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Twenty years had gone by since Edward's passing. Everyone was older now, but most were still living. Pinako had passed away eight years ago from old age. Izumi too had passed away after a series of bad illnesses just four years before.

Roy remained Führer but as of late his days were taken up with going through the possible canidates for Führer after him. During his time he had lifted the ban off of military relationships and had immediately gotten together with Riza and he had also made a preliminary presentation to be shown to alchemists before their entrance exam to make sure they knew what they were getting into.

Hughes and Gracia had two more children, both girls; named Janessa and Eileen. Maes made sure he always had pictures to show everyone his precious girls.

Ling and Lan-Fan were married, becoming the Emperor and Empress of Xing. May started up an orphanage for children in Xing, eventually another in Amestris. She adopted over six children, never having found a suitable man.

Alphonse and Winry had three more children, the first was a boy born on Edward's birthday, they named him Lawrence. The second was another girl whom they named Trisha. The third and final child was one of a pair of twins but the twin died from heart complications, but since this twin survived and defied the odds, they only found it right to name him Edward.

Now twenty years later, Alphonse found himself doing as his brother had done so all those years ago; he was fighting death.

Nine years before he had found out he had cancer, what form the doctors had no idea. But with some lucky treatment, the doctors eradicated the cancer. This however left the remaining Elric looking older than he was and very worn out. Only a year ago the cancer came back with a vengence, leaving Alphonse bedridden most of the time. The blonde found himself unable to fight any longer.

Alphonse was surrounded by the same friends and family that had mourned over Edward's passing so many years before, he wondered if this is how his brother had felt; in pain but the light and love from his family kept the pain at bay. He smiled up at all of them, "Thank you everyone for being here with me..."

As he looked to Winry and their children he felt remorseful, he was leaving them behind to carry on without him. He smiled to them all though, knowing that they would be there for each other no matter what. As he kept looking at the faces of his loved ones he noticed two extras. His eyes widened as he saw two people he hadn't in a very long time.

There stood his brother, looking exactly as he remembered him. Edward smiled softly at him, "You couldn't wait another 20 years to see me little brother?"

Trisha too smiled at him, "It's okay Alphonse, it's okay to move on now. They'll be okay."

Alphonse took in their words in silence and as he let his eyes slide shut he murmured out, "I love you all..."

When he reopened his eyes again he felt lighter but he was still on the bed. He looked around and noticed everyone was either crying or standing with bowed heads. Al was utterly confused. Then a hand was held in front of him, offering to help him stand. His eyes followed the arm to the owner and he found Edward smiling at him.

"Come on little brother, stand up," he chided softly.

Al grabbed his hand and stood from the bed, turning to see his body laying peacefully on the bed where he had just been. His gaze turn questioning as he looked to Edward, "Brother what's going on...?"

Ed too looked at the bed, "This is the afterlife Al." He put his hand's on the younger's shoulders, golden eyes shining, "Come on, this isn't our place, besides there are some people I want you to see."

Together the brother walked into the bright white light that had appeared behind them. When they made it through the two were met by the sight of their lost loved ones waiting for them. Granny Pinako, Izumi, Trisha, Hohenheim, Nina, Alexander, Sara and Urey Rockbell and many others.

Al gasped and looked to his brother who was smiling peacefully at him.

Trisha and Hohenheim embraced him as Edward looked on with an ever present smile.

"Welcome home Al."


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