The love story from the school yard


Leia skywalker and her brother Luke skywalker were on their way to a new school hoping to make new friends since their mother and father were both needed in the rebel alliance main base which was on coruscant they had to move away from the place they used to call home Naboo when they pulled up to the building brother and sister both said their goodbyes and went into two separate class rooms leia's teacher was named Mrs. Ginger and was a tall lady "good morning class" she said to her class that was sitting on the rug in front of her "good morning Mrs. Ginger" her class responded "today we have a new friend joining our class she's from Naboo come on out leia" she called over to the small girl with long hair "her name is leia skywalker" she announced "now your assigned seat will be the last seat left in our circle next to Han over there" she said pointing to a small boy her exact age with roughish brown hair and sparkling color changing eyes

At recess…

"well, well, well if it isn't the new girl" Mara jade said with her friends behind her "let's teach this little runt about our turf and what will happen if she runs on it again" Mara snapped then Mara inched closer and closer and pushed leia off her feet and onto the ground about to punch the poor girl when suddenly the boy she saw at circle time that morning stood in front of her blocking Mara "Mara jade stop it leave the new girl alone!" han said with his best fighting face "fine solo but she's now your responsibility since that's what you do take new kids under your wing since you have four of them" Mara said and the girls standing behind her burst out laughing "I'm sorry solo just keep her away from the cool girls turf got it?" Mara threatened "I ain't scared of you Mara jade and yes I will take her under my wing because I care" han snapped back when Mara jade and her friends left laughing at han they knew it was his down fall "are you ok?" han asked offering her a hand as he helped her up "yes I'm ok now thank you for protecting me" she said "oh it's fine it's what I do help the new kids names Han Solo welcome to what coruscant calls kindergarten" he said leading her "my name is leia as you may remember from this morning" she whispered "who was that?" she asked "oh her she's Mara jade and her minions of evil don't mess with them" he said from that day forth Han solo and his new friend Leia would become close friends for life but that was only the beginning