't mention Brady on season 3? Well since the episode of the loath potion thing, they've been mentioning Brady's name! Hmmmm any thoughts? Maybe Brady is coming back soon o_O