The second grade

Han solo was just getting out of the lunch line as leia patted an empty spot she'd saved for him to sit beside her "AW nuts! Not more carrots again" Han groaned "want to trade Han?" leia asked "sure what ya got?" he asked his friend "I'll trade you corellian sweet corn for those alderaanian carrots of yours" she said giggling at Han's immediate smile that spread across his face then they traded as luke sat down in front of them "anyone want my corellian sweet corn?" he asked the seeing Han's lopsided grin "I'll take it luke" han said digging into his corn "yum nothing beats a good patch of corellian sweet corn" han said taking another spoonful they three friends talked and laughed as they told each other jokes then it was time for recess

At recess…

Leia stood behind the kick ball fence and watched he best friend go to kick han got into a good stance planting his feet on the ground firmly and when the ball came to home plate he kicked it so far that he made a home run before anyone could catch the ball in time "hooray for Han Solo! One of the best kickball players in all of second grade!" his team cheered when han went back to the dugout he saw leia on the other side of the dugout fence "oh hey leia did you see that" han asked "you bet I did that was the greatest kick I ever saw not even luke could beat that!" she said "hey I resent that!" luke protested sitting down next to han on the bench "you two just missed my kick got us another home run!" luke said excitedly although the three knew Han Solo was the best kick ball player in the whole second grade it was just one of the few gifts han was to discover!